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  • Play it Loud
    PLEASE GO TO http://playitloud.baptism-of-blood.net TO JOIN! RINGSURF CHANGED THEIR CODING AND NOW THEY SUCK. SO, I MOVED THE RING AND AM USING A SITE HOSTED SCRIPT. DO NOT JOIN THIS RING, JOIN THE NEW ONE AT THE URL ABOVE. A community for people with a music rotation site: whether it be on their domain, site, livejournal -- as long as you have one!

  • The Queen Community
    Dedicated to Queen, the legendary British rock band. Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, & Roger Taylor - The *other* "Fab Four"! Online and serving Queeniacs everywhere since 16 May 1997, then Moved into our home at CommunitySurf 15 June 2001!

  • TullRing
    Pages related to the classic rock group Jethro Tull and it's leader Ian Anderson. Includes lyrics, music samples, details on past and present band members, photos, album covers, information, trivia, reviews, tour search, rare recordings and memorabilia for sale on the net, personal trade offers, etc

  • Ongaku
    Community for people who loves japanese music! General pages, blogs, music rotations, all are wellcome ^^.

  • 60's & 70's Community
    mostly based on music of the 60's and 70's but anything at all to do with this era will be accepted

  • Songwriters Community
    The community for songwriters, lyricists, composers, arrangers and other music professionals such as publishers, artist management and record labels.

  • JK-pop
    Jpop/Kpop (Japanese and Korean pop) community.

  • cliquetastic
    a community for clique owners

  • The Karaoke Community
    This community is devoted to everything related to karaoke.

  • Southern Rockers Community
    The Southern Rockers Community is a place for Classic Southern Rock Websites to strut their stuff. Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, right up to ZZ Top. New and Up an Coming bands welcome too!!

  • Boot Scootin' Country Community
    country music, upcoming and new entertainers, country dancing, dance steps, midis and much more!

  • Folk and Roots Music
    (May 2001) A place for folk, roots and acoustic music related sites, artists, clubs, venues, links, and other information. We'd be more than happy to add your site so drop us a line :o), The community is open to roots, folk and acoustic based sites.

  • Gacktism
    A community for those, who appreciate our dear Gacktness.

  • Glitter.Glam.
    Glitter.Glam. {;}Personal-Fan-Clique-Community-Journal.{;}*The glitter will consume us all*

  • C-pop (C, HK, Taiwan pop)
    A Community For Chinese (Cpop) Music Lovers!

  • Jellicle Underground
    A community for CATS-dedicated sites. The goal of the community is to link sites that are fan celbrations of the world's most-loved musical. Sites should have fanart, fanfiction, or fan costuming as well as some general information about the musical.

  • Lady Luck
    This community is for all the devil girls (and guys), greasers, punks, hell kittens and cats, tiki bar regulars, bettie page wanna-bes, hot rodders, and kustom kulture kids out there who like to rock. promote your band, show off your latest project, or just rack up a ton of hits to your webpage!

  • Old Hippies - Stuck In The Sixties
    Community of Old Hippies, Stuck in The Sixties. Lovers of Woodstock, Classic Rock, Artists, musicians. Hippie products and art, tattoos, retro-fashions, gifts, hippie philosophies, counter-culture, peace and love, hippie supplies, incense, lava lamps, jewelry

  • Sugarmegs Phamily
    Sugarmegs Audio @ Terrapin Station is an online community devoted to spreading LEGAL recordings of live music from bands that allow taping. What started as a collection of Grateful Dead shows, expanded to include thousands of shows from hundreds of bands. The term "Jamband" encompasses most of these stylistically diverse but improvisationally oriented musical groups. Bands traded include Phish, Bela Fleck, Marley, Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, KVHW, MMW, Moe, DMB, Widespread Panic, The Other Ones, Neil Young and many more.

  • Metal Argentino
    Para todos los que tengan páginas relacionadas con el jevi nacional.

  • All About Ah Faye Community
    This community is about Asian pop singer FAYE WONG. Her music is unique and her talent unbeaten. Come and learn why Faye is the most popular asian artist and hear her music, and let her clear and delicate voice bewitch you.... If you have a website about Faye, feel free to join the community.

  • Collective Soul Community
    The original Collective Soul community. For sites about Collective Soul, the best band in the universe. Does your site have Collective Soul content? Join the community.

  • Sacrificial Screams
    An eXtreme and Brutal community! Death metal, black metal, gore, thrash, doom, thrash grindcore, gothic, industrial goregrind and other dark genres of music. Also horror, fetish, vampiric, occult and gothic lifestyle sites welcomed. We also have a metal radio, forums, band voting, top 100 list and other site promotions. Join the evil & our sick little community.

  • fiction from the imagination
    Do you have a website containing fan fiction about *NSYNC? The Backstreet Boys? 98 Degrees? How about 5ive? Any other boy band? If so, please join the fiction from the imagination community!

  • music is my life
    a community for owners of east-asian music mp3 rotation sites

  • GLAY Fanlogs
    A GLAY community for fan's blogs.

  • Women of Country
    Webpages for made for/by the women of country music.

  • Rocker Angels
    For those who love music, make music, live for music

  • Passion Vine
    This is the Tori Amos Passion Vine community.

  • Hey Jupiter
    A community for Tori Amos sites.

