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  • Collectors Connection
    Dedicated to the art of collectibles, Collectors Connection bcommunitys together everyone who has ever collected anything.

  • Country Teddy Community
    This community is to unite country teddy bear lovers of all walks of life who would like to share their love of these adorable critters with others. Personal and Business sites welcome.

  • Spirit Charm Club Community

  • Love Of Collectibles
    Love of Collectibles Community! If you love collecting something and have a website with photos of your collection, we want you! For instance, if you collect Beanie Babies, Boyds Bears, Annette Funicello mohair bears, Furbies, Barbies, Angels, Hallmark Ornaments, Madame Alexander Dolls, etc., you'll fit right in! No stores will be allowed in this community. This community will send people to your website that also enjoy collecting. So join today, hope to hear from you today! It's easy to join, any questions, just email me for assistance. Started in 2000 and still active in 2004.Postcard Collecting NetRing
    The "Postcard Collecting NetRing" brings together websites about postcards, postcard collecting, deltiology, postcard trading, and postcard resources and references. The purpose is to promote the collecting of postcards. If you have a webpage about postcards, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add all of them!

  • Collecting NetRing
    The "Collecting Netring" is a community for websites about collecting, collections, collectors, collectibles, and just about any topic of interest to collectors. If you have a webpage about collecting, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • My Little Pony Traders
    My Little Pony web sites with trading and for sale lists of My Little Pony ponies and accessories.

  • StampXpress
    A Stamp Community joining sites of similar interests with created and designed stamps collections of your own displays and collections.

  • Porcelain Doll
    If you love Porcelain Dolls this is the community for you! Doll makers, seller,and collertors alike love to display our beautiful dolls. Browse among our many one of a kind, handcrafted and limited edition dolls!

  • Aussie Teddies - Australia's Only Teddybear Portal
    Aussie Teddies is Australia's only teddy bear portal site, offecommunity free internet presence to all Australian bear artists, with examples of their work and links to either their websites or contact details.

  • Porcelain Dollmakers Network
    A Network of Porcelain Dollmakers. A great resource for all your porcelain doll supplies. {;}Also many beautiful dolls for purchase.

    A Community for Collectors of Soda Cans. Yes, I said Soda Cans. Some people call them Pop Cans. These little metallic containers that when we were finished drinking out of them most people

  • Collecting PEZ
    These sites offer the best online information about collecting, buying, selling, or trading Pez Dispensers! Brought to you by www.CollectingPez.com

  • StampNetWork
    This community is for the stamp collecting hobby and is open for all stamp collectors who have a web site to join. You site must consist of 75% material about stamp collecting

  • The Boy Toy Network

    Boy Dolls! If you enjoy large-scale (15” or taller) ball jointed dolls, take pictures of them, collect them, have banners, avatars, blogs, layouts or whatever in regards to these dolls, then this is the community for you! This is a community created just for the doll enthusiast and people who spend time on photographing them to share! If you like looking at pretty, fun, fantasy, goth and everything in between in these types of dolls, then you’ve come to the right place! Websites in this community shou

  • The Site Fight's Curio Collectors Community
    This community is intended for the Site Fight's Curio Collectors. Visit other collectors and/or become a collecter too!

  • Gothic Dolls
    A community for creators and collectors of Elegant Gothic Fashion Dolls,primitive art dolls. ball jointed dolls ,dark ,beautiful and mournfull

  • The Exchange
    if you are interested in being a member, come join us at http://pub51.ezboard.com/bdollzpartyshack

  • Daisy's Pandas for Adoption
    Do you offer Karen at Daisy Dreams' lovely pandas for adoption? Do you collect these cute little critters for your own web site? Come on in and join the community for these adorable little panda bears!

  • Carousel Lovers Community
    For lovers of carousels! All websites MUST have significant carousel-related content to be considered for this community. The community graphic may be found at the community home page (http://www.geocities.com/luv_merry_go_rounds/community.htm) or you may create your own. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE GRAPHIC TO YOUR OWN SERVER. DO NOT LINK TO MY SERVER! I GET CHARGED FOR EXCESSIVE BANDWIDTH TRAFFIC!

  • Miniature Dolls
    Fabulous Miniature Dolls made by talented artists from around the world.

  • TeddyBear Lovers Community
    This is a community for lovers of TeddyBears....either privately, or proudly displayed on their websites...{;}This covers collectors, artists and kids that just love cuddling up to their TeddyBears

  • Stamps, Stamps & More Stamps
    A community for online graphic stamp collectors.

  • Charming Charms Club
    Collectors of charms and charm sheets - graphics 35x35 pixels, animated or not, placed in tables to display friendships, memberships, locations, and anything else.{;}MUST have a charm sheet page to place this community on!

