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  • Crochet Blogs
    A community for crocheters who actively blog about crochet. Only blogs/online journals will be accepted to this community.

  • Purling Puppy
    This community is for knitters who love dogs.

  • Pacific Northwest Fiber Bloggers
    Fiber arts bloggers from the Pacific Norhtwest.

  • Nordic KnitBlogs
    A community for Knitting Blogger that live in Nordic countries.

  • ScienceKnits
    This a community for people who classify as "scientist" by trade, but "fiber artist" by hobby . You might work in a lab, be a teacher, or be a student majocommunity in science. Biology, Chemistry, physics, geology, any natural or social science. Also any fiberly pursuits: knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc.

  • MQ Resource
    This blog community is for anyone that enjoys machine quilting on a frame system. Longarm, shortarm, and midarm quilters are all welcome whether you quilt for business or profit.

  • Can Fibre Arts
    A community for Canadian fibre artists who have a website dedicated to spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, dyeing, etc. Please do not join if your site is mainly retail.

  • The get stitchy! Community
    The official community of get stitchy!

  • Toronto Knit Blogs
    A community for Greater Toronto Area knitters.

  • I *Heart* Craftster
    Consider this community as a way for all the Craftster Freaks of the world to unite. Some call it a conspiracy to take over the world....maybe it is ;) But Craftsters running the world....is that all bad?

  • The Texas Knitters Community
    A Community for knitters (and crocheters) in Texas.

  • Asian Knitters Community
    The community for knitters from Asian and those who are connected to the East..

  • SistahFriends Knitting Community
    All Women of All Colors of All Knitting Prowess- Welcome! Share your patterns, your joy, your tears, your tips with all of your sistahs here! All twisted, unravelled and dropped stitches sistahs are welcome here!

  • Independent Knitwear Designers
    This community is similar to Imprint, only there is no distinction between those selling retail or wholeale. The community serves to promote Independent Knitwear Designers who provide patterns for handknitters. Your place in the community may be a blog, but it should be primarily about your design work.

  • Knit Biz Bloggers
    This community is for individuals who have decided to take their passion for knitting and develop a business. All aspects of the knitting business are welcome including sales, designing, teaching, knitting finished goods or any other aspect. Business ventures can be either full-time or part-time, but the web log (blog) must regularly refer to the highs, lows, challenges and opportunities associated with their knitting venture.

  • Sticks In Seattle
    A community for knitters in Western Washington.

  • Aussie & NZ Knitblogs
    Weblogs of Australian and New Zealand Knitters.

  • Taller de Quilting
    Este Community está abierto a todo tipo de quilters que participan en algún blog en español y quieran compartir ideas, trucos, fotografías, amistad, chistes, etc.

  • Hobbyforums bloggere
    For medlemmer av Hobbyforum som har en blogg om det de skaper av garn, stoff, perler, bilder, papir osv.

  • Loom Knitters
    A community where loom knitters can come together and share their experiences in knitting without needles. Knitting boards, circular knitting looms, weaving looms are all in the mix.

  • Momma to a Boy
    Are you a blogger who knits, spins, or pursues other fibre arts? Do you have a son? Join up! All of us together in one handy place. You don't have to blog mainly about your chosen art or about your son but you do have to blog regularly. Happy blogging!

  • California Knitting Bloggers
    A community for knitting bloggers who live in California.

  • Beginning Knit Designers
    This community will connect beginning knitwear designers to each other. Anyone whose goal is to publish knitting designs can join, no matter what experience you do (or don't) have. You just need to regularly share your experiences designing and submitting designs for publication. We also welcome experienced mentors if you're willing to share your designing knowledge with the newbies!

  • St Louis Knits!
    Bloggers who knit in or around St Louis

  • Woolaholics Blogs
    Collection of knitblogs from the Woolaholics community

  • Master Knitters Community
    This community is for anyone who has completed or is working on any level of the Master Knitter program provided by The Knitting Guild Association. This community is not affiliated in any way with TKGA but is provided for support of those in the program or those interested in the program.

  • Machine Knit Bloggers
    This community is for bloggers who knit using any type of knitting machine. Requirements: 1) Your blog must have existed for at least 2 weeks. 2) You must post an article about machine knitting at least once a month and you must have already posted two articles discussing machine knitting. 3) Important You must know how to paste in the Community HTML code and must be display on the "main" page of your blog and so it is visible to visitors. If you put it in the wrong place, communitysurf will kick you out when it automatically checks for the code. (The community hos

  • Blogfire - The Artfire Blogging Guild
    The blog community of the Artfire blogging guild - Blogfire. See http://blogfireguild.blogspot.com for more information on joining us. Only Guild members will be accepted into this blog community.

  • HSKS5
    Community for Hogwarts students and staff participating in HSKS5

  • Snowflake Mondays
    Tired of waiting until December to crochet a thousand snowflakes? Wish you had something to remind you in May that you could make a handful of flakes in a day. Too hot in August to sit under an afghan but you still want to crochet? Join the Snowflake Mondays community and try your best to make at least one snowflake at the start of your week. If you make one snowflake every Monday you could have 52 by Christmas. A whole day of snowflakes every week can double or even triple that number! Come have fun playing with thread, make some flakes and be glad you did it come winter. Joi

  • Knitting Physicians Community
    Knitting Physicians (and Medical Students too!)

