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  • _daily
    _daily community sites

  • Internet Goddesses
    community of sites devoted to actresses, female celebrities, models, or any site devoted to a female.

  • Avonlea Addicts Community
    A community for people with homepages that deal with everything in the world of Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables.

  • Gone With The Wind Webring Community
    This Community was created for sites pertaining to the classic movie/novel Gone With The Wind. Sites applying to the community must have some content pertaining to the book, the movie, cast, characters, collectibles, trivia or info. Sites MUST contain more than just links. This community is ONLY for Gone With The Wind websites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me at (dawn @ mysticphoenix .net) (without the spaces) if you have any questions.

  • Ghostbusters Community
    If you have one or more pages dedicated to any aspect of the ghostbusters, come on and join us.

  • HalloweenTown
    This community was created to unite all Nightmare Before Christmas fans. Come join if you loved this movie too! :)

  • Éored
    a community for LotR fans who wish they were one of the Rohirrim

  • ForceBoyz -- Star Wars Slash
    ForceBoyz is for Star Wars slashfic sites, any paicommunitys, any vintage.{;}

  • The Disney Fanlistings Community
    A collection of Fanlistings and Cliques about Disney, Disney Movies, Characters, etc etc. Got one? Come Join...

  • Son of Gondor
    A community for girls who love Gondor, and all the guys who live in there

  • P.O.T.C Blogs
    A Community for blogging fans of the movie, The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

  • Star Wars Jedi
    Star Wars Jedi/Sith Web Sites are welcome to join.

  • dreams of Middle-earth
    This community unites sites dedicated to professor Tolkien and his works, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Communitys and The Silmarillion.

  • Garland_Oz Tributes
    Tributes of legends and heros.

  • Ballad of Maxwell Demon
    Community originally on community.com til Yahoo! ruined that. Community established soon after the film came out (mid to late 1998) Velvet Goldmine, the Todd Haynes film. VG fans sites, glam sites etc admitted.

  • The Dark Awards Community
    The Lord of the Labyrinth welcomes those Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and Gothic sites that feature web awards...But please no pornographic or sexually explicit sites.....

  • L'amour Fou - Moulin Rouge
    For all lovers of the movie Moulin Rouge! Because-

  • Jedi Warrior Community
    A site for Star Wars. With all the sites and communitys disappeacommunity due to authors lack of time, I created this community to link pages with a Star Wars theme together. Like Jedi? Join up. Like Obi-Wan? Join up. Like Luke? Join up. Like Leia... You get the picture :)

  • Mad Max Movies Community
    This Mad Max Community is to help link the many Mad Max web sites out there that have information pertaining to one of the best series of movies ever made. {;}{;}{;}

  • Trinity's Hugo Weaving Community
    A community for pages that contain picture, interviews etc. about the actor Hugo Weaving

  • Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love Community
    A community to all Moulin Rouge sites! We'll also accept sites dedicated to an actor/actress from Moulin Rouge, the Real Toulouse-Lautrec, absinthe, or the Real Moulin Rouge.

  • The official fanlisting for Agent Sands
    This is the members list for the official fanlisting for Sands, a character from the film Once Upon A Time In Mexico, played by Johnny Depp.

  • Death Star
    Land your site on the greatest battle station ever created..... the Death Star. This community is open to all Star Wars sites.

  • Adamantium X
    The first Community for all sites about Wolverine/Rogue or Logan/Marie in existence. Whether it be fanfiction, pictures, links....all are welcomed into this unbreakable community of Adamantium. Shipper sites can also gain help from the Kindred Spirits section on the Adamantium X site (not part of the Kindred Spirits site). Guardians Of Logan's Dreams (G.O.L.D) now in operation. Recently relocated here. What y'waitin' for? Come join the Evolution!{;}{;}

  • Irwin Allen Community
    Dedicated to Irwin Allen, Master of the Disaster...his movies, his TV Shows (specially the great four: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants), his career...

  • As The World Falls Down
    As The World Falls Down is for all lovers of the movie Labyrinth.

  • 13 Hours...
    A community for all Labyrinth sites!

  • movie whore
    A community for movie fans.

  • The One Community
    A community for fans of

  • Children of the Revolution
    A community for all fans of Moulin Rouge. Are you one of the Children of the Revolution? Then join us!

  • Ginger Snaps
    A community for fans of the Werewolf horror film Ginger Snaps.

  • MM Online Community
    Join the official Morning Musume Online community and get access to special features including the Morning Musume Online BBS and special downloads area!

  • Pirate Gold
    A community for websites dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and/or it's characters.

  • Still Standing
    A community for fans of Agent Sands, the mad CIA agent in Once Upon A Time in Mexico. Join the community and show how much you love Sheldon!

