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  • Invader Zim Community
    The first Invader Zim Community! {;}Please join if your site has something to do with the show Invader Zim.

  • Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Community
    Community to help readers of RK fanfiction find what they're looking for.

  • Community for Disney Movies
    Disney movies: Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Dinosaur, Mulan, The Black Cauldron, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp etc. Disney song lyrics, Disney links, pictures etc.

  • Pluto's Online Comics and Manga Community
    A community for online comics and online manga.

  • The Furry Art Community
    A community dedicated exclusively to anthropomorphic artists and writers. Anything furry is welcome, as long as the work is kept clean of sexually explicit and other R-rated material. Join us!

  • dn angel :: a community
    a community to bcommunity together sites dedicated to Yukiru Sugisaki's art ^^

  • Solar Surfer
    A community for sites cetecommunity around or containing material based off of Walt Disney Pictures Treasure Planet. Looking for a site? Feel free to coast on through. Got a site? Grab a board and join in.

  • The Anime Girls Community
    A community devoted to the fine Women of Anime, manga, and video games. Shoujo anime, and manga or female characters from all series from Japan. Check it out.

  • The Jhonen Vasquez Community
    Any thing that has to do with Jhonen Vasquez.

  • Comic Book Reviews Net Community
    A community for sites that either specialize in reviewing comic books or sites that have a portion devoted to reviews of comics.

  • New Soldiers, New Stories
    This community is designed for the authors and creators of Otaku (fan-created) Sailor Moon characters. If you've made up a Sailor Senshi and have written fanfiction about them, please come join us!

  • Vertigo Net Community
    A community for sites devoted to the characters and worlds found within the pages of the Vertigo (DC Comics) line of comics.

  • Sisterhood of Mutants
    The Sisterhood of Mutants is a collection of women run websites that take you on a thrilling tour through the world of the X-men. Sites may feature fan fiction, art, character bios, and touch on all other related fan projects. We're the best at what we do!

  • Chains of Melody
    A community for Full Moon wo Sagashite related websites.

  • The Anime Community!
    To all who own a anime/ manga site, this is what you have been looking for! This community will help link all of your anime/manga sites together and bcommunity more trafic to everyone!

  • Appreciate Bespectacled Bishounen
    A community to identify all sites dedicated to or containing at least one bespectacled bishounen, i.e. good looking men in glasses!

  • X-Fiction Writers Guild
    A community for X-Men fanfic writers and archives.

  • Haunted House
    A collection of interactive haunted houses

  • Comix Annex
    The annex for those people who want to join a comic exchange community but isn't part of Club Haus.

  • The Animated Films Community
    A community for all sites dedicated to animated films

  • The MacFurry Community
    Are you a fan of the Macintosh, AND of wild and cute fuzzy critters that talk? Then this is the community for you. The MacFurry Community is for furry fans who also love Macs.

  • The X-woMEN's Community of Power
    This community is for any X-Men/Marvel comic related site on the internet.

  • The Flash Community
    The flash community.

  • Joss Whedon's Fray
    Community for sites devoted to Joss Whedon's Fray.

  • The Cute Shampoo Community
    A community dedicated to Shampoo and Ranma 1/2 related sites.

  • []pulse of life[]
    []A tribute to our beloved heroines[]

  • Rabbit's community---兔子聯盟
    All about YUKIRU SUGISAKI~!Welcome to join us~!!!this community is for chinese site mainly,but another language also welcome~!!首個杉崎由綺琉老師的中文網站聯盟~歡迎加入~!!!

  • Community of Anime Masters
    A community comprised of anime sites with quality designs, graphics, and content. All are welcome to apply.

  • The Batman Fanfiction Community
    A community for Batman fanfic of all kinds. Slash is allowed and is encouraged.

  • The Nething Goes Gundam Wing
    A community for anything that is gundam wing. I talking about yaoi, non-yaoi, yuri, Non-yuri, fanfictions, fanart, pictures and Anything else i can think of.

  • IAFB community
    Community ufficiale del newsgroup IAFB - it.arti.fumetti.bonelli

  • Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
    This community is dedicated to the animated TV Show Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (based on the Darkhorse comic of the same name.){;}{;}If you're a fan of Big Guy, Rusty, Lt. Dwayne Hunter, Dr. Erika Slate, the Big Guy's Pit Crew (Garth, Jo, Mack). Then this is the community for you!

