Miscellaneous – Categorizing the Un-Categorize-able!

Mis-cel-la-neous: 1: consisting of diverse things or members. 2 a: having various traits b: dealing with or interested in diverse subjects. –Merriam Webster Dictionary

So there you have it, the meaning of miscellaneous is no different than what you thought. It really does represent a mishmash of things and as far as categories go, I would say it is the place where anything goes really, mainly those things that don’t quite seem to fit any place else.

The internet has proved to be an awesome tool for those looking for information on some very out of the ordinary things. I mean, if you wanna look up facts you can go the reference route, but what about when the information you want is so random that not even you know how to explain it? That’s where miscellaneous information, categories, web rings and directories come in. They can help you find a place for what you’re interested in or help you to create one if you’re at a loss! A society or club for those who can tie cherry stems into knots with their tongues—that’s miscellaneous!

The randomness of things available on the net is what makes it so fun and explains why we can spend hours and hours just surfing things—odd, random things. It probably also explains why people from all walks of life with all sorts of interests love and use the internet as much as they do; because you really can find anything and everything here. Some things just can’t be placed and defined by a category…well, unless that category is miscellaneous of course. No two people are the same and we all have our personal tastes and quirks whether others understand them or not. Being able to satisfy our need for certain information and satisfy our curiosities is important and the internet, with all of its directories and web rings and pages is bound to help you do that no matter how unusual, out of the ordinary or just downright eccentric your curiosities are!

If you take this web ring for instance, there are categories and sub categories that house access to all kinds of things, yet even with hundreds of options, there will still be something that someone searches for and can’t find in any of the other rings. Where to go? What to do? Simple, you head to the miscellaneous category and then create your own web ring on the topic that tickles your fancy even if at this second it may not appear to be tickling anyone else’s! What’s the point? Because out of the gazillions of people on our great big earth, there are others who share your interest, so by getting the ball rolling it won’t be long before there is more information to be accessed on your unusual topic than you ever dreamed possible! Different people mean different ideas, views and approaches which also means opening up to a world of new information and insight. You’d be helping to create one big continuous circle of…well…anything!