  • I Love Barbie
    Do you love Barbie dolls and have a website with photos of your collection? Join us today! No stores allowed. Get more hits on your website. We have pretty community graphics! No long wait to join. FYI - under new management 4/2/2001, still active in 2006. This is a FREE community. Moved here October 2006 from community.com since they started to charge $.

  • Everything Antiques
    A community for the following type sites. {;}Antique Shops, Auctioneers,Refinishing Services,Auctions & Antique Shows.{;}{;}We will add any site thats is antique related.

  • Princess Diana Memorial and Collector's Community
    A community for collector's of Princess Diana memorabilia,such as dolls,books plates and so forth.Also for people with tribute pages,or web pages dedicated to Diana,Princess of Wales.{;}All sites should be tasteful and not contain material not suited for viewing by children.

  • Freckle Kids
    A community for anyone who collects Freckle Kids or has Freckle Kids for adoption.

  • Sweet Kids for Adoption Site Community
    This site community is for those that have one or more of Baers Garten's Sweet Kids, Teddies or Pandas and are offecommunity them for adoption.

  • Mineral Collectors Webring
    The "Mineral Collectors Webring" brings together websites by discriminating mineral collectors and hobbyists, mineral museums, quality mineral dealers, clubs & societies, and for books, references and other information sources about minerals. If you have a webpage about minerals or mineral collecting, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Lofty's Plush Paradise Net Community
    This page was created for My Little Pony Plush collectors. There are no specific sites for this collection only. If you love to collect Hasbro Softies, Applause ponies, 1998 Bean Bag (Beanie) ponies, Ceramic ponies, MLP Patterns including plush Butterick patterns, and Pyjama Cases you have come to the right place! Also selling regular ponies and accessories.

  • Fluffybear's Community
    This community is for everyone who loves Teddy Bears. Artists, Collectors, Clubs, Suppliers, and especially those who just love their soft, warm, & cuddly friend for no special reason at all..{;}

  • Baby Mimic's Community
    A community for My Little Pony lovers. Please join if you have atleast one page dedicated only to My Little Ponies

  • Adoptables by Dezign
    This is a community for graphic sites that offer adoptions to come together.{;}If you offer snow globe, teddy bear, angels or faerie etc. adoptables then I would love to have you join this community.

  • Custom Dolls & Accessories
    This community is dedicated to one of a kind repaints and accessories, including costumes, jewelry and related items.

  • Medieval Coins Group Community
    Medieval Coins Group Community is dedicated to attracting the best sites on the subject for the benefit of the collectors and the students of Medieval Numismatics. This Community forms a part of the Medieval Coins Group and is housed on the group's website. We encourage all visitors who have a website that showcases medieval coins in any way, to join our community.

  • Automotive Collectibles Webring
    The "Automotive Collectibles Webring" brings together websites about automobile collectibles, including antique & vintage & classic cars and other vehicles, license plates, badges and emblems, books and manuals, advertisements, models and toys, gas station and petroliana, photographs and posters, accessories and parts, racing, and any other collectibles related to automobiles and other road vehicles. If you have a webpage for automotive collectibles, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Vintage Audio
    Vintage audio is music to the ears to enthusiasts who collect and restore vintage audio devices as a hobby. What sounds even better? Finding all you could want in the world of vintage audio online!
    This online community for those who collect vintage audio is full of great stuff for you and even for those who just simply want to know more about vintage audio. Find Vintage and Classic Radios, Record Players, phonograph, gramophone, Hi Fidelity, Vintage Stereos and more for sale.  We are also your best resource for Antique, Vintage and Classic Audio Inform

  • International Reproduction Antique Sellers Community
    sites dealing in reproduction antiques from any era or any country

  • The Carousel Collectors Community
    Do you love carousels? This community is devoted to the love of carousels, amusement parks, circus clowns and just about anything childlike and fun. If you are a collector looking to buy or a seller of memorabilia, art, figurines or paintings I hope that this community will become a good resource for you. This community is open to just about everyone with a personal home page displaying your own art, poetry, stories and collections to professional businesses or associations. I have added a unique feature to the community code for classified ad postings

  • Rainbow Dolls- AA Fashion Dolls
    This community is for all African American Fashion doll collectors and customizers of ethnic dolls.

  • Peaceable Kingdom Beanie Collectors
    A peaceful group of beanie baby collectors: Come share your beanies with us, swap and trade or just chat about your beanie collection.

  • Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons
    Button collecting and vintage buttons are an addiction to some! Once you start collecting antique buttons your eyes are always on the look out for the next doozie! That'swhy we've created this great little community actually.
    For those who love vintage buttons for collecting or even using on sewing projects, this community will be a great source of information and fun. Have a look around!

