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  • Sonlight Blog Community
    This community is for homeschoolers who use (and love!) Sonlight.

  • Weaver Curriculum Blog Community
    This community is designed for those that are currently using the Weaver Curriculum, including Interlock, and the Weaver Supplements and enjoy blogging about their experiences with the curriculum

  • Educational Resources
    Resources for educators, students and the parents of students, traditional or nontraditional, public or private, home or away, any grade, any level, any age, any focus, academic or special needs, technical or scholastic, formal or informal. Find educational services, schools and school supplies, teaching materials and study materials, commercial and noncommercial sites, scholarship information, or college recruitment.

  • Natural Childcare Community
    This community is to connect caregivers of young children (daycare providers and parents) who use a nature-based approach to learning, including but not limited to waldorf, enki, reggio emilia, montessori and other philosophies - offecommunity children natural whole foods, extended outdoor play, play based learning, nurtucommunity environments and little to no electronic or media driven activities.

  • Teaching in the 21st Century
    An online free school for all students. We are developing classes in all areas and levels of education. Educators and Teachers are encouraged to join and participate and add to the available material for the public.

  • Teaching Ideas, Vents, Anctidotes
    Join this community to share teaching strategies that work or don't work, curriculum ideas, vents, or just funny classroom stories. This is for teachers connecting with teachers.

  • Students in the 21st Century
    Sites dedicated to Students in the 21st century. This includes sites that promote online education and free educational content (Paid Sites not permitted). Teachers, Students, and other educational people are encouraged to join.

  • Educar en casa ¿Cómo se hace?
    Yo Aprendo es un pionero de la educación en casa y ha ayudado a las familias para empezar-y tener éxito en el crear un hogar-escuela. 4 años de experiencia Yo Aprendo consta de todos los cursos de enseñanza básica y media con estudiantes de todas las edades.

  • School Time and Why It's Such an Important Time

    One of the earliest introductions to the day to day functioning of the society created by us and around us is given to an individual through the invention of school time.  The school time is set aside as the preliminary stepping stone to time management.  The spread of activities throughout the day are given their time slots to accomplish pre set goals and a student is expected to acquire the skills to comprehend and accelerate the pace of learning in the pre determined time slot.  There is no time for ambiguity and no time to day dream for life is moving on relentlessly.  Either one comes on board or misses the boat either completely or waits for another one.  The pressure is on and continues throughout as a part of an individual’s life in another time dictated environment.

    Yet, school time is not all about pressure.  It is also about finding one’s balance and creativity.  The school provides ample opportunities of expression.  Whereas sports provide the avenue for athletic exhilaration and team spirit, drama takes one into a world of make believe and being in another character’s shoes.  Arts bring out the creativity and poetry brings out the poet in one. The various arts and humanities develop the mind.  Literature helps one appreciate the finest of writers, their styles and the impact they have on the human emotions and thinking.  History brings to life a past that has shaped the destiny of modern times and gives the first insight into political strategies. Science plays its own major role of understanding cause and effect.  It clarifies the reasons behind so many scientific phenomenons   and at the same time makes one understand that there is so much more out there to be discovered.

    The various organizations and activities enable one to find common interests and offer a vast platform for growth and camaraderie.  Voluntary activities relating to community service are designed to help those in need and inculcate a feeling of sharing and caring.  Although most of these activities do not fall within the stipulated school time, they are a part of one’s school life and consequently are very much a part of the broader frame of the time allocated to school and its activities.

    A very important part of school time is examinations.  The testing process offers the student an opportunity to prioritize, learn and be accountable for the learning.  It does put a tremendous pressure on the student.  However, it does reinforce the theory that there is no gain without pain, ultimately leading to success.

    School time provides the necessary time for learning and growth allocated to a student’s daily routine.  It lays the cornerstone for success as defined by our society.  However, the responsibility of making it a truly a time of social, mental and emotional development lies both on the student, the teacher and the parents.  The teacher and parent have to work in unison for the student to learn, grow and be a positive contributor to society.