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  • A Dinky Toys Community
    Welcome to the Dinky Toys Community where we're all about Dinky Toys of all kinds for both collecting and playing with!
    This is your community and we are proud to provide you with access to things like Dinky Toys for Sale -- all kinds, like Dinky Toy Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Hornby Trains, Aircraft, Ships and more. This is also the place to go for Dinky Toys Information and Price, Value Guides and so much more. Young and old alike will find this community useful.

  • Antique Radio Collectors and More
    This community is dedicated  to all things related to Antique and Vintage Radios.
    Use this community to chat with other collectors and dealers. You can also use it to find Antique and Vintage Radios for Sale. And if you want to learn more about Antique Radio Repair, Values,Vintage Radio Information, Speakers, Price Guides, Restoration and more, then this community is for you! Pop in and stay awhile.

  • Antique Upright Piano Community
    The Antique Piano Community is a place for collectors or simply the curious to find all kinds of wonderful resources.
    Find an Antique Upright Piano for sale as well as related items like Player Pianos, Benches, Stools. YOu can find allkinds of helpful informaiton here as well such as Antique Upright Piano Price guide, Values, Prices. Also learn about  Antique Upright Piano Repair and Restoration for all makes and models like Schomacker, Sweetland, Schimmel, Mathushek, Steinway and more.

  • For Collectors of Antique Clocks
    For those who collect antique clocks there is nothing more thrilling than scoring a great find and even better--a great deal! This community will help you do that by putting you in touch with other collectors and experts so that you can swap tips and talk clocks!
    You can also find Antique Clocks for Sale as well Antique and Vintage Clock Price Guides. You can also learn about Identifying a true antique and get helpful repair advice. And that's not all! We have links to Antique Clock Shops, Sales, Auctions and more.

  • Vintage Handbags
    Vintage handbags and purses are hotter than ever for wear or collecting! And thanks to this great community an even greater selection is available here!
    This community which is dedicated to Vintage handbags is all about you - the collector, dealer or admirer. Whether you love to carry them, sell them, trade them or bust learn about them, vintage handbags are fun! Find vintage handbags for sale here and much more.

  • Vintage Postcards
    Vintage postcards are making a comeback and not only for collectors! Antique and vintage postcards make for great art as well and can add flair to any room. For those who enjoy vintage postcards you have definitely come to the best place online!
    You can find vintage and antique postcards at great prices here as well as get price guides and other helpful information for collectors. We have vintage postcards for all tastes and interesting history and information that you're sure to enjoy.

  • Collectible Dolls Community
    Doll collectors will love spending time in this community browsing the many listings for all kinds of wonderful goodies!
    Find everything here from Collectible Dolls for Sale to Collectible Antique, Vintage Doll Information, Prices, Values and more. Find Beautiful Porcelain Collectible Dolls as well as all kinds of Collectible Doll Figurines, Limited Edition and Collectible Baby Dolls too!

  • The Chatty Cathy Community
    Love Chatty Cathy? Who doesn't?! This community is dediated to those who can't get enough of Chatty Cathy Dolls and other collectables.
    This community is the place to find Chatty Cathy Dolls for Sale. You can also find Chatty Cathy Doll Clothes, Information and History. Collectors will be pleased with the selection of Vintage and Reproduction Chatty Cathy Dolls available here too!

  • For Collectors of Antique and Old Bottles
    Do you collect Old Bottles? This community is dedicated to people just like you!
    Use this great community to chat with other collectors and also use it as a great resource to find Antique and Old Bottles for Sale and Price Guides. This iste has it all -- Information on Collecting and Identification of Antique and Old Bottles, Glass, Milk and other cool old bottles.Yu can learn how to  Identify Antique and Old Bottles and use a handy Pricing List. Collectors of Antique and Old Bottles will find many great sources here!

  • For Collectors of Antique Insulators
    This community is for collectors of antique insulators. We offer you a fun place online to connect with other antique collectors and dealers as well as a place to get all sorts of helpful information and products.
    Use this community to find Insulators for Sale. Choose from Antique Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain Insulators. We've also got an Electrical High Voltage Insulator,  Wire, Telephone and Electric and Power Insulators too.

  • Something Old - Antiques

    This is a very interesting topic for anyone who is interested to welcome the oldies that are still goodies. There are number of different styles of antiques depending on when and where it was made. All you need to know is, where to find it and what to look for in it. They are believed to be at least 100 years old and yet there are still many more things to look at.

    Antiques are usually the objects where you can see some degree of craftsmanship. We are attracted to these pieces for their unique and stunning workmanship that has gone into their creation. We are always being taken to amazement constantly at the skill that is put to produce such stunning works. We need to find caretakers for such treasured possessions.

    There are various channels that showcases different fine arts made of Bronzes, Carvings, Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Posters, Prints, Sculptures, Silhouettes and other art items. Works of art featured in these channels range from original antique pieces to reproductions and contemporary art that are usually created by the artist. If you enjoy visiting museums of Art or Art exhibitions, we think you will enjoy these channels. Their prices vary to accommodate everyone from decorators, the enthusiasts up to the sophisticated collector.

    It is all about caring for, cleaning and storing your antique and collectibles. Old cast iron can serve you well if properly cleaned and seasoned. You will have to find out how to tackle the job of caring, cleaning and storing your antique in the right and proper manner. But in order to keep its value, it must be taken care of properly.


    Antiques have over almost 1,450 dealers from 29 different countries approximately. They have filled the warehouses with their collection of antiques and antique reproductions. It is a multi-generational hobby that has been growing in popularity for several decades now. Millions of people join in the hunt for something valuable, something historic and something antique. But all of them are not equal.


    Some co­llectors think that articles made before 1830 are the real antiques. These items were hand-crafted by necessity in those days. Later with the ind­ustrial age having kicked in, many items were manufactured by machines. You need to spot the real antiques. Your visual inspection is the first step in detecting a restored, faked or reproduced antique. If you have serious doubts about an antique there are scientific high-tech methods like X-rays, microscopy and ultraviolet, CT scan and infrared analysis to authenticate their age and manufacture methods. Different cutting and sanding tools leave distinctive marks and give clues to the era during which a piece was made. ­


    The popular zeal for antiques, or antiquities have risen from excavations.

    The antique that was originally well-constructed with high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and design, will have high value even today. The originals are highly valued than well-crafted antique reproductions. Pieces in good condition with original finishes are preferred to those that have been restored, repaired or refinished.