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  • Msn Spaces Community
    This is the msn spaces community. This community designed to help get traffic to your space. Guidelines: You must show the community on your space(either in the normal way or putting the links in a custom list) Please only MSN spaces allowed on this community. Thnx: Ironman420

  • Haunted Attraction Community
    A community for owners of websites about, by, for or related to haunted attractions , haunted houses and the dark amusement industry

  • TagWorld: Distinguished

  • The Wild Frontier Community
    The Community for The Wild Frontier Web Competition.

  • Web Brawls Community
    The Web Brawls community is for all fighter (past and present) and staff members of The Web Brawls.

  • GangstaLinkz WebRing
    GangstaLinkz WebRing

  • Brutally Honest
    A community for the brutally honest

  • Canuck Actors and Actresses Community
    This community is meant for anyone whose web site features Canadian actors and/or actresses.

  • Wolf Pack Team Community
    This community is for past and present Wolf Pack fighters and staff. And for any Web Brawls staff and fighters. What a great way to make new friends.

  • Angie's Kitchen Award Community!
    A community of recipe and cooking sites receiving the Angie's Kitchen Award!

  • Wish upon a Star
    Have youe ver wished upon a star??

  • The Dacommunity K9's
    The Dacommunity K9's is a team within the Web Brawls webpage competition. It is for past and current fighters and staff of the Web Brawls and the Dacommunity K9's. So grab your doggy bones and dig right in and join the fun.

  • Anne's Sewing Circle
    A community for anyone who loves and and wants to be in anne's sewing cirle. Open to as many as green gables can hold.

  • Teddy Bear Parade Community
    This community is for current and past Teddy Bear Parade fighters as well as other Web Brawls fighters and staff. Start those feet to marchin and come on in.

  • The Collectible Corner
    A community for members of The Collectible Corner only. A club of unique and exclusive adoptables. Come and join us today!

  • LoveVibes
    Keeping the Love Vibe alive - 60's memorabilia *oxymoron* .. FREE stuff .. love is contagious - pass it on!

  • JeepNKamper's Community
    Your One Stop Shop for all your needs Including Incredimail

  • Forever H/G United
    A Community UNITING and CONNECTING the Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley romantic paicommunity supporters. Friendship and HGness rule!

  • Hufflepuff
    A community for all witches and wizards who belong to Hufflepuff House.

  • Trolle FRIENDS
    This is a community dedicated to Trolle Walkabout. Trolle is a little friendly troll handmade by Unni's Sjarmtroll in Norway. He travels around the world and meet old and new friends. If you are a friend of Trolle or want to be, just join! :o)

  • I Love Canada
    Do you love the Country Canada? If you do, come join this community!

  • Tantomile & Cassandras' Mystical Sites Community
    A community for all sites dedicated to, or in some part recognizing, the musical CATS. If you love all things Jellicle, or even the real little furballs themselves, this community is for you!!

  • Adult material
    this community is for adult websites ONLY!

  • Celestial Isle
    Celestial Isle Team Community for the Golden Elite Web Competition.

  • The Glenn Quinn Community
    Community for websites devoted to Glenn Quinn, and the characters he has portrayed on television and in film.

  • Marilyn: Always&Forever
    A Community for fans of Marilyn Monroe with websites dedicated to her memory.

  • Emotion Logs
    A community for any kind of blog that shows the writer's emotion.

  • Kids Connect
    Family fun for everyone. Help Kids Connect safely on the web.

  • The Community of Dreams and Imagination
    This is a community devoted to web-sites that have a special brand of creativity. Whether that is in the form of fan fiction(for only Sci Fi and Fantasy style shows please) or whether you create your own world, you are welcome.

  • Majik's World of FanFic
    Majik's World of Fan Fic is a website created to support or fan fic forum. If you are looking for a place to post your work, or looking for some great fan fiction, this is the place.

  • Southern Angels Community
    An Angel community for anyoe to join.

  • Entertainment blogs
    Anyone can join this community who haves personal,entertainment,funny,humour blogs.

  • Poetic Muses
    Poetry on anything and everything...

