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  • The Original Fantasy Dreamers
    Come and join our magically mythical adventure where Dragons rule the skies, Unicorns roam the realms and wizards brew up some wonderfully evil tricks. One of the longest running Fantasy communitys. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://fantasy-dreamers.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This community is under new management and is back up and active **6th July 2004**

  • The Original Fairylands Community
    Fairylands was the first Fairy Community on Community Surf and since moved to Bravenet. This community is dedicated to those who love fairies and those who believe they are of the wee folk. You do not have to have a page about fairies but just be a lover of fairies and own some kind of Fantasy site. This community's hope is to bcommunity those who have a common interest in the fae together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://fairylands.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Middle Earth
    Lord of the Communitys Fan Sites

  • Bedlam Web Group
    A community for darkly interesting websites which have horror, fantasy, paranormal, true crime, occult or spooky themes. This online community is managed by the Bedlam Web Group and Dream House Associates.

  • Sharing the Spirit
    Sharing the Spirit is a community for the Spirit Fairies of the Site Fights, who live in DRealm of the Fairies. If you love Fairies....and have lots of Spirit to share....come check us out!! The Site Fights - where they're fightin for fun and friendships begun!!

  • Role play Sites
    This is for all the role plat sites that are fantasy. Harry Potter, vampire, were-wolf, demon, LOTR and so on.

  • Fantasy Fights Community
    What are the Fantasy Fights you ask? The Fantasy Fights are a family oriented web site competition, The Fantasy Fights were designed to help you make more friends, to get more traffic to your web site and to just be overall FUN! and to see how your web site can stand up against others web site pages. Its also a place to make lasting friendships. The Fantasy Fights was designed in an attempt to give a place for some friendly competition and fun. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, Then Come on in to our story book and check out our fantasy teams.

  • Faery Glamour & The Yellow Rose Sisters
    This community is very special and in two parts *smile*{;}One part: Faery Glamour{;}The other part: The Yellow Rose Sisters{;}You can choose which part of the community you like to join{;}The groups are only in one community...but further they are two different groups with their own logo and everything :){;}{;}Here is a little introduction to the groups:{;}{;}~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~{;}Faery Glamour,{;}A Magical Fantasy and Faery World with Faery's,Unicorns,Elves and much more Fantasy{;}{;}~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~{;}{;}The Yellow Rose Sisters,{;}A lovely group to bcommunity

  • All Roads Community o' Fantasy
    All Roads is a community for all sites that fit a fantasy theme. Dragons and elves, unicorns and fairies... from books to movies, music, art, fanfic and more. If your site is a fantasy or science fiction site, this community is for you! We welcome those who walk all roads of fantasy and science fiction here.

  • The Original Community of Unicorn Friends
    A community for unicorn friends of all ages. Fantasy sites of all kinds are also welcome but you must have a little unicorn content. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://unicorn-friends.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Community Is Under New Management As Of 27th Oct 2004

  • The Original Fantasy Community
    The Fantasy Community is a for Fantasy sites of all kinds, be it Dragons, Faeries or virtual kingdoms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://fantasy-community.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This community is under new management as of August 3rd 2004

  • The Original Legends Of Fantasy
    The "Legends Of Fantasy" community is for fantasy sites that are unique and show the creative imagination of a true fantasy lover. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://legends-fantasy.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Community Is Under New Management As Of 10th November 2004

  • The Original Merlin's Magical Grove
    Anyone with an imaginative site is encouraged to join this community. Many sites deal with celtic lore and graphics, dragons, wizards, faeries, magic, myths and just fantasy in general. If you think you have what it takes, then apply. Sites containing information on real castles are more than welcome to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://merlins-grove.50webs.com - before applying to join this community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Community Under New Management

  • Alt.Fan.Dragons
    *** Since 1997 ***{;}This Community involves and is open to all past, present and future residers of the newsgroup Alt.Fan.Dragons, the IRC Channel #afd (DALnet or simular) and/or Alfandria MUCK. If you participate in any or all of these groups or are interested in Community participation, join today!