  • Barbie Dolls
    This community is for you -- the true Barbie girl! We help you find information on Barbie as well as loads of great products.
    Whether you're after modern, vintage and collectible Barbie dolls or the things that go with them like clothes or Barbie Doll houses; it's all here for you and more. Find out about Barbie's history and the waves she's been making lately. And don't forget to have fun!

  • Gold and Silver Coin Collecting
    This is a community for those who are into Gold and Silver Coin Collecting. You can find all sorts of great links, information and even products here all related to coin collecting.
    Connect with other collectors and dealers and also get access to loads of great stuff, like American Eagle, Gold, Silver Coins for sale. Find Information on Collecting and Values and much more right here.

  • Antique and Vintage Lighting Collectors
    If you collect vintage and antique lighting then this community is worth a visit! Join us at this look back in time that will teach you things about vintage and antique lighting and all lighting in general! While you're here take a look at floor lamps, table lamps and more from decades gone by.
    This community is a great place to swap information and tips with other collectors and even share helpful shopping information and resources.

  • Traffic Signals & Road Signs Collectors
    Collectors of Traffic Signals and Road Signs will love this community because we give you access to all kinds of great stuff for your collection. Have a look around and find cool stuff you never dreamed of as well as some that you may have been looking for.
    We have great Traffic and Road Sign information. You can also find Road Signs and Traffic Signals for Sale including Road Construction Signs and more. Buy Custom Traffic Signs and Road Signs here too to give as gifts!

  • Train Horns
    Train horns may seem like a strange thing for one to collect but the truth is that many people do just that. Train horns from years gone by are a unique little piece of history to have which is why this community is here to begin with.
    Use our neat little community to find Train Horns, Steam Whistles Air Horns for Sale. We also have loads of useful and interesting Information, Kits and more as well as tons of Locomotive Train Horns to buy!

  • For Collectors of Vintage Watches
    For collectors of vintage and antique watches there is no better source online for all you're looking for. This communityt has great stuff for collectors, dealers and just the curious.
    Find Vintage, Antique Watches, Information, History and more. We have all brands for sale too. They Include Bulova, Cartier, Diver Vintage Watches, Elgin, Hamilton, Longines, Mickey Mouse Vintage Watches, Military, Omega, Vintage Pocket Watches, Rolex, Seiko and much more.

  • Collecting Postcards
    A community for websites with old postcard galleries or postcard collecting as a theme.

  • Collecting Glass Art


    Collecting several items is indeed considered as rather popular hobby for many individuals today. It does not really matter what one collects, what matters is that the items that he gathers brings in a certain satisfaction to himself and that particular satisfaction gives him a sense of completion. Among the items that most interest collectors today is that of glass art. What is glass art and how does it attract collectors today?


    Glass art is naturally based on collection of glasses that are found along seashores. It could be a bottle or a cultured glass that has been refined through the current of the sea and furnished by the sand as well. It has been considered as an art as it undergoes further procedures of customization and furnishing that makes the glass pieces even more attractive to collectors.


    Glass art as a Craft Collector’s Gold


    Being important as it is to the collectors, craftsmen around the world realize that their capability to turn plain glass pieces into a designer’s item that is most attractive and acceptable to collectors would bring them better chances of making great profit from the said hobby. Hence, as a result, through the years, the process of developing plain glass pieces collected from the seashores has taken different faces of progress.


    Besides coloring the glass pieces, there also exists the process of sanding them to thin the and refurnish the surface of the pieces, smoking them to create a translucent effect on the glass and some other procedures taken into consideration by the craftsmen so as to enhance the beauty of such collections. Aside from these procedures, making these glasses into both practical design materials as well as ornamental creations even make the business of creating glass art a rather lucrative job for several craftsmen around the globe.


    When Fascination Captures the Eye for Collection


    One particular reason why glass art has gained such an inviting sense to the collectors is the fact that every glass piece is unique. As the pieces are collected from the seashore, every bit of piece possess a certain characteristic that it particularly gained through time of being exposed to the sun, water and sand. These elemental factors of nature aiding in the design and the refurbishing that the glass piece needs to stand out from the others naturally make every piece collected from the sea a unique and irreplaceable piece that deserves appreciation from the collector’s eye.


    Yes, every collector recognizes the idea that glass art has its own fascinating characteristic that does not simply magnify the essence of the artistic hands of the craftsmen who pose to manage the development of the glass pieces through their care, but instead, real collectors understand that glass art collection also displays the fact that nature itself could produce a piece of wonder that delights the eyes and fascinates the mind. With glass art collection, it is certainly possible to bring together the artistry of human individuals with the wonderful and mysterious works of nature to bring in more beauty to the world in a rather simple way.

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