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  • The Bishounen Underground Community
    The Bishounen Underground Community celebrates the art of beautiful anime, video game, and jrock boys (men)! Got a site devoted to bishounen? Join up!

  • Jessi's Anime Community
    For any anime sites out there - big and small, all are welcome... join now!

  • About a Boy
    a community designed to unite shrines and fanlistings dedicated to male anime characters.

  • The Anime Fan Fiction Community
    The Largest Anime Fan Fiction Community on the net, coming soon!

  • Log Revolution
    A community for anime/manga fans with blogs

  • Digimon Community
    This community is all about Digimon. If you have a Digimon site, then please join!

  • Inuyasha First Animanga Community
    the first community in web dedicated to Inuyasha, the new masterpiece of takahashi Rumiko (the autor of Ranma, Maison Ikkoku, Lum, ecc ecc){;}If you have an Inuyasha site, please, JOIN!

    A Collection of Anime and Cartoon Sites Presented for Your Pleasure.

  • Anime Community
    If you have an Anime site, then please join the Anime Community! If you are just looking for a great Anime Site then checkout the ones in this community!

  • .: The Sesshoumaru Community :.
    A community dedicated to Sesshoumaru from the anime and manga, Inuyasha. For all sites related to him whether it be shrines, fanfictions, fanart, or general sites.

  • The B Word
    a community for anyone who appreciates a darn fine bishounen when they see one ^_~

  • Love Hina Community
    Finally, an English Love Hina community. If you have a LH site, please join. ^_-

  • gorgeous fiends the yaoi community
    HQ for Gorgeous Fiends the Yaoi Community for totally evil vampires, mutants, Jenova clones and other creatures furry and not..and not so totally evil bishonen too.

  • The Ranma 1/2 Crossover And Alternate Community
    This community links together pages that have Ranma 1/2 Crossover and Alternate History / Universe fanfiction on them.

  • The X Community
    A community dedicated to bcommunitying together X sites all around the net.

  • Koi ni Ochiru
    A community for believers in true love, destiny, and/or fate.

  • Kiss in the Dark
    a community for all those who want to kiss in the dark.

  • Saiyuki Yaoi Logs
    A community for fans of Minekura Kazuya's Saiyuki... to be specific, a community for people who own blogs and who firmly believe that there is serious scrumping going on behind the scenes in Saiyuki.

  • The Ryoko Community
    The Original Ryoko Community relocating from the messed up Yahoo community

  • ficcated
    an anime/manga fanfiction clique for sadomasochistic ficcers ^^

  • Pocket Bishoujo
    Pocket Bishoujo - Gotta Catch 'em all

  • Karekano no Community
    The first Karekano community ^_~

  • SilverWolf Anime Realms Community
    Anything manga or anime! I'm accepting anything from Sailor Moon to Maze!

  • The Pika Power Community
    Pika Pika! Come join our Pokemon community!

  • Alice 19th community
    A community to unite the few Alice 19th sites out there... so if you have one, Join!

  • 4 Souls Community
    this community is for all Inu Yasha related sites (no hentia please), or if you simply have an Anime or Manga site, your welcome as well.

  • BLEACH logs
    This is the Bleach community for Bleach fans with blogs, logs or online journals =)

  • The Anime Garden
    An anime community for all you fans out there! If you own any anime or manga site, then you are more than welcome to join us! From Sailormoon to Gundam Wing, we hope to have a variety of anime sites within our group. Be sure to sign up today to get more traffic to all of our sites! No hentai sites please!

  • ::indulgence:: yaoi community
    A community composed of only the BEST yaoi (slash) sites, those with truly wonderful writing and/or art. Both fan works and originals are welcome in this community. If you think your site has what it takes, please apply! And if you like yaoi, please visit! :)

  • Karmic Circles Yaoi Community
    A community for fans of yaoi and slash. All sites here are personally reviewed for content, not just correct fragment. Repetitious, hard to navigate, or hard to understand sites... not here. Sites that have a little care and time put into them, come on in. Please note, we're looking for more than just a token or smattecommunity of yaoi. Yaoi-heavy, nothing less. Combo site is okay, but need a good selection of yaoi at least.

  • DAnime Isle Community
    A community to help link all of the wonderful members of the DAnime Isle Team of The Site Fights. You must be a member to join! :)

  • The Anti-Hentia Community!
    Hello!{;}{;} This community is for everyone who loves anime/ manga, but do not like hentia! {;}{;} We have the right to protest hentia.

  • The Doujinshi Gallery Community
    A gathecommunity of doujinshi fans in order to to consolidate any and all information on doujinshi so that they are easier for fans to find. If you love doujinshi and you want to spread the word, your own personal gallery, or translations, or information on how to obtain doujinshi or even if you are a dealer who sells doujinshi, or an artist who creates doujinshi, or someone who wants to trade theirs for others, you are cordially invited to the Doujinshi Gallery Community.

