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  • Hiking & Walking NetRing
    The "Hiking & Walking NetRing" is for websites about Hiking and Walking including Backpacking, Trails, and Trekking. If you have a webpage about Walking or Hiking, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Backpacker NetRing
    The "Backpacker NetRing" is for websites about Backpacking, Hiking, Trails, and Trekking, including stories & reviews, techniques & equipment, books and other references, and places to go & see. If you have a webpage about Backpacking, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all!

  • Caching & Stashing NetRing
    The "Caching & Stashing NetRing" features websites about caching and stashing activities such as letterboxing, geocaching, ecoscavenging, benchmark hunting, orienteering, and similar outdoor recreational activities. If you have a webpage about geocaching, letterboxing, or similar stashing or caching activities, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Grand Staircase-Escalante Community
    Informative web sites from organizations and businesses that operate in and around Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

  • Treasure Hunting & Metal Detecting Webring
    The "Treasure Hunting & Metal Detecting Webring" brings together websites about treasure finding, metal detecting, relic hunting, and related activities. Clubs and organizations for these types of activities are welcome. If you have a webpage about metal detecting or treasure hunting, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • GPS Enthusiasts NetRing
    The "GPS Enthusiasts NetRing" was established to bring together websites about GPS / Global Positioning System, including receivers, navigation, and geocaching. If you have a webpage about GPS, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Survival Gear Advice and More
    Survival gear is often the farthest thing from our minds but the truth of the matter is that disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. Will you be ready if the unthinkable happens??
    This community is all about survival gear for the home or away. Find Survival Gear, Kits.  Crank radios, TV’s, flashlights and more.  We also have Survival knife, Food, Equipment and even advice on Disaster Preparedness and Worse case Scenario.

  • All Things Camping
    We are into everything that has to do with camping to make a more enjoyable experience for all who love camping.

  • Skateboarding and Snowboarding Community
    Whether it's skateboarding or snowboarding that you're into; boarding of all kinds has a great history that you may not know about. Find out all you ever wanted to know and a lot more in this community that's all about boarding.
    We've got all sorts of Skateboarding and Snowboarding information. Learn about Trick riding and more. You can also find Skateboards and Snowboard products like Shoes, Videos, DVD’s. Get great Trick tips and even learn How to build ramps. We're also your best source for Burton Snowboard stuff too.

  • Mountain Biking Community
    If you are into mountain biking then you belong in this community! We've got loads of cool stuff for people who love mountain biking. There is no better resource online than this one!
    You don't have to go further than this community to get your hands on mountain bikes for sale, accessories and more. We offer great deals on mountain bikes and all kinds of other cool mountain biking gadgets and accessories as well as information on mountain biking and more.

  • Gold Mining Community
    This is your community where you can connect with others who are into Gold Mining including vendors and experts. Whatever you may be looking for when it comes to Gold Mining you will find it right here.
    Use this great community to get your Gold Mining Equipment, Tools, Methods, Supplies, Maps, Process and Information. There's also information on Gold Panning, Gold Mining with a Metal Detector and more. You can also find Gold Mining Claims for Sale in Washington, Oregon and California and more.

  • Geocaching
    The Geocaching Community is your place to find all sort of helpful Geocaching Information and Supplies and much more. Use it to get your hands on all kinds of things related to Geocaching.
    This is where you will find the Best Gps for Geocaching as well as Geo Cache Gear, Log books, Logbook Containers, Coins. You can also See Two Geocaches in Wisconsin with Photos and Coordinates. And while you're here check out a new Handheld Gps For Sale.

  • Wonderland Trail Journals
    A collection of trail journals of people who have hiked the wonderland trail

  • Plein Air Painting
    Sketching and Painting on site

  • Travel Trailers and Outdoor Camping
    A great hobby for outdoor fun. Learn to love camping in your travel trailer or tent or fall in love with it all over again!

  • The Faire Magazine Community
    Faire Magazine is a magazine devoted to the promotion of Renaissance Faires and Festivals and the over five-million people who entertain, vend, direct, and attend them each year. Join our Community!!

  • The Great Outdoors


    The outdoors is one thing in this world that everyone, everywhere looks to for their recreation or work.  Varying across the globe by such staggering degrees from the icy tundra through to the steamy rain forest it incorporates the heart and sole of the planet.


    The icy Tundra is one of the most spectacular of the outdoors across the planet.  The icy wilderness is found at the northern and southern extremities of the planet.  An area of extreme cold temperatures very little other than the simple plant structures of lichens grow there as a layer of permafrost within the soil of the area preventing anything with a larger root system being able to grow.


    Coming further toward the equator we enter the more temperate climates and areas of outdoors.  This is the area of the globe where most of the population lives.  Population centres and their growth have led to the great outdoors being threatened.  Green spaces are often at a premium as towns and cities grow taking up more space eating into the outdoor areas.  For this reason a number of countries have set aside areas of national parks and declared areas of outstanding natural beauty preventing development within these areas.  This has created areas that are available for recreational activities such as climbing, walking along with water sports and camping.  Environmentally this is maintaining the lungs of the planet with these green spaces allowing the planet to rid itself of the toxic wastes and gasses that our human activities are producing and killing the planet.


    The lungs of the planet are one way of describing the next major area of the outdoors.  The rainforest area of the planet is probably the most important yet most abused area of the planet.  Without this classification of outdoors the planet would die.  The plants and trees in this area clean the planet of the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases that we put into our planets atmosphere.  Combine this with the belief that there is a natural cure for all illnesses and that they are undiscovered in the rainforest then we must protect this area of the world.  The rainforest is being destroyed at such a rate that if we do not stop it the world will lose its ability to cure itself.  If it loses this ability then global warming will increase at an alarming rate with the world eventually becoming uninhabitable to most species including our own.


    In the above paragraphs we have barely touched on the importance of the outdoors to us.  We use it for recreation, for resources and it provides the world with an ability to live and maintain its heat and atmospherically balance. If we continue to destroy this important part of out planet we will suffer extremes of temperature, natural disasters will abound be they floods, droughts or any other global disasters.  It is very simple with the outdoors and it is as follows:


    Look after the outdoors and it will look after us.