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  • Jember Sims
    This community goes throughtout all of Jember's Role-Play Games, wether its Star Trek, CSI, or anything else.

  • HaloCandy.com
    Halo 3/Halo: Reach oriented tournaments, prizes, contests, playdates and more!! Build your own Halo 3/Reach Team, Battle other teams, have fun in the forums, join any tourneys, playdates, or contests, add your own special videos, screenshots, etc., and do much much more!! Come join us at HaloCandy.com today!!

  • Games – So NOT As Lame As You Think!


    Everybody loves a good game and kids are no different! These days, the selection of games you can play are endless because not only do you get to choose from hundreds of board games, both new and old alike, but also video games, computer games and even those that you can play on your mobile phone or iPod. And don’t even get me started on the different themes that you can choose from!


    The most awesome thing about games is that you can play them solo or with another person or even a group. And since there all kinds on the market, you can pretty much find something for very taste and even in a size that you can pack up and take with you when you go somewhere! Seriously, even classics like Scrabble come in travel sizes complete with a cute little pouch and all!


    The most popular of all small games are of course the little handheld video game consoles like Nintendo DS, Game Boy, etc. These are mini versions of a lot of the same awesome games you can play on your regular video gaming system. The game choices are endless and include everything from the usual fun games to educational games. If you haven’t got the do-lo to spend on one  of those systems (they are NOT cheap!!) then there are dozens of other handheld games that you can get your hands on—literally-at any game or toy store, department store and even airplanes! Yes, they stock things like handheld electronic puzzles, Sudoku, etc for your amusement on board and while you’re away on some fabulous vacay.


    Now back to the classics. There are so many cool games from back in the day or even new twists on old games that you can buy today. I already mentioned that Scrabble comes in mini size so you can easily take it to the beach or a friend’s place, but another that I absolutely insist you try out is Mexican Train Dominos. The game is easy, compact and oh so much fun! Seriously, you will lose track of time and wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner!


    Another old school game that is worth getting your mitts on for your next party would be Twister. You know the one I mean! Talk about a great ice breaker or awesome way to get close to the cutest guy or girl at your party! *wink*


    It may sound lame to some, but if you can stop rolling your eyes for a sec and listen; you can make anything fun if you want to. Just be a little creative! The more people you’ve got playing games, the more fun it’s gonna be. So instead of doing the usual chillin’ with your friends next weekend, have each one bring a game over and settle in for a game night—complete with snacks and bevies of course. I can guarantee that before long, you guys will be having more fun than you expected and be thanking me for the suggestion.


    Have Fun!