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  • Genealogy, A Journey Through Time


    Genealogy is generally defined as the study of one’s ancestry. Genealogy, which comes from two words ‘genea’ and ‘logos’, is the study of family lineages. Genea is a Greek word which means family and logos means knowledge. Commonly the method to do this is to collect the names of all the family members include living and dead, and to establish a link between those members by examining the documents and evidence. The results of these links are used then to build a family tree. In our society, we always use genealogy to keep the track of records of our ancestors.

    In other way, Genealogy means to study the history of a particular family and its lineage. The information also then would be recorded in documents. This information then used to create a family tree and to find a specific person’s connection with the other members of the particular family. This information includes birth dates, marriage dates and death dates, also names of spouses and children.

    In general, the genealogists start their research with a person’s parents and his grand-parents. From there they start to go as deep as it is possible into the family’s past by looking at documents such as birth certificates and marriage records. Genealogy becomes a very complex puzzle if you do not investigate and study to the depth of the family’s origins. Only then we can have a complete picture (graph or tree) of our family members and ancestors. The importance of Genealogy is quite remarkable for us. To understand ourselves, first we have to find out where we came from. Even Genealogy can be useful to get a line of lost relatives.

    In the past, searching for the family history was a very time consuming work. Now days, due to facility of internet there are many records and sites related to genealogy are available online and so the task of research becomes easier and faster. As a matter of fact now, genealogy is listed as one of the favorite subject on the internet. 

    Always remember to keep track of records while doing your research. There are lots of genealogy websites and programs (software) are available to guide you. Family tree software allows you to create your database of your records, documents and many more. So now practically, anyone can find out who their ancestors were and how they had lived their lives.

    Genealogy has left remarkable foot-prints on those people who are anxious to know and learn the history of their family. Even a child has thoughts on its mind that who were grandpa’s grandpa and what they are. For some people, it is like a journey through time. People always like to know about the responsible individuals for their existence. Yes, isn’t it exciting that your great-great-great –great grandpa was a king or a famous celebrity is going to be your distant cousin? Then what are you waiting for, just start your research and discover your family roots and be a simple genealogist just for your ancestors, family members.