  • Original Anime and Manga Artists
    A community for talented artists who do original anime and manga style art. Sorry, no amateurs.

  • The Anime Fan-Fiction Sanctuary Web-Community
    This Web-Community is designed for sites that have a plethora of Anime Fan-Fiction. Crossovers, AU, AH, AR, OOC, Yaoi, Yuri, Original Characters, etc. Welcome to the Sanctuary, where your Fan-Fiction is listed with like sites!

  • Zeon Union
    If you have a Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack, Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Gundam F91, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Gundam 0083: Last Blitz of Zeon, Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Gundam sites not Gundam Wing please understand we do not hate Gundam Wing its not from Universal Century.

  • Slayers Romance Community
    This is a community that you have where you can support your favorite Slayers couple! It doesn't matter what couple it is, just as long as it is a Slayers couple. Please enjoy and check back for updates!

  • Adoration
    A community for owners of character shrines

  • Gates of Yaoi
    A community dedicated to yaoi and

  • Heavens!
    A (anime based) domain Group.

  • Sailor Iris's Otaku Senshi Community
    This is a Community deticated to Otaku Senshi, If you have a page deticatd to your Made up Senshi you are welcome to join!

  • The BxS/SxB Community
    the BxS/SxB community; for all you believers of BradxSchu ^.^

  • The Anime Alternative Paicommunity Community
    A community to join fans of alternative paicommunitys (romantic) thoughout all anime!!!

  • Weiss Kreuz Yaoi
    A home for Weiss Kreuz Yaoi sites that is not controlled by Ya-hell. Any sites with images or fic or art or anything showing our fave boys in romantic and/or sexual relationships with each other please submit your site here.

  • Beautiful Dream
    Beautiful Dream is a community for all those fanfic(and original) writers that believe love is love, and it doesn't matter what paicommunity you write in a story.

  • Pokélogs
    Uniting fans of Pocket Monsters/Pokemon who keep online journals. That's all. ^^

  • Lord YuGi's Community
    An up and coming community for the new hit YuGi-Oh:king of games! It will also soon feature my new YuGi-Oh music video to the song One Step Closer By Linkin Park

  • Witch Hunter
    A BLOG/Journal/Diary community for FANS of the series Witch Hunter Robin!

  • The International House of Fan Fiction Community
    Moved from Community

  • Destiny: Aoshi and Misao
    A community for anything and everything about Aoshi and Misao, Ruruoni Kenshin's most interesting and loved couple.

  • Bringing New Perspective with Modern Japanese Anime

    Entertainment is considered an important aspect in the life of the society. Generally, entertainment exists as a way for relaxation and recreation for the people to achieve a healthy balance against stress and problems gained from their lifestyle and activities. Naturally, people who are burdened with worries and problems resort to entertainment to relax and the most convenient and effective way for this is media entertainment.

    For this reason, the field of media entertainment has largely developed and expanded over the years creating new mediums and way to promote entertainment and relaxation. In this trend, a new culture in the field of entertainment is rapidly gaining popularity and preference from the modern society. Indeed, the Japanese anime culture is becoming one of the most favored choices of media entertainment for the modern people.

    By definition, Japanese anime is their culturally-coined term for animation. Basically, this type of media entertainment uses animated figures and styles to create motion-based picture and presentation to establish entertainment. Traditionally, the foundation of Japanese anime is somewhat similar to the western form of animation such as Disney, Hanna-Barbera, and others wherein they are made through a series of hand-drawn pictures correlated with a single transitional series to create a motion simulation. Though, this process has develop in the present through the aid of modern technology, the concept is relatively similar only that the production process has become faster, efficiently, and more advanced.

    But what makes Japanese anime exceptionally favorable to the modern population making it an outstanding new culture in the field of media entertainment. The answer simply lies in the story that Japanese animation brings. Generally, Japanese anime is presented with a new taste in the art of media entertainment wherein they depict new motifs and categories in the field. This new choice in entertainment culture makes Japanese anime among the most famous media trend in the present.

    Most of the stories in the field of Japanese anime bring a new taste in the media entertainment culture. Generally, among the common storylines of modern Japanese anime include depiction of alternative reality wherein the present condition of the society is altered in way caused by chain reaction of events in the society. From this scenario, Japanese anime present a story wherein the characters must struggle and compete with various challenges to survive their condition. Another common storyline of anime is the exploration of science fiction whether having a setting in another universe, alien invasion, or creating a story in distant future with a touch of space voyage such as the infamous Voltes V, Voltron, and Sol Bianca. Another common storyline is the use of advance mechanism such as giant-sized robots modeled in the characteristics of human soldiers such as the Gundam series. Also, religion and culture are also common themes in most Japanese anime series wherein human beings must battle with evil forces for the prevalence of their survival and morality issue. Even real historical events are also common topics for modern anime production such as the movies The Day the Earth Move and Graveyard of Fireflies.

    Indeed, these new views and storylines have made modern Japanese anime one of the most influential entertainment choices of the present society.

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