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  • HumorLinks Community
    Companion to the famous HumorLinks Directory and Search Engine. The HumorLinks Community links the world's great comedy sites in one perfectly-formed community. If you're not listed on HumorLinks, you're simply not listed.

  • The Humor Community
    The First and Original, since 1996.

  • Redneck
    Redneck Sites. Humor, Jokes, Southern Hospitality and fun. Yankee Bashin, vittle recipes, top Country sites, Country Entertainers, and much more..{;}Yee Hawwww

  • Dancing Pages Community
    This community features some of the internets very best dancing web pages. The community is open for anyone with a animated dancing page to join upon approval.

  • Can't Remember Nuthin'

  • Chin2
    A community of Chin2 fans!

  • The animated Gifs and Dancing Sites
    Here are the best Dancing Sites and animated gifs - come in and have fun!

  • The Got Milk? Community
    When just petting ones bovine isn't quite enough... Suckle from the warm teats of the GM Community. Ecclectic, honey-coated, bucolic as a trip to great gran's grave. Yes.

  • Comedians Website Community
    This is community of various comedians websites

  • alt.fan.alt-fan-pratchett
    This community is an extension of alt.fan.alt-fan-pratchett. Basically a gathecommunity of afpers who have webpages. An afper is a reader of the Usenet newsgroup alt.fan.pratchett (a bunch of earthlings who happen to like the author Terry Pratchett).

    This is a community that tells childrens {;}stories and is for entertainmant and fun!

    This community is open for all humor sites!!

  • Everybody... Ate My Balls
    The Everybody.. Ate My Balls Community celebration of balls as an icon of the WWW. First is was "Mr.T"...and then "Chewbacca Ate My Balls" by the same author... The first knock-off was "Ronald Reagan Ate My Balls", thus starting an uncontrollable flood. There are now many hundreds of AMB web pages, covecommunity a wide variety of subject matter, enjoyed by millions of people world-wide, all inspired by something so stupid, that our very interest in it... is a joke.{;}"I pity the fool that don't see enough Ate-My-Balls pages"

  • Radical-Jokes.com Humor
    A community for sites with jokes and/or humor-related topics that are PG-13 or *better.*

  • Ventriloquism Community
    The Ventriloquism Community is open to all sites which focus on this ancient art.

  • FarceOnline.com - Free ecards and humour
    A Community for all sites that offer free greeting cards or humour.

  • All In The Family
    A community for those great moments from All In The Family. If you have a site on the sitcom, join the community. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Christian Humor
    Sites that have christian based, clean humor, jokes, games, cartoons, and other facilities on them.

  • Not Playing With A Full Deck
    This community is for anyone who has a sense of humor and a family safe website!

  • Pickled Ladies
    Anything funny, silly or over the top...well to a point!!

  • 100 Things That Piss Me Off
    This community is a spin-off of the now very popular "100 Things About Me" by The Yankee Blogger.

  • Comic Bloggers
    A community for any humorous writer, journalist, artist, cartoonist, or otherwise funny person.

  • OneSicKPuppy
    A community for those dedicated to the world of adult humor. By joining this community you will help build a world wide belly laugh. Don't delay join today.

  • Has No Life Club
    Having fun regardless of the feeling that our life is bocommunity. That we have no life. Site topics include collections of humorous comics, quotes, photos and artwork.

    kitties that gnaw on your fingers are sillyclick click

  • Smiles 'R Us
    All sorts of greeting sites with pages to send via ICQ, or email.

  • Ryan's Funky Community
    A collection of the bezziest sites in my favor.

  • The Official Community...OF DEATH!
    A community dedicated to those of us with dark senses of humor.

  • Phuquing Phunny Stuph Community
    Anything that laughs with a difference.

  • Wilaholics Anonymous Community
    This community is primarily for the websites belonging to Wilaholics (fans of australian comedian Wil Anderson). Websites don't have to be fansites for Wil, (they can for instance be fansites for other Australian comedians or Australian comedy tv programs).

  • Cliche Kitty - Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens
    Every time you masturbate god kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens. Cliche kitty pictures and more

  • Urban Folklore
    Websites concerning the supposedly true stories that teach, guide, frighten and otherwise entertain us! Gather your FOAFs (Friend of a friends) and join us!

  • Add Humor To Your Everyday Activities and Prolong Your Life


    Studies could not deny that humor brings in a greater chance of relaxation for many human individuals today. Why is this so? It has been realized through time that laughter is the best medicine. With this fact considered true by many heath experts, many among the professionals on health and psychology decided to continue searching for the truth behind the thought. Through observations and experimentation's among human individuals who had different dispositions in life and different views with regards life situations, the said studies were able to make it certain that people’s emotions indeed affect the length of time that they live.

    The Health Saving Factor that Humor Provides


    The studies mentioned above reveal that humor is most of the time related to being happy, and happiness is naturally connected with that of the fact behind the source positive thinking. It’s all in the mind. This is usually what critics are saying. Positive thinking gives an individual the chance to view life, even the most devastating situations in a rather lighter disposition. This then at some point could include the use of humor within the said events.

    Humor makes everything seem lighter. Laughter over serious matters that are usually hard to deal with has mad a lot of distinguished stressing events in life seem a much easier issue to handle for many who have experienced facing such situations. Everyday, people face different challenges that may cause them to stress out. These events may be certain occasions at work, at the house or wherever they usually hang out in a day. Once a not-so-good experience is given way to ruin one’s mood, the whole day is sure to come in a really heavy approach.  


    Hence, it has been suggested by the experts that humor be used to ease a very serious situation. Laugh at a mistake, laugh at a certain depressing occasion and see the lighter side of the occasion. Humor is then considered as a particular factor that makes it easier for human individuals to deal with life. Through seeing the lighter side of life, one is able to see a silver lining in every situation that happens in his life. 

    More than this, humor is recognized as a factor that brings in the human individuals a better chance to realize the small gifts of living thus be able to live life in a rather easier view that would better serve them and their health as well. This truth serves as a major realization among many individuals thus creating a better sense of understanding in each person with regards the possibility that they could face life in a lighter sense. Doing so would bring in better chances for people to prolong the years of their life thus making better individuals out of themselves for their own benefits and that of the others living around them. Certainly, realizing the possibility of facing life better through humor brings each person the chance of understanding the different situations in life and using them for the benefits of their personal development. Humor then through this is viewed as a factor that gives life a better sense of existence.