  • Cantina
    community for all Star Wars fans with a blog, domain, or SW-related site!

  • Voorhees Community: The Friday The 13th Community
    Welcome to the community that is dedicated to the master of gore himself, Jason Voorhees. If you've got a website that deals with Friday the Thirteenth, Jason, Jason X, or anything related to the world of Jason Voorhees....Then welcome....Just beware the DEATH CURSE...

  • The Star Wars Community
    A Star Wars Community for Fan Fiction suitable for minors.

  • Catherine Deneuve
    Catherine Deneuve sites

  • I love Rocky Horror Picture Show
    For fans of the movie. Whether you have a webpage based on the movie or not, show your love of this cult classic.

  • The Greenlight Zone
    We are dedicated to being the best resource on the web for all writers, be they novice or pro. Check out our many helpful links, post a logline/synopsis of your own work, network with other writers and industry pros...we are sure you will be glad you visited us and joined our community!

  • James Spader Fan Community
    A community for fans of James Spader.

  • South Passage: A Han & Leia Community
    A community meant to bcommunity together sites pertaining to the couple from the SWU.

  • Cinema-One Pictures
    This community was created by Kevin Brian Wright co owner and founder of Cinema-One Pictures to help actors and actresses get there break in the business. We will be accepting headshot and resumes, casting for upcoming films, we also have an acting forum you can post questions at. Everyone is welcome actors, actresses, or just those who love film.

  • Movie Reviews,Previews and such
    A community for anyone who has a good, clean movie review site

  • Marilyn Monroe
    The Best Marilyn Monroe Sites!!!

  • Wonder Woman Movie
    Jordan Bayne as Wonder Woman!

  • The Phoenix Feather Award
    The community is more of an award then a community. Sites can be nominated and remain in the queue, however only those sites that meet the standards of a great Harry Potter based website will recieve the award. Rest assured that any site listed in the Phoenix Feather deserves to be there and you will not waste time visiting them. If you find a dead please let us know, because once a site has achieved the award, the site is not checked and therefore could have closed. Enjoy.

  • Star Wars
    STAR WARS! Latest and ACTIVE site community. If you apply, wait a day or two and your in depending on your site.

  • Titanic Fan Fiction Community
    A community to bcommunity all Titanic fanfiction sites together, like the old community at community used to. So if you have a Titanic fanfiction site, even just a page with a story at your site, please join!!

  • Judy Garland
    The magic of the sensational Judy Garland.

  • The Birth Of Movies Through Hollywood’s Development


    However beautiful it could be seen right now, it should be remembered that before the prestigious name of Hollywood came to reality, the creators of the said have passed a number of hardships in its history “dream factory”. The fact that it takes a lot of effort to make a dream come true, the ones who established Hollywood as a name that echoes the picturesque of perfect artistry, did a lot of job to attain their goals in making a name for the said place. Today, it could be noticed that Hollywood becomes the center of every news report in the world that gives color to television programming. Indeed, Hollywood’s establishment has made it possible for people around the world to enjoy movies and other forms of entertainment that brings ease and relaxation to every depressed soul in the society.


    This is the main reason why many people take interest in knowing how Hollywood came to be. How it all started and who were the ones who made it big in the first years of the Entertainment industry in the United States. The Fifty Golden Years of Hollywood’s history has long been the favorite subject that art enthusiasts and historians enjoy to tackle. The color of life that makes up the history of the said sector of the human civilization since the 1950’s has made it even more interesting even for local readers and viewers of Hollywood shows. It has only been the end of a big world account, the second World War’s effect on the American Society and the whole world as well, has not only been directed to the political aspects of the society but also towards the arts. It could be noted that during the war years, the created films were calmer and less provocative of mass rebellion. The years that covered the 1940’s has much control on the way that the films were presented to the public. The movies were characterized to be less presenting on the real accounts that happen on the society during that era. This is because of the filmmakers’ fear of being connoted as an industry that encourages the society to rebel or revolt against the authorities that presently control the society during those years.


    However, when the war finally ended, the people, primarily the viewers wanted more than just a calm presentation of the society. The fact that many among the people in the society were directly afflicted by the war years, the y wanted a more rebellious entertainment. Their emotional outpouring on the authorities who failed to end the war years at the least possible time that it have existed has inspired the filmmakers to present the actual emotional dispositions of the society. Today, the movies are taking great toll of popularity among many individuals of all races around the world. The modern movie industry offers the best procedures by which people see themselves through the big screen. Today, the realistic essence of life’s presentation through movies and entertainment has taken a greater toll among the many viewers around the world.




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