Games for All of Us

You’re never too old to enjoy games. Sure, when your flexibility starts to go, you may want to retire Twister or pass it down to the next generation, but you’ll never have to retire from all games! Games are something that we all play, as kids, as adults. I’ll resist the urge to go into a rampage about the mind games people play as adults and instead focus on all the other kinds of games out there for us to have fun with!

Computer and Video Games: I may as well mention these first since they seem to be the most popular and most prominent in our world today. Computer and video games have come such a long way since the days of Atari—and we thought that was the height of technology and cool! Nowadays, the graphics are so incredible that you have trouble remembering that you’re not actually in the game yourself! Everything looks so lifelike that it’s easy to get sucked into them and pass a day—or five—away. The latest craze in the world of computer games is the interactive ones that you can play with others online. There’s quite a bit of controversy around these because of their ability to get people so caught up in them that they become addicted as well as the safety factor in the case of kids being in touch with potential predators who use the games as a tool to lure children to them. No matter what controversy surrounds them though, they are definitely not going anywhere.

Board Games: Ah…good ol’ board games which were responsible for bringing family and friends together on rainy days by giving them something fun to do as a family. It’s not like board games have become extinct or anything, but it isn’t easy to get the latest generation to opt for a board game over Nintendo or Wii. Board games come in all varieties catering to every age group. You’ve got the educational games that help kids learn and grow in a fun manner. Then you’ve got the games for the older kids and adults that can be anything from trying to take over the world to trying to see who knows the most useless TV trivia. And then, just for adults, you’ve got the naughty games that I’m probably not allowed to go into too much detail about here! These are sold wherever other adult novelty items are sold and can be anything from naughty dice to games that incorporate a couple or more! No matter what kind board games you try, I can guarantee that they’ll have everyone smiling in no time and do a lot more for bonding people than any video game ever could.

It doesn’t take a big expense or an elaborate game to make for a good time. Gather your favorite people, add some snacks and bevies and a couple of games and you’ve got yourself the makings of an awesome game night!