  • psychic hotline by dougddog

  • Fantasy Role Players
    For anyone who loves fantasy or role playing

  • The Glamour Network
    The Glamour Network is comprised of websites and forums owned by models, photographers and agencies who specialize in creating and exhibiting glamour, nude and erotic images.

  • 1470 West
    1470 West Community

  • Angel Tears
    A community for people who enjoy Anime, Manga, J-POP, or Gaming.

  • Real-Bitch
    A community with an attitude!

  • cute land
    Its for pages that are cute and personal, but no porn or racist sites.

  • Bloodbath's Community Of Blood
    This is a community of Halloween and Horror Related websites. Think you've got what it takes? Then Join Today!

  • Kute Websitez
    this community will contain all sortz of Websitez ! it doeznt matter wut it iz just go on and put ur webpage up there ! i will take a look at it and post it up if itz alright !!

  • Saiyan Spirit Community of Fire
    where all the fire in sites come together and form Saiyans of Spirit.

  • Silver Millennium Romance
    This community is for things about the inner senshi and Endymion's Generals. Set in the time of the Silver Millennium.

  • Melayu Bloggers
    The Evolution of blogging. Melayu Bloggers.

  • Mysterious Musicians
    The community is for the Mysterious Musicians at Sirkissa's Magick Karnival. Only team members may join. Please consider joining our fun and exciting team.

  • Realms Of Creativity
    This is a community for all fan fiction archives of both science fiction and fantasy(others will be judged on a case by case basis). You *must* have at least 5 stories up before joining!

  • Skins that catch the eye
    a variety of hotbar skins.

  • Nightmare Gallery
    This community is to all the site with in the Nightmare Gallery.

  • The Dominic Monaghan Online Community
    A community for Dominic Monaghan fansite webmasters.

  • Entertainment: The Tough Lives of Celebrities

    In today’s culture people are obsessed with entertainment and celebrity. They often go out to the cinema to see blockbuster films that star their favorite actor or actresses. Most people’s ambitions are to be celebrities as what they read in magazines and see on the TV leads them to believe that the life of a celebrity is all glamor and fame. What they don’t seem to realize is that there is a dark side to being a celebrity. If you look at the most recent case of Heath Leger you will see a young actor who had the world at his feet but died due to prescription drugs. Many people were devastated at this actor’s untimely death and a beautiful memorial was set up in his name.

    Other actors and celebrities that have died through out the years often hold a common problem; stress of the job. What people don’t see is the amount of hours that a celebrity must put in to their work to be able to produce such amazing films or music. Their lives are often very lonely as the fear of commitment and paranoia about someone reveling all about them makes them very unlikely to date anyone out of their profession. But when they do date someone within their profession they often find it becomes a battle of vanity and who is the more popular, who is the more famous. Celebrity marriages often don’t last past seven years but there have been the odd exceptions and the marriages have lasted a lifetime. These couples keep it “real” and are not pretentious in their relationships, nor are they tempted of the life of drugs and sordid affairs with “groupies”.

    Also being followed by the press so much and the stories that they make up about them often hurts and sometimes destroys their families. A celebrity’s inner circle is often their inner sanctuary with only a small handful of people that truly know the stars for who they are in the “real” world. This makes their lives very un-normal they are unable to trust anyone including sometimes their own families. Dark secrets or skeletons in their cupboards often haunt them making them unable to form relationships in their new lifestyles. Most celebrities are often propelled into the limelight very quickly and find the transition from their normal family lives to constantly speculated and viewed lifestyles. These lifestyles often start with parties and press interviews that are all good fun and laughter at first. Many celebrities stick together and they are often swept into a world that is filled with alcohol and often drugs. Drugs can be very quickly become addictive and cause momentum problems that are not just health related. They often lead to premature death of the actor or actress. Many actors and actresses have at some point of their career been into a clinic where they have beaten drink, drug or other psychological and emotional problems. Addiction can not always be about drugs or alcohol it can be sexual, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and other depressive problems caused by the isolation becoming a celebrity can bring. 


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