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  • Helicopters for Sale
    If you're considering looking for a helicopter for sale then you may also want to consider all of the business possibilities that await if you do get your hands on one! A helicopter can be used for so much more than recreation!
    This community is for those who fly helicopters or want to learn how. It's also a favorite amongst aviation enthusiasts who love pretty much any aircraft! Use this community to find helicopters for sale, information, parts and manuals and even lessons.

  • Homebuilt Aircraft & Ultralight
    This is a community for aviation enthusiasts that enjoy Homebuilt Aircraft and Ultralights. For those who dare to try their hand at homebuilt aircraft, you can use this community to find everything you need and more.
    Have a look at our many resources and find a ton of Information and kits for homebuilt aircraft and ultralights. Find simplified aircraft designs, flight testing and more. If xxperimental homebuilt aircraft are your passion, then this community is your aviator's dream come true!

  • All About the Piper Tomahawk
    The Piper Tomahawk tends to be a common first choice for pilots looking to buy an aircraft as it's likely the first type of aircraft that they ever trained in. I guess there's something to be said for familiarity and comfort. And it is for you that this community is for!
    Our entire community is dedicated to the Piper Tomahawk and the pilots who fly them or want to. Not a pilot but still an aviation nut? Then you'll love this community too because we've got loads of stuff here. Find Piper Tomahawks for Sale, plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Ma

  • Gyrocopters
    Aviation enthusiasts will find all sorts of great things to do and buy here in this community that is all about Gyrocopters which are often referred to also as Autogyro or Rotaplanes.
    This community is your place to find a Gyrocopter, Autogyro for Sale. We also have a ton of Information, History and Products, Manuals, Kits make  Gyroplanes and more. Collectorsand hobbyists looking for a great deal can also take a look at Used Gyrocopters for Sale here as well.

  • Piper Cherokee Community
    Imagine having your very own aircraft! The Piper Cherokee is one of the most popular choices as far as light aircraft go which likely has to do with their proven reliability over the last five decades. And it is thanks to the Pier Cherokee and those who love flying them that we have created this community.
    We're your best resource for finding Piper Cherokee aircraft for sale as well as aircraft information and even parts so that you can keep your Cherokee in good working order. This is a community like no other so stay awhile and have a look around.

  • Cessna Aircraft Community
    The internet helps our dreams take flight thanks to sites that offer Cessna aircraft for sale as well as other small planes. This community is dedicated to those sites as well as those who share a love of aviation and Cessna aircraft.
    Use this community to find all you ever wanted related to the Cessna.

  • A Paragliding Community
    Paragliding is by far one of the easiest ways to get that intoxicating rush that one can only get from taking flight. It's this rush that has made the sport so popular that enthusiasts are now on the hunt for paragliders for sale. This community can give you that and much more.
    Our community is packed with all kinds of information on paragliding and even offers you access to all kinds of Paraglider and Paragliding Equipment for Sale.  Find Paragliding Information, Products, Manuals, Parts, Ram air, Airfoil, Parafoil.  We've also got Paragliding Pil

  • Powered Parachute Community
    Welcome to the Powere Parachute community where you can find everything to do with Powered Parachutes and getting the most out of them.If you're a thrill seeker then you just may find what you've been craving right here.
    We've got Powered Parachute, Paraplane, Motorized Parachute, PPC for Sale. Find Powered Parachute information, products, manuals, flying lessons, Plans, and more all right here in one spot!

  • Mooney Aircraft
    For any plane aficionado; the Mooney aircraft could very well be the ultimate as far as airplanes go! This 'Porsche of the Skies' would not only make an incredible addition to a collection but also offer a flight experience like no other.
    This community is all about the Mooney Aircraft and the avaiation fans who admire them. Use this as your resource for Mooney Aircraft for sale as well as information on Mooney Airplanes and much more.

  • Private Jet Aircraft Community
    This site is for all of you who own or are looking to own your pwn private jet. This private jet aircraft community is a place to get all the products and information you could need. It's agreta place for aviation enthusiasts, charter airline owners and operators and more.
    Use this community ot find Used Private Jet Aircraft for Sale, plus Jet Aircraft Information, History and Products. Find aircraft like the Cessna Citation, Twin, Eclipse, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Beechcraft, Learjet and more right here.

