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  • Mourning Souls
    This community is for all things gothic, dark, mysterious, artistic and/or unusual.

  • Fans of Faye Brown, author of Strange Fruit In A Small Town
    This site is for everyone who are fans of Faye Brown, author of Strange Fruit In A Small Town. It is also for everyone and anyone who loves books,novels,fiction,etc. Come on in and enjoy the ride.

  • Web caviar
    A semi elite clique (community)

  • Paranormal Experience
    A community about energy forms, paranormal, parapsychology, spirits, spiritguides and the supernatural

  • For the Love Of Mystery


    Everyone loves a good mystery, but for some the love of all things mystery is an all out hobby. You’ think that at some point you’d get sick of reading mystery novels, but then again, if you do there are all kinds of other goodies for you fanatics out there, like mystery games, online mysteries and even mystery events for you hardcore peeps! Let’s have a little look at all those things that makes your mystery-loving heart go pitter patter.


    Mystery Novels: It’s easy to see how one could grow so fond of reading mystery with the string of classics that dominate the genre; Agatha Christie, Edgar Allen Poe, Nancy Drew and Alfred Hitchcock and the legendary Sherlock Holmes.  Mystery novels are exciting counts of a crime being solved. Who doesn’t want to know ‘who did it’??


    Mystery TV: Most of today’s primetime dramas throw in a smidge of mystery, but few can compare to the classic mystery television shows and movies, like Perry Mason, Charlie Chan and even Murder She Wrote. Most of these can still be seen on specialty channels and some even online.


    Online Mysteries: There are all kinds of websites now who allow you to be a part of a mystery solve-it story or offer access to hundreds of mystery stories online. These sites also have forums where you can engage in chat discussion about all things mystery and even start and play a little ‘who done it’ of your own.


    Mystery Cruises and Dinners: These are the ultimate in adventures for mystery fans! Dinners and even cruises are organized where the guests get to be a part of an interactive mystery. Actors are used to play the different characters and help set the scene for a mystery that guests can be a part of and solve! While tickets for this sort of thing can be pricey, they are well worth every cent for those who are looking to take it to the next level in their love of a good mystery. Many people are now also having their own mystery parties. What a great theme for an evening of fun with your friends!


    Mystery Games: You all know about the classics, like the board game ‘Clue’, but advancements in technology have allowed us to come up with a whole new breed of mystery games that can be played online and interactively with others, or using a video game console.


    Mystery Resources: Again, kudos to the internet for giving us access to all kinds of great resources! Web rings and directories allow mystery fans to easily find their way to sites and organizations dedicated to all things mystery. Just a few clicks and you can be taken to sites that offer everything that you could possibly think of and even more!


    This is a great time to be a mystery buff because you really can get your hands on a good mystery without even having to get up off your chair if you don’t want to! A couple of clicks is all it takes.