Love for the Open Road Goes On

We’ve all seen the news: people aren’t buying new cars so automakers are in trouble, gasoline costs look like a roller-coaster, carbon emissions from autos are harming the planet. We wish we had an instant fix for all of it, because no matter what, we still love taking our cars out on the open road.

The invention of the automobile in the late 19th century turned America and many other countries into on-the-go societies. For all the drawbacks of internal-combustion-engine travel, the fact remains that cars and trucks make contemporary society possible. Our autos take us to work and to play—work being our favorite of course. Trucks haul our goods and our food from coast to coast. Buses take our children to school and emergency vehicles bring us firefighters, paramedics and police officers when we’re in trouble. All the more reason for us to take good care of the cars and trucks we’ve got while we figure out how to solve the challenges of our automobile society.

Take a good look at your car or truck. When was the last time you had it professionally detailed? Yes, I mean the whole thing – interior, exterior and undercarriage. Vacuum the inside, clean the carpets and upholstery. Wash the outside and get a good coating on it to protect it from weather and road hazards. Wax it until it shines better than a bald head on a summer’s midday! And while you’re at it, get those nicks and dings in the body fixed and repainted.

Next, check your maintenance schedule. Has it been a while since your faithful automobile had a mechanic look under the hood? You’d be surprised at how much more fuel efficiency you can get from a properly tuned engine.

Speaking of fuel efficiency, how often do you check your tire inflation? Experts tell us that improperly inflated tires are one of the prime causes of poor fuel efficiency, and it’s one of the easiest things to fix. If your tire gauge looks like you’ve had it since Barney Oldfield last set the land-speed record, it’s time to pony up for a new one. You might even want to invest in a good air compressor of your own – saves time and money.

If you’re planning to keep your car or truck a while, what could you add that would make it even more fun to drive? New mats, maybe? A good utility console, with a moveable rack to hold even the biggest drink from the convenience store? Maybe you’d benefit from one of those new GPS gadgets. You’d be able to find out where you are without having to stop and ask someone—especially great for the guys who don’t like to ask for directions no matter how off course they really are!

Once you’ve cared for car maintenance and the driver’s needs, what about your passengers? Make sure all those passenger seatbelts are in good working order, especially if you transport children. Think about one of the new in-car video systems if you’re taking the kids on a cross-country trip to see Grandpa and Grandma.

Dont forget to get car insurance quotes. There’s the whole issue regarding Fire Suppression Systems insurance and the type of car that you buy or own will have a great impact on the auto insurance rates that you may be dealing with. Choosing the right car insurance company can be a challenge.

You can also easily find auto insurance online at an affordable price.

Obviously there’s lots we can do to fix up and spruce up our automobiles that serve us so well. Without them, we’d still be shoveling out the stables! Ick.