  • Enchanted Realms
    Greetings. This Enchanted Realms Community is dedicated to all things enchanting. If you have an enchanting site please join us!

  • Snape is Sexy
    A community for all those who love the character Severus Snape (portrayed by the wonderful Alan Rickman in the HP movies) from the Harry Potter books and movies and think he's sexy.

  • The Majestic Dragon
    All things Dragon!!{;}We have it all, Dragon pics, animations,Lore,info,history. You name it, we have it.

  • The Adoption Page Community
    This community is for all the people that have adopted fantasy critters from The Adoption Page =) You are eligible if you have adopted a critter from TAP, or if you have a fantasy adoption agency you wish to promote. I'm not too picky, so come on in and join! =D

  • Elfenwelt
    Eine Gemeinschaft von Freunden und Bewunderern von Elfen und Elben

  • Avalon The Kingdom
    Fantasy, Site Competition, Make new friends, generate more visitors to your site.

  • *I Believe*
    ~ For the True Believer of the Fae ~ AS OF JUNE 17, 2006 - THIS RING HAS BEEN RE-OPENED.

  • Galadhrim
    A community for Lothlórien and the elves who live there, the Galadhrim

  • Signs of the Zodiac
    Join the community and pic the graphic for your Zodiac sign!!

  • the dark fantasy
    a community for anyone who loves the darker side of fantasy. your site can have anything, your own writings, art, reviews of books or films or tv shows, made up worlds, mythology, facts, surreal stuff, anything, as long as it is original, dark or macbre in someway. and not to do with sci fi!

  • Goth Faeries of the Web
    Goth Faeries of the web: beautiful, dark and mysterious

  • A Garden Of Fantasy
    A garden of fantasy websites. All faeries,unicorns,elves,artists,poets,dreamers of mystical,magical,beautiful websites may apply.

  • Whispers of An Angel
    Whispers of an Angel Community is dedicated to Angelic sites.

  • DRealm of DSpirit
    This community is for everyone involved in The Site Fights who wish to show their spirit to all

  • The Faecommunity
    community for sites dealing with fantasy and or fae

  • Mystical Mermaids
    This community is devoted to our playful sisters of the ocean waves. Mermaid lovers can display original art, poetry or literature about these elusive creatures. If you love mermaids, fairies and fantasy art come and join us.

  • Realms of Myth and Magik
    With this community I am looking to gather together sites that are imaginative, creative, informative and beautiful to view. I am looking for sites that cover the fantasy genre. Sites that are castle themed, sites about faeries, unicorns...anything mythical and magikal (Wiccan sites are welcome :)). If you think your site might fit this description, please read the rules below before submitting your site.{;}

  • Leetah's Flight of Dragons Community
    If you LOVE Dragons, this community is for you! It was created for those who believe in dragons and all that they are and stand for. For those who believe in Magic. The balance between good and evil.

  • Garden of Dreams
    A community dedicated to sites containing fantasy and beautiful realms of imagination.

  • Fantasy Illusions: The eye of the imagination

    The Fairy Social
    Fairy Friends and Sites from Around

  • pixies meadow
    A journey through enchantment with pixies,faeries and other magikal creatures ...

  • Realms of Fantasy & Sci-Fi
    Anything and everything to do with fantasy and sci-fi -- art, literature, movies, RPG, you name it! If you have a site that meets that criteria, come and join us.

  • The Christmas Showcase
    This is a community dedicated to the spirit of Christmas.

  • The One Community - Fellowship of Nine
    Kawaii community ... extensive gallery of sprites to choose from, including anime, movies, celebrities, book characters, and historical figures!!! ^_~

  • Mystical Connections
    This community is for websites with mystical/fantasy graphics, poems, music, etc. Web designers and graphic artists welcome.{;}

  • Fashionable Faeries
    A community for makers, wearers & collectors of faerie, angel & bat wings, costumes & accessories and all sorts of other magical, fantasy-esque, wearable designs.{;}{;}Please get the code from the Fashionable Faeries Homepage (link is above) to get the pretty community picture on your site.

