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  • How to Safely Store Guns in Your Home

    Many people have guns in their homes for various reasons. For some the gun provides a measure of safety in the event of a home invasion. For others the guns are in the home for hunting, target practice or pure display only purposes. However, no matter what reason is all guns should be safely stored within your home. Statistics on accidental gun shots in the home vary by which agency that you speak with. For agencies that are pro gun control the numbers will reflect high. For agencies that are pro gun ownership the numbers will reflect lower. The numbers however, should not reflect how you choose how safe you choose to be with guns in your home. What should spur you to be safe is that no matter what the numbers are there is still a chance that you can be a statistic. The following will show you ways that you can safely store guns in your home so that you do not become one more statistic for either type of agency.

    A gun case or vault is one of the best ways to store guns in your home safely. A case works great for pistols or revolvers. As since both the pistol and revolver are small enough to fit inside the case without risking damage. Most cases will come in a solid metal style that prevents the contents inside from being viewable when closed up.  A vault works great for shotguns and rifles as it allows you store the shotgun or rifle in an upright position. A vault can be purchased that is solid metal, metal with a glass insert in the front door, solid wood and wood with a glass insert in the front door. No matter what style of gun case or vault that you choose to use, make sure that it has a solid key or combination lock. A case or vault with no lock is just as effective in gun safety as simply placing it in the night stand.

    When people choose to have guns for display purposes it is only expected that they would want them out in the open. This is typical for shotguns and rifles as when displayed on a gun rack on the wall can add to a room’s décor. The issue here is keeping your home safe from any gun accidents that having any type of weapon out in the open can cause. In situation such as this a trigger lock is highly recommended. A trigger lock will provided safety in the home without taking away from the beauty of your shotgun or rifle. They are easy to install on your guns with a simple metal two piece mechanism that locks into place using a key. There are some on the market that are button release but they are not recommended as children can easily remove the trigger lock. For those who are concerned with the expense of purchasing a trigger lock most can be picked up for free at the Sheriff’s department in almost any town or city.