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  • Entertainment Directories for Teens: Attention All Entertainment Junkies!


    When it comes to entertainment, the world is your oyster as far as cool news and celebrity gossip goes! The internet makes it possible for us to get our fix of who’s seeing who and who’s wearing what, without even having to leave the house or spend a penny on teen magazines. How awesome is it that you can find out all of the latest celebrity news and dirt at any time of the day and much of it just moments after it’s happened?!


    We all know that the ‘usuals’ make it into the tabloids on a regular basis; Britney, Lindsay, etc. But for those that are not quite as ‘out there’ with the crazy, tabloid-worthy behavior; getting news on them is a little tougher…unless you check online. I can’t begin to tell you just how many great online sources there are for deets on stars like the cast of Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill, etc. To say that there are hundreds would actually be an understatement!


    One way to be sure that you’re getting access to all of the best links that you can to celebrity news and entertainment sites is through a web ring or directories. It’s kinda like one-stop shopping for your celebrity news fix…except it’s free, unlike shopping. The links that you can have access to aren’t just for sites with celebrity gossip but a whole bunch of other entertainment resources to. You can find anything from official websites and blogs of your favorite celebrities to online shops where you can get your hands on everything from posters to other memorabilia. There are also sites for your favorite teen mags ad celebrity rags for those who still enjoy a good ol’ fashioned print magazine. And, my fave; the sites that cover celebrity fashion! You can see what your favorite stars are wearing and get some great tips on how to pull off their looks in the real world. Plus the usual girl stuff like hair and make-up tips, shopping, advice on guys, etc, etc.


    Another type of site that you can visit for some cool entertainment stuff would be any movie theatre site. This way you could be up on all that’s happening in the world of movies and see what movies come out when and even order tickets in advance to save yourself the hassles of waiting in line on a Friday or Saturday night when it’s rammed. These sites also have the occasional promo going on so you can enter for a chance to win some cool stuff; movie passes, popcorn and other movie snacks and sometimes even techie devices like iPods and stuff!


    One final tip; if you’re a serious entertainment junkie, then you’d probably LOVE getting newsletters with regular updates about the entertainment world. Signing up for mailing lists on your favorite sites means getting regular news in your inbox plus access to a ton of promos and giveaways.