  • Legends Of Fantasy 2
    Do you have a fantasy site with legends and myth? Is it about vampires, unicorns, heros, knights, dragons, fairies etc.? Or is it about fantasy movies and tv shows?{;}If your site has anything to do with fantasy then submitt it now!

  • Realm of Eidolon
    Whether it is creative writing, fantasy, art, role play, or any combination of these, the common denominator is Imagination - for this is the Realm of Eidolon!

  • Dream Sisters
    Dream Sisters Community is a place for all of the Dream Sisters to join their sites together to receive more hits! Visit us at http://devoted.to/dreamsisters to become a member or just add your site without being a member!!

  • Beautifullwomencommunity
    Denne community er for de dejlige kvinder på nettet som er dygtige og kreative og som har deres egne hjemmesider på nettet. For stærke og selvstændige kvinder,rigtigt femails in space.

  • Adopt A Dragon
    This community is for any child safe site that offers Dragons for adoption.

  • Circle of Dragons
    A community for dragon lovers. All types of fantasy are acceptable as long as there are dragons somewhere on your site.

  • Dragon Mystery
    The Dragon Mystery community is for sites about the dragons of fantasy and mythology. A wide definition of dragons is used, so it includes sea serpents, lake monsters, feathered serpents, taniwha and other giant mythological reptiles.

  • Fairy By Nature
    A Site for those who are truly Fae at Heart.

  • Dragon Shadows
    Community for Dragon and Dragonlance lovers. Info and origional fanfics.

  • Fantasy Versus Realism: What Poses a Better Sense of Understanding and Belief?


    Learning involves the utilization of reality. What does the context of reality actually mean? Reality as defined refers to the facts that are present in the society. These so-called facts support the existence of several things in the environment. Through the utilization of the realties in educating a person, an educator is supposed to help the student reject the impractical and visionary aspects of learning. Through this matter of teaching, a student is able to see the importance of what is obviously seen and not what is simply imaginary. Likely, fantasy, in this sense of situation is presented as something that is believed in without actually requiring any evidence. Developed through imagination, fantasy becomes an elemental factor that is believed to also instill something of a knowledgeable beginning for a learner. However, fantasy has much of a contrasting idea in comparison with the use of realism in learning, understanding and believing on things for the present society today.


    Gaining knowledge through this way would naturally help a person understand his being and his environment as well based on constructed foundation of belief. Naturally, learning in a perennial way gives an individual the most important knowledge he has to learn from life. His experiences are generated to become sources of practical understanding, which in turn would help him cope up with life’s challenges due to the fact that he has learned to face he said obstacles through his experiential learning.


    One’s ability to value what he learns follows the process of learning. His capability of applying the knowledge he has gained is the turning point of his learning and the fact that what he has learned could be proved useful in his being and in his life. If his learned lessons from his experiences, his environment and from his educators and mentors as well are all practical and true, the knowledge he gained from those learning could now be utilized for his development as a person as he tries to apply the things he has gained from his sources of useful understanding.


    Education, Teaching and Learning


    Several factors of education explain a person’s pattern of learning. The aspects of philosophy of thinking and learning which merely refers to the thought provoking  a person to have a yearning for learning usually helps an educator determine the progress of  his student with regards to what he is teaching and what his student is able to grasp for learning. The following paragraphs shall discuss the mentioned factors of education and shall clarify some points of consideration concerning the principles of learning involved in education.


    Education may indeed involve a lot of processes of teaching, inculcating knowledge, learning and gaining practical knowledge. It could also involve many ways by which a person is able to learn from his environment, his own experiences and from his educator’s lessons. However, the turning point of all these is the ability of the student to apply what he learned in his everyday life. The fact that he is able to use what he learned determines the value of his learning and thus gives him a better vision for his future. Whether he chooses fantasy or realism to affect his learning, grasping the gist of the subjects that he is most in need of in life is what matters most for a human individual.

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