  • Biplanes Community
    If you love aviation and biplanes then this community is a must see!
    Not only can you find Information and History on the Biplane but you can also get  Plans, Kits and even Biplanes for Sale here. We offer all kinds of aviation fun for those who love planes. have a look around and see what cool stuff you can find in our community.

  • For Grumman Aircraft Enthusiasts
    This is the community for you if you are an aviation junkie with a special soft spot for Grumman Aircraft.Not only willyou find all sorts of information, facts and history on Grumman Aircraft here but all kinds of other stuff as well!
    Let this be your go-to place for finding Grumman Aircraft for Sale like Grumman Tiger, Cheetah, Yankee, Widgeon, Gulfstream, Traveler, Duck, Mallard, Widgeon, Albatross and even more Grumman Aircraft for Sale.

  • Taylorcraft Aircraft Community
    Aviation buffs rejoice because this is a community for you! This online community is dedicated to the Taylorcraft Aircraft and aviation junkies like you who can't get enough!
    Use this to find Taylorcraft Aircraft for Sale, plus Taylorcraft Airplane Products, Manuals, Parts. There are even loads of Used Taylorcraft Airplanes for Sale. Find them from all years; 1937, 1941 1945 and more. We also have Taylorcraft Kits, Engines, 450, 12d, BC 12d and much more.

  • Beechcraft for the Aviation Enthusiast
    This community is dedicated to those who share a love of aviation. You can use this community to find all kinds of great information as well as a place for greta resources.
    Find Beechcraft Aircraft for Sale, plus Beechcraft Airplane Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts, Used Beechcraft Airplanes for Sale and so much more. You can find it all here: Beech, Hawker, Bonanza, KingAir, Starship, Baron, Musketeer, Sundowner and much more. Have a look around and see what you can find!

  • Aeronca Aircraft Buffs
    Are you an aviation buff who has a soft spot for the Aeronca? Thenthis community willprove to be a fun, interesting and helpful place for you!
    Get in contact with other aviation enthusiasts and experts and even find Aeronca Aircraft for Sale. Plus Aeronca Airplane Information, History, Products, Manuals, Parts. If you've ever wanted to find Used Aeronca Airplanes for Sale like the Champ, Chief, c3, 7ac, Champion and others then spend a little time in our community and see just how much we have to offer here.

  • Vans Aircraft Sale
    For aviation buffs this Vans Aircraft Community is indispensible! Our community has it all for those who just can't ever seem to get enough of airplanes and especially experimental or homebuilt aircraft.
    In this community you will find Vans Aircraft for Sale. We have Used Van’s Aircraft Sale and are your best source to Find Information and Parts for Vans Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft. We also have great Kits and much more too!

  • Piper Arrow Community
    If you're a pilot who owns a Piper Arrow or wants to own one then this community is a great place for you! We have everything you could possibly need to get yourself and keep yourself flying high!
    We have Piper Arrow Aircraft for Sale, plus Piper Arrow Information, History and Products, Manuals, Parts. Find Used Piper Cherokee Arrow Airplanes for Sale here and anything else that an aviation buff could possibly need or want!

  • Light Sport Aircraft
    You can have it all these days thanks to the internet, including your very own airplane! This community is for all you aviation enthusiasts who love the thrill of flying Light Sport Aircraft.
    Have a look around the community and Find Light Sport Aircraft for sale.Use this as a place to find parts and accessories as well. We've got a great selection of Used Low Cost Light Sport Aircraft and much more!

  • Aircraft Engines - A Community for Aviation Enthusiasts
    If you've been looking for Aircraft Engines for Sale, a Used Aircraft Engine or any kinds of Airplane Engines then this community will be your dream come true!
    This is a place for other airplane enthusiasts to not only share shop talk but also learn about aircraft engines and find helpful information, links and tips when it comes to your favorite pastime.

  • Piper Aircraft
    Are you a total aviation junkie? Love to fly? Love Piper aircraft? Then this community is just what you've been looking for and even more! We've got all the aviation lover could possibly need right here.
    Use this community to find Piper Aircraft for Sale. Piper Aircraft Parts and Sales. We've got Used and New Piper Aircraft as well as all kindsof important and interesting Piper Airplane Information and much more.