  • Superhero
    A community that pays tribute to the superheroes we all know and love!{;}

  • Irken Invaders
    its about invader zim the best show in the world with pictures, bakcgrounds, and sound clips

  • dd logs
    dd logs is a community for people who own a blog and love Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Squee!, and so on.

  • European Manga Artists
    A community for manga style artists residing in Europe. Amateurs & professionals.

  • Comic Book Fan Art Power Community
    This community is for sites that feature comic book fan art.

  • The Comic Book Gallery Community
    Comic book gallerys. May be comercial or online. Marvel, DC, Top Cow, Image, Chaos, Dark Horse, or your own creation!

  • dbzkrew`s community
    The TRUE saiyans community! ARE YOU A TRUE SAIYAN?

  • Start Animating
    This community is for people either experienced or just starting in animation. Everyone is welcome here especially beginners. If you have a site with some animation, computer graphics, or other such things then drop us a line and we'll check out your site. We're pretty lenient so just about anyone can join.

  • cute comics
    for any cute online comic/webcomic.

  • Redshipper Community
    An exchange for Redshipper sites! What's a Redshipper? Redshippers think that Logan/Jean X-Men fanfic is the best. If you have a site that's Wolvie/Jean friendly, or is dedicated to the paicommunity, join up!

  • The Mickey Mouse Club
    This community is for all the Mickey Mouse lovers in the world.

  • The kaoani world
    The charming world of those fantastic japanice animated faces!

  • Angelic Community
    Ce community a pour but de regrouper tous les sites francais sur Angelic Layer.

  • make mine marvel
    a marvel community for people who enjoy the comics, animation and movies by Marvel Enterprises

  • Kenshin Logs
    Un community para todos aquellos blogs de webmasters/mistress que les guste Rurouni Kenshin.

  • Bishonen Slaves Community
    Thie community is dedicated to site that specialize in yaoi, fanart, fanfiction, forums, celebs. anime, and entertainment, in general.

  • Princess In The Moonlight: The Site Community
    This community is devoted to Fanfiction of the great universe of Sailor Moon! If you have a fanfiction site of Sailor Moon, a Princess Serenity Shrine, a Sailor Moon Shrine, or any Sailor Moon Shrine, please join! And no HENTAI Please! Thanks!

  • Comics For The Young and Old

    Comics are often read world wide by adults and children alike. The history of comics as we know them today in their current form date back to the nineteenth century but they really took off in America in the early twentieth century when they were included in the newspaper within their own columns. The sole purpose of comics originally was to make you laugh with the drawings having a short but humorous story to them with small speech bubbles that had witty quips in them. Today comic books have evolved from comic strips to comic books. Comic books are collected and read throughout the world and have been written by some of the world leading creators of super heroes like marvel comics. In Japan the craze has evolved even further with Manga comics taking the world on by storm. In China the comic books are called Manhua and they are just as popular as its rivals.

    Comics is an art form in its own right which sits happily between films and animation which are all similar forms using the unique mixture of pictures and words. These narrative illustrations owe their developments to further back in history than you think. In 113AD Rome’s Trajan’s Column is the earliest surviving example of narrative illustration. The Egyptian’s also used sequential pictures and words; the Greek’s in their friezes and during the medieval period narrative illustrations also became the standard medium to tell stories of the events that happened in their tapestries and manuscripts which were also pictures and words together. In the paintings of the era there are also examples of this where images are shown several times within the pictures showing you the story. These were often biblical in nature. Most of these outlets did not capture their target audiences at the time they were created in the same way comics are today.

    The invention of the printing press in the 17th century enabled a further medium to express the written word and pictures to the public in the 18th century speech bubbles were created by the writers and artists of political pamphlets to enable their readers to not only see but read the story. This was another step on the evolutionary ladder for comics. The biggest rung of the ladder was taken during the industrial revolution as the printing techniques that were developed created magazines and newspapers which were the first homes of comics. Comics were begun to be published in the 1840’s but were known at the time as cartoons. They often made light of political and life issues that were both social and criminal.

    In the 1920’s the comic strip really took off as a form of comic relief for the reader from all of the seriousness of the news being reported at the time. Jokes made through these comic strips during the world wars were a great source of fun for all and a small but good distraction for those both left at home and those on the main front that were able to access newspaper from home from time to time.