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  • Shield Maiden: sites about female characters and personalities
