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  • The Garden Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Garden related Web Sites.

  • Spirit Flower Gardens
    Originally, the Spirit Flower Gardens community was created to show off our pretty Spirit Flowers we had adopted from The Site Fights. Spirit Flower Gardens opened its doors 09.09.99 and it is not only for virtual gardens, but also to anyone who has a website about flowers, vegetable gardens, herbs or anything having to do with the care of vegetation. All websites must be child safe/family friendly. This website is maintained regularly. Join us! =) (Updated September 17, 2006) ** SPIRIT FLOWER GARDENS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE SITE FIGHTS. **

  • La Boucle Verte
    L'anneau des sites du Jardinage francophone

  • Friends of The Garden
    This community is for thos who enjoy gardening and nature.

  • Pelargoncommunityen
    En community för oss som älskar pelargoner

  • The Backyard Journal Community
    This community is for gardening web pages, especially for back yard journals, shacommunity your yard & pictures and love of gardening. Hummingbird, bird watching, butterfly sites, and backyard habitats welcome!{;}*sorry-no links only web sites.

  • Chile Seeds & Plants
    As popularity of HOT Chiles has grown, many people are growing there own and looking for that perfect Chile pepper. With this in mind the Chile Seed and Plant Community specializes in bcommunity small to large scale gardeners and suppliers of Hot Chile seeds and Chile plants together. Large commercial seed producers, small scale home gardeners, any seed swap/exchange individuals or organizations and Chile specific hydroponics equipment sites are welcome join.

  • Gardening and Home Clubs
    A gardening Community for those who want to share their gardening sites with lots of other people and potential members. Great sites are those that promote shacommunity gardening experiences and ideas.

  • Set In Stone - Ornamental Concrete, Hypertufa, Faux Bois, Mosaic and Garden Art
    This community welcomes artists who make and sell art objects for home and garden made from concrete, hypertufa and other garden art media.

  • African Daisy Gardeners
    What gardener doesn't love the look of the African African? This community is the place to be for gardeners everywhere who love not only the African Daisy but all flowers!
    Be in touch with great people who share your love of gardening and talk to other green thumbs and share tips. You can also find great deals on Daisy Seed. Find all your African Daisies Bulk Seed Mix for Purple, Red, White and other colors of daisies. We have more than African Daisy Flower Information-- we have everything a gardener could possibly want.

  • A Venus Fly Trap For Your Garden
    Our little community is all about the Venus Fly Trap and dedicated to gardeners everywhere. If you love to garden and are forever looking for new and exotic additons to your little oasis then this is the place for you.
    Here you can find Venus Fly Traps for Sale.We've got  Venus Fly Trap Seeds, Plants, Facts and Information like How to grow and take care of a Venus Flytrap Plant. Buy Venus Fly Traps and Seeds here and get your garden looking better than ever!

  • Ornamental Concrete
    Sites related to The Ornamental Concrete industry.

  • Gorgeous Gardens Anywhere You Live


    Who says that only those with big backyards can have beautiful, bountiful and fragrant gardens?? No matter whether you’ve got a tiny yard or a teeny tiny balcony; you can have a garden—and a darn nice once at that! Gardening requires a little know how and a lot of creativity. With the right planning, it won’t even require a whole lot of money if you play your cards right!


    The misconception that most people have is that in order to grow a garden you need to have a big sprawling space. So not true! Horizontal space isn’t a big deal if you have vertical space! A tiny balcony in the city can be transformed into a colorful oasis using several plants and flowers that grow up as opposed to out. Think ivy or small trees and making as much use of your vertical space as you can. Another plus to that is the privacy that it provides when you’re balcony is surrounded by other people’s balconies. It can make a cold cement patio in the sky feel intimate and relaxing. When shopping for your plants and flowers, be sure to ask or research before hand as to what kind of light and watering needs each plant has so you don’t waste your money on plants that won’t last. And to really add some spice to your garden, choose pots in different colors and textures for a dynamic effect.


    The same tips apply if you’re dealing with a small yard; you want to make use of every inch that you can without sacrificing space to move around and enjoy your yard, while maximizing the vertical space as well. This is a great way to hide any unsightly fences or railings too! And don’t think that yard gardens limit you to ground planting, because you can easily add potted plants and shrubs to your yard to mix things up a little. While we’re talking pots; you can save money and find some really unique pots by hitting garden sales, garage sales and even your community paper’s classifieds. One mans junk really can be another mans treasure! Also, just because it’s not gardening season doesn’t mean that you can’t shop for goodies. Buying garden accessories during the off season means big savings and better selection because you know that come spring, it’ll be a race to the garden centers for those who’ve been counting down the days till the first warm day of the season!


    If you’re looking for savings on plants, shrubs and flowers; bulb swapping is the way to go. This basically means swapping seeds and bulbs with you garden loving friends and family members so that you can expand your garden without spending a penny! Just swap buts of what you already have. There are also people who advertise free plants in the classifieds and on garden sites who are simply making room for something new and cleaning house. As opposed to pulling out and throwing away the extras, they offer them to others. By taking advantage of these money saving tips, you can have the garden of your dreams for next to nothing!