  • Piper Aircraft Parts Community
    This community isn't only a great place for aviation enthusiasts and admirers of Piper aircraft, but it's also the BEST place to find Piper aircraft parts for those who own a Piper plane and are looking to keep it flying safely and efficiently.
    Let this community be your source for Piper Aircraft Parts. We have New and Used Piper Aircraft Parts, Manuals and Information and a lot more. Have a look around and keep your Piper flying high thanks to all we have.

  • Piper Archer Community
    If you love aviation and are a fan or owner of a Piper Archer then this community may well be the coolest place for you online! We're dedicated entirely to the Piper Archer and have all you could possibly need.
    Use this community to find the Piper Archer for Sale. We also have Piper Archer Parts and Manuals. This is also the best source online for Piper Archer Information and much more. Have a look around and enjoy!

  • Piper Cub Aircraft Community
    If you're an aviation enthusiast who appreciates what a great aircraft the Piper Cub is then have a look around our community and see what we've got! This community is all about the Piper Cub and those who fly them or just love aviation.
    Use this awesome community to find Piper Cub for Sale as well as Piper Super Cub Airplanes for Sale. We're also your best resource for Piper Cub Aircraft Parts, and Manuals and more!

  • A Piper Saratoga Community for Aviation Enthusiasts
    A true aviation enthusiast surely knows the magnificence that is the Piper Saratoga! This aircraft is one of the best known and loved light aircraft ever which is why we have created this community.
    We've got all kinds of great stuff for aviation buff here! Use our community to find things like Piper Saratoga Aircraft for Sale. We even have Piper Saratoga Parts, Manuals and information too!

  • Cirrus Aircraft
    This community is an aviator's dream come true! For Cirrus Aircraft enthusiasts and others who love aviation this will prove to be your go-to spot for all kinds of great information and more.
    Find Cirrus Aircraft for Sale here as well as Cirrus Aircraft Parts, Manuals and Information. This is your best resource for New and Used Cirrus Aircraft, SR22, SR20, Jet for Sale.

  • Aviation Through The Years


    To fly with the birds and float with the clouds has been man’s dream since the beginning of time. Centuries of hard work and experiments had to be done before man could boast of the first successful flight. Flight in a heavier-than-air craft was not accomplished until the beginning of the 20th century. Today the word aviation implies not only passenger carriers and fighter planes but also shipping mail and cargo. With such versatility, these aircrafts have contributed to augmenting the fast paced lives we already live. Air transport has contributed to the global expansion of our economy, leisure in our society, and influenced our government to diversify. The portrayal of aviation has impacted our society on three stages: socially, politically and economically


    Leonardo de Vinci, the eternal genius drew blueprints of a flying machine in the 15th century, a time when the human flight had not been contemplated beyond a dream. Leonardo could not bring his dream to fructification; however later his designs were found to closely resemble the modern aircraft.


    Aviation has come a long way since 1783 when the first manned hot air balloon took its flight, scaling a height of 3,000 feet, which was no mean feat in those times. Then after several experiments with hydrogen air balloons and several other successful as well as failed efforts, the glider saw the light of day in the late 19th century.


    Through the 1920s and 1930s, the world covered large leaps in aviation. Graduating from what was largely a war tool, so to say, to Boeings and passenger aircrafts. Also these early decades of the 20th century saw the first woman aviators as well as the first major flights across continent borders.


    The dark side of the aviation became evident during the World War II; the world watched in horror as severe bombings, air raids and tragedies which we today refer to as Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were executed with no regard to human life or its loss thereof. The latest in the bloodshed perpetrated is the WTC tragedies which may still send shivers down the spine of anybody who lived through those times.


    Today, aviation has taken a whole new meaning, what with aviation adventure sports being available. Several aviation adventure sports available today like paragliding, skydiving and tamer options like the hot air balloons and weddings and engagements being organized in gyrocopter flights. Today the aviation industry is flourishing and provides the industry with huge revenues. Not only does the aviation industry involve manufacturing of aircraft, airport operations, and aircraft maintenance but it also influences many industries associated with airline travel. The travel and tour business along with the hotel and restaurant business prospers from air travel.


    Building their career as commercial or fighter pilots still remains the ultimate dream for a large number of youth all over the world, not only for the pay packet that it delivers (which is not bad J) but also for the thrill and exhilaration it offers.


    Aviation may see may more milestones in times to come... and all we say is “Way to go Bird”