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  • Pinewood Derby Car Racing
    Created in hopes of encouraging good father-son relationships, Pinewood Derby car racing continues to bond, thrill and entertain us even today. This community is for all of you who enjoy Pinewood Derby Car Racing and is a  great source for all your needs.
    Find car racing info here and especially pinewood derby car racing. We've got  pinewood derby patterns for fast pinewood derby cars, mouse trap car designs, pinewood derby car kits and a whole lot more! Check it out!

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  • Sports and Hobbies Keeping Us Happy and Fit



    “All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy”, is a famous quote that is loaded with truth as it embodies everything that is human, it signifies balance, it defines our nature as humans—our need for entertainment and digression from the routine and makes it easy to see why sports and hobbies are so important to us.


    Since the dawn of mankind, various forms of entertainment have been invented, used and popularized just for the satisfaction of the aforementioned human need. From prehistoric hunting expeditions to ancient Grecian philosophical discussions, from the Roman gladiatorial entertainment to the 19th Century balls, from modern day movies to even more modern video games, the forms of entertainment changes throughout the times but the need for entertainment never ceases.


    One common medium of entertainment that has existed from time immemorial is sports. Ancient civilizations to the middle ages up the present modern times all have some type of sport that the populace of the time enjoyed.  Sports are an excellent medium through which we channel our desire for entertainment since it transcends human barriers. Never in the entire history of the world has there been a single race or gender that cannot enjoy sports by virtue of their being a specific race or gender.


    Today, there are countless numbers of sports played by different people all over the globe. The term ‘sports and hobbies’ now pertain to enjoyment. When people are asked what hobbies they have, a hefty number would answer a sport. Rare would be the person whose hobbies do not include a single sport.  Although there are a number of common hobbies that are in no way related to a sport (i.e . stamp collecting), it has been so commonly linked with enjoyment that it has now been incorporated with sports, thus the “Sports and Hobbies” term.


    Going back, entertainment through which we can freely achieve such as sports and hobbies is not only for pure entertainment. Engaging into sports and hobbies has been proven to be beneficial to our health and overall well-being as humans. Playing sports and engaging into hobbies has been known to prevent huge numbers of illnesses. A world without sports and hobbies is indeed a poorer one than what we have now.


    In modern times, sports and hobbies have become so sensationalized that people make a career out of it. All around the world there are sports professionals and professional hobbyists alike that make a living out of their sport and/or hobby. This just exemplifies the fact that sports and hobbies are an integral part of human life. It provides a healthy relief from the routine while giving countless other benefits.


    Knowing this, it is always wise to engage in some form of sport or hobby. Though this may seem like common knowledge, the work-all-day lifestyle of the average human being at present undermines our need for entertainment. There are a lot people out there who do not have time for a sport or hobby in their lives due to such a lifestyle. This is obviously unhealthy and one of the main causes of stress. So, at the end of the day, learn a sport! Adopt a hobby! It is not only entertaining, but both healthy and fulfilling as well.