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  • Build Your Own Kayak
    If you've ever looked at a kayak and though 'I can build that', then you were right! Building your own kayak is an easy and affordable way to get to enjoy the thrill of kayaking for less money and a big sense of pride.
    This community will give you access to all the tools that you need to build your own kayak. Find ou what you need and just how you can do it. You can also find great deals and expert advice here.

  • Sailboats and Sailing Community
    Are you a sailing-a-holic? Can't get enough of letting the wind take you where it may?This community is for you and others like you who love all things to do with sailboats.
    Use this community to find Sail Boats for Sale -- Used and New Sailboats. Plus,find all kinds of Facts, Information and Products for your Sailboat. Brands like Cataline, Macgregor, Sunfish, Catamaran, Sailboat Trailers, and much more are all here.

  • Boating For Sport or Fun


    Boating, the relaxed activity of wandering by boat characteristically refers to entertaining use of boats if it is power boats, yachts or sail boats, focused on travel itself, and other sports activities, like waterskiing or fishing. Boating is a very well-liked activity, as well as there are lots of boaters all over the world.

     Types of boats

    Recreational boats (at times called pleasure craft, particularly for less sporting activities) fall in several broad groups, and added subcategories. Broad categories comprise dinghies (usually under 16' powered by small engines, sail, or muscle power), paddle sports boats (kayaks, rowing shells), runabouts, day sailors (14–25' sailboats, often with a tiny auxiliary engine), cruisers (25–65' power boats with cabins), as well as racing and cruising sailboats (25–65' sailboats with supplementary engines). A very general kind of boat in England is canal Narrow boat, generally fitted out with the sleeping accommodation.

    The National Marine Manufacturers alliance, the organization which establishes few of the standards which are usually used in marine industry in United States, describes 32 kinds of boats representing the variety of boat types in addition to their specialization. Additionally to those standards all the boats use the same essential principals of hydro dynamics.

    Those who have a boat that they no longer use might want to consider going through with a boat donation. The donation process allows charities to sell these old boats and to use the money to help the less fortunate. Some of these charities donate the money raised by the sale of these boats to help children in third world countries, while others use the money to support orphans domestically. There are so many children all over the world that need help that it just makes sense to donate your vessel if you will not be using it any further.

    Boating activities

    Boating activities are as diverse as the boats as well as boaters who take part, plus new ways of taking pleasure in the water are continually being discovered. Broad groups comprise the following:


    • Paddle sports comprise ears (lakes), swift water (rivers), as well as ocean going types, generally covered-cockpit kayaks.
      • Canoes are well-liked on rivers and lakes because of their carrying capability and effectiveness on water. They are also simple to portage or take overland round obstructions like rapids, or just down to water from the car or a cabin.


      • Kayaks could be discovered on calm inland waters, White Water Rivers as well as along the coasts in oceans. Recognized for their seaworthiness and maneuverability, kayaks take a lot of shapes depending on their preferred use. Rowing craft are even well-liked for fishing, as a kind to a bigger vessel, or as the competitive sport.


      • Rowing shells are very narrow and long, and are planned to change as much of rower's muscle power as feasible to speed. The ratio of the length of waterline to beam has much significance in design and marine mechanics.


      • Dinghies or row boats are oar powered, plus usually restricted to secluded waters. Rowboats are usually heavy craft as compared to other has.


    • Sailing could be either spirited, as in idealistic dinghy racing, or solely entertaining as when sailing on the lake with friends and family.


    • Freshwater Fishing Boats account for about 1/3 of all the registered boats in U.S., plus most all other kinds of boats finish up being utilized for fishing on event. The boating trade has developed and evolved.


    • Water sport Boats or ski boats are high-powered Go-Fast boats designed for the activities where a contestant is towed at the back the boat like parasailing and waterskiing.