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  • Living History: The Autobiography


    Living History is an autobiography of the United States Senator and previous First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, printed in 2003.


    In 2000 December, Simon and Schuster decided to pay Clinton a reported $8 million advance for what turned Living History, a near-record outline to a writer for advance at that occasion. Critics charged that book deal, coming soon following her election to U.S. Senate, however prior to being sworn into the office, was not in faithfulness to principled standards necessary for the members of U.S. Senate. Though, in 2001 February, the Senate principles Committee gave Clinton endorsement for the contract.


    Clinton apparently used 3 ghost writers for Living History, veteran ghost writer Maryanne speechwriter Alison Muscatine, Vollers and examiner Ruby Shamir. Clinton's recognition section declared: "This book might not have taken village to write, however it surely took an outstanding team, the smartest choice was to ask Maryanne Vollers, Lissa Muscatine and Ruby Shamir to spend 2 years of their life. The 3 women did not get co-writing credit on book's cover. This is not strange for the political autobiographies, however in the similar period a few other political figures have provided co-writing credit, as for instance researcher Senator John Edwards gave to the writer John Auchard on his book Four Trials as well as fellow Senator John McCain provided to managerial assistant Mark Salter on the books Faith of My Fathers, Why Courage Matters, Worth the Fighting For, and Character Is Destiny.


    Reviews of Living History were varied, with a characteristic assessment commending the chapters relating her early life, criticizing the overly extensive later treatments of comparatively mundane events as the First Lady, plus criticizing the need of candor in sections covering contentious episodes, comprising those near her husband and Lewinsky scandal.


    The book sold over one million copies in 1st month following the publication; its sales in its initial week of accessibility set the record for the non-fiction book. The achievement of book surprised a lot of in publishing trade, who thought Simon and Schuster had overpaid for work. Clinton's lively promotion of book, which comprised signing an expected 20,000 copies (as well as required ice and wrist support treatments as the outcome) was recognized for element of the success. By 2007, she earned more than $10 million from a book.


    Clinton's audio recording of Living History got her a Grammy nomination in Best Spoken Word Album type in the year 2003. A paperback version was released in 2004 April with an added short after word in which Clinton explained her experiences in doing the book signing events.