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  • RC Airplanes Community
    Remote Controlled Airplanes are a whole lotta fun for people of all ages which is the reason why this community is here. We're dedicated to all things to do with RC airplanes and the people who enjoy them most. We are your best source for RC Airplanes for Sale and more.
    Here you will find all kinds of cool things such as instructions on How to Build RC Airplanes. We have a ton of RC Airplane Information, Building, Plans and more. Find them all here: Electric, Solar, Park Flyers, Glow Plug, Sailplanes, Scale, Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. We also hav

  • Flight Model Airplane Enthusiasts
    Getting your hands on a wide variety of free flight model airplanes is easy thanks to this incredible community! You don't have to look any further to find model aircraft and more which means that enthusiastshave no reason to look anywhere else.
    Use this great community to find free model airplanes, flight simulators, information on model airplanes and a whole lot more. Have a look around and see all the cool stuff here!

  • Car Paper Models Community
    Are you into Paper Models Cars? We are too! That's why we created this amazing community - so that others like us can come together in one spot and share our great resources so we can get all kinds of information and products for our hobby.
    Find 3d, Racing and Color Car Paper Models. YOu can also find all kinds of Car Card Models, Papercraft. And even Car Origami!

  • The Hobby of Models: Model Cars


    Models have long been a popular pastime for hobbyists with the collection of model cars in particular being the most popular. A model car is the small representation, or a scale model, of a vehicle or related powered automobile, usually reproducing shapes of actually formed vehicles. Other small ground-running vehicles, like buses and trucks (however not tracked military vehicles or railroad trains) are usually comprised in the broad group of model cars. The line amid model as well as toy cars is not definite; several toys could be scaled as well as comprehensive well adequate to be considered models as well. Miniature cars that are badly proportioned or need important detail are generally regarded to be clean toys more willingly than models.


    Model car most often refers to scale miniatures of genuine production automobiles, planned as kits for enthusiast to build. They could be formed in plastic, resin, die-cast metal even wood. The top kits have unbelievable levels of detail, even in the parts hidden when finished model is on exhibit. Major producers are AMT, Monogram, Revell and Tamiya however a lot of smaller companies flourish. Banthrico began generating die cast model car banks in '40s for banking trade. These banks were accessible as the gift to the people that began a fresh account as well as had a slot in bottom to place their spare change. Generally the name of the bank as well as the address was painted on roof of a car. These prehistoric promotional cars comprised Buicks, Lincolns, Packards, Cadillacs, Desotos, Dodges, Chryslers and certainly the more ordinary (relatable) Fords and Chevrolets. In mint state, nowadays these cars are remarkably hunted after.


    In the same time, one more company, Product Miniature Corporation commenced promotional models prepared from plastic to public, a lot of which were even in the structure of banks. A lot of Chevrolet bank models had message on bottom. The approximately directive scale for these cars was about 1:25th, though some Plymouths and Chevrolets were formed in a better 1:20th scale. The model car "kit" hobby started in post World War II period with Berkeley and Ace wooden model cars. Revell pioneered plastic model car along with their well-known Maxwell kit derivative from toy. Derk Brand, in England, founded the initial actual plastic kit, 1932 Roadster for Revell. He was even well-known for mounting the line of 1/32 model car kits at England for Gowland brothers. The kits were afterwards set up through Revell in U.S.


    AMT, as well as AMT's sister Co. SMP, started creating accumulated 1/25 friction as well as coaster forms in early 50’s. These were a result of promotional models created for vehicle dealers. Youngsters will be specified the scale models for playing with while parents along with the salesman negotiated. Collecting as well as trading these "promos" soon turned out to be a well-liked hobby. In 1950s to 1960s, curiosity in hobby peaked, plus AMT introduced model car kit in the year 1958. Monogram, Jo-Han and Revell began creating model car kits on this similar time, as well as it was regarded a "golden age" for the model car building from these original new customizing kits.