  • SoCal Bars & Nightclubs
    The SoCal Bars and Nightclubs Web-Community is your guide to and for nightlife in Southern California. {;}{;}{;} 138, 14, 18, 21, 5, 661, 70’s, 80’s, 805, 818, 90’s, &, A, Acid, Afterhours, After Hours, Age, Ages, Airport, Alcohol, All, And, Attire, B4,{;}Baile, Band, Banda, Bands, Bar, Bars, Battle, Beer, Before, Beverage, Beverages, Bikini, Billiard, Billiards, Body, Booze, CA, Cabaret, Café,{;}Cage, Cali, California, Can, Cantina, Cards, Casual, Champaign, Cigar, Classic, Club, Clubs, Cocktail, Code, College, Complimentary, Contest,{;}Contests, Cover, Credit, Cumbia, Damas, Dance, D

  • *NCredibly *NSYNC Fan Fiction
    *NSYNC fan fiction pages and websites

  • Lawrence Gowan Community!
    A Community to bcommunity together sites about the great Canadian Singer Lawrence Gowan!

  • Techno-rave music community
    Techno and rave related sites

  • Jazz Community
    The community for everything Jazz. :)

  • the hot kachina community
    a community for tori amos sites that bcommunity a little something extra to the party.

  • Union Underground
    The Community for websites devoted to The Union Underground, the kick-ass band from San Antonio, TX

  • Barenaked Ladies Community
    Hopefully, this community will provide solace for all those poor, lost souls, crying pitifully as they search the net for BNL fan sites in the wake of Yahoo's decimation of the original Barenaked Ladies Community.

  • The Craig David Community
    The first Craig David Community! Submit your site and watch the counter go up!

  • *pritty in punk*
    brought to you by the proud owner of kandy dot net. for beautiful punky girls of the internet... for us by us?

  • Lord of the Hanson Community
    A collection of Hanson websites.

  • Open Up And Say.....Savatage!
    This community is dedicated to a great band called Savatage! All the websites in this community are owned and run by the great fans of Savatage!

  • ApologetiX
    This is a community for all ApologetiX fans. If you've got a website, and are a fan of ApologetiX, and have at least one page on your site about ApologetiX, this is the community for you.

  • JFuck
    A web clique dedicated to uniting all jrock fans that have had less than decent thoughts about jrockers.

  • The Redsal Appreciation Society
    The RedSal Appreciation Society is a tribute Community dedicated to honocommunity the wonderful musical sounds of midis sequenced by RedSal (Sal Grippaldi), http://Redsal.com. We honor his love of music and his talent.

  • Azure's Rock Circuit
    A community for rock bands, basically from the 70s and 80s. For those of us who like the older bands.

  • Spawn's Rock Community
    A site community for the older type of metal/rock bands

  • J-Emotion
    J-Emotion; a community for all owners of j-music related mp3 sites

  • BOAT Survivors
    Team on BOAT Web Competition.

  • Jailhouse Rockers Community
    Team on BOAT Web Competition.

  • When Sound Plays Great Music to the Ears


    Music is noted as one among the best medium of human expression way back then up until the contemporary time. Undoubtedly, this fact is primarily implicative as part of the idea that music indeed reflects the importance of recognizing the capability of the mind to decipher the message of sound. Language is an important part of the process whereas the entire theme of the music becomes vivid to those hearing it. Indeed, music then could be noted to be rooted from the fact that humans utilize language so as to manifest their emotions to other. To apply an artistic approach to the process of expression, the use of sound and rhythm has further increased the manner by which humans express their ideas and feelings towards certain thing found within their surroundings or even about people and life as it is.                                                                                                                    

    Sound Is Where Music Started

    Sound has been a prevalent concept in the society affecting and influencing humanity in many ways known to man. Because of the influential nature of music, this medium is perceived to an effective tool for society in different aspect. Every element of the general concept of sound becomes a significant one namely the voice, music, sound effects, ambience and even silence. Each of these elements brings a different significance mainly emphasizing the expression of the general theme of a certain project.

    The use of voice can significantly influence the understanding of the expressed idea of the certain public or audience being pointed at. The intonation of the voice of the speaker can designate the emotion of the person and his or her loudness or softness will depict the personality, authority and character of the speaker. The use of background music, sound effects either through cyclical or continuous mean can intensify the environment’s emotion which can later contribute to the personality of the speaker and/or character and can encourage the curiosity and enthusiasm of the audience. Also, these elements can significantly contribute to the meaning and intensity of the concept being expressed by the certain project thus aiding its dissertation and understanding by the public. In addition, the employment of the effects of silence as a background can also contribute to the expression of the general theme as it can set stages of excitement thus promoting the audience’s interest.

    Thus, the employment of sound through the application of each of its elements can significantly contribute to the general theme of a certain project as it promotes a better communication approach between the main concept and its audience. The use of sound can facilitates the dissertation and understanding of the public thus aiding the effectiveness of the project of communicating a certain concept and its significance to the society.

    The Sound of Emotions

    Up until today, music appears to be the most effective expression of human emotion. It could not be denied that people today find it much easier to tell off their feeling about love, desperation, happiness and victory through the accompaniment of music. Undeniably then, it would not be too much to say that music has practically made it to the lives of human individuals back in the years before towards the years at present.

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