An Ode to Computers

Our love of computers and what they have done for our world is something that almost makes me want to break out into a lovely sonnet dedicated to these wonderful bits of genius that allow us to do everything from chat with loved ones far away in an instant to helping us with our homework and jobs to even playing a roll in our health! Nowadays, there is a software, program, or app for everything. There’s even programs to help run other programs, such as Microsoft active x. But I won’t do that you and instead will take a look at all of the great things that computers do for us…without the sonnet.

As a social tool, computers and technology—specifically the internet—has made it possible for us to deal with people on the other side of the work in real time. The internet is vast and seemingly infinite. And, its size is increasing on an exponential level as more people are discovering cloud storage solutions. Who would ever have imagined just a few years ago that you could make friends in Timbuktu without having to leave your own home?! And the fact that computers are responsible for helping so many people connect, make friends and even fall in love is something that even be more astonishing and incredible than computers themselves! From the shy and introverted to the immobile; the computer and internet makes it easy for people to connect with others and form bonds that are so important to our wellbeing and offer us a pastime that can make an empty house feel a lot less lonely. That’s something worth singing or sonneting about!

In the world of business it’s hard to even imagine the world before computers! Not only is it integral in the running of large corporations, but computers and technology has made it possible for even regular Joes like us to earn a living for ourselves. It is said that over 200 million home businesses exist in North America alone! Computers have made it possible for us to run a business from home with the same ease as being in-house because we are able to access all the information and resources we need as well as communicate with others all in real time. The best thing of all has to be knowing that with a little work and research and a computer, you can kiss your boss goodbye forever…along with a few choice words! The world of business is boosted in plenty more ways as a result of computer technology. Business owners can now manage their data in a number of helpful and efficient ways. They can choose to store it on a large server or perhaps even a series of large hard drives. The disadvantage of this method is that the physical format is susceptible to becoming damaged, lost, or even stolen. A private data center, on the other hand, is a method of storing your information that provides you with the best of both worlds. The data is stored on a large server, but it is essentially out of sight and out of mind. These centers are also known for providing top-notch protection of data, so you can rest easy knowing your information is safe. And this is just one of many computer-related benefits available for the modern business.

Computers have even played a role in everything else in our lives from health thanks to aiding in advances in medicine and research as well as bring medical information within reach so that we can better learn to care for our health.  Even the art world has been made more accessible thanks to computers and technology, because whether you’re enjoying the gorgeous graphics on a well deigned sight or checking out the classics like Van Gogh on an art website; computers are making your world a more beautiful place and bringing culture into the homes of those who may not have ever set foot outside of their own region! In the same way that this art can be seen by anyone, a business owner's data can be stored just about anywhere while also being protected. No matter how you slice it, computers and all of the things that go with them are a big part of everything we do. That concludes my ode to the computer.