  • Threads
    A community for needlearts stores and designers.

  • Crafts and Hobbies NetRing
    The "Crafts and Hobbies NetRing" is for any websites about crafts and craft-like hobbies, including techniques and how-to, books and other references, suppliers, crafters, associations, and related topics. If you have a webpage about crafts or hobbies, joined today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Indiana Knitters
    A community for knitters in Indiana

  • spidersknit
    Spidersknit.org was started by a group of women who love to knit and live in the New York area. To be become a spider too, go to spidersknit.org for more info.

  • Rotation Stitchers
    This is a community for people who work on more than one counted cross stitch project at a time using any sort of rotation method.

  • Crafters
    Crafts and handmade items such as afgans, ceramics, dolls, teddy bears, wood items, etc. All crafters may apply to become a member of the community.

  • Whorling Dirvishes
    This community is dedicated to spinners everywhere. If you spin yarn, raise sheep, sell roving, dye roving or do anything related to spinning, please feel free to join. If you're not sure whether or not you qualify, feel free to ask!

  • Crafty Expats

  • Lyers
    A community for the adventurous soapmaker

  • Secret Knitting Pal Program
    Only for members of the SKPP run by Sandy

  • Chesco SnB
    A community of members of the Chesco SnB. Members must belong to the Chesco SnB. You do not need to have a blog to be part of the community.

  • Knit Vermont
    Knitters and fiber crafters living in Vermont share their lives, scenery and projects.

  • Quilts Through the Pages
    Fans of the Elm Creek Quilts series (by Jennifer Chiaverini) who also enjoy making quilts from the books.

  • Crocheted Socks!
    Love socks? Love to crochet socks? Please join us! There's a knitting sock community, why not a crocheted socks community? Please join if you have crocheted sock related patterns, photos, or references on your website or blog.

  • KR: Secret Pals 3
    Knitter's Review Secret Pal 3 monthly and bimonthly gift exchange program

  • Yahoo! Puntocroce - le nostre pagine personali
    Questo è il nostro "cerchio" per radunare le pagine personali di tutte noi che facciamo parte del gruppo Yahoo! Puntocroce.

  • The Norfolk Southern Community
    Welcome to the Norfolk Southern Community.{;}This community is for the promotion of Norfolk Southern related websites. If your webpage has an NS theme, or you have an interest in NS, you are welcome to join!{;}Thank you!

  • Handmade Beaded Jewelry
    This community is for sites offecommunity original handmade beaded jewelry or accessories.

  • Scrapaholics
    A community for anyone addicted to scrapbooking!

  • The Positive Effects of Crafts and Hobbies on Your Health



    It may not sound very important but having something that you enjoy doing outside of watching television is very important. I’m talking about crafts and hobbies and such. Having a hobby has been proven to help lower stress levels in people and even have positive effects on your moods. People suffering from depression and anxiety are often advised to take up hobby to help keep stress at bay and provide something to look forward to.


    Most of us enjoyed participating in crafting as kids, but with the time restraints and other commitments that come with being an adult, it’s hard to take the time to do something fun for ourselves. If you feel guilty setting aside a few hours a week for something like crafts and hobbies, now you don’t have to! It’s for your health! What’s to feel guilty about??


    Here’s a look at some popular hobbies that you may want to have a go at…in the name of good health of course.


    Collecting: This can entail collecting anything that tickles your fancy! Anything from stamps to toy trains to tea cups! Children often collect inexpensive things like playing cards and little toy cars. The joy of collecting comes from watching your collection grow and depending what it is that you are collecting; you may even have the joy of watching it grow in value! This is especially the case with any antique or vintage items.


    Scrapbooking: This has become a phenomenon as far as crafts and hobbies go! In the last couple of years, scrapbooking has just exploded and there are hundreds of clubs and organizations as well as thousands of websites dedicated to this craft. The great thing about this hobby is those not only is it fun and something that you can do alone or as part if a group, but it also allows you to create beautiful keepsakes that you can have and enjoy for years to come or give to others as gifts.


    Models: No, I don’t mean of the six-foot tall and beautiful fashion variety! I’m talking about making model cars and such! This is another one that lets your creative juices flow and gives you something that you can keep and display afterwards. This would be not only a craft but collecting as well because you could aim to collect a full series or just as many as you can! This is also a great thing to keep and pass down to another generation.


    Music: You’re never too old to learn and instrument! If you’ve always loved the piano or guitar, there is no time like the present to start taking lessons or even grab some instruction books and videos and teach yourself.

    Crafts and hobbies are a great way to free your mind of the stresses of life as well as a great push to be more social if you like. Use the internet to find web rings and forums dedicated to your new pastime so that you can get some great ideas and make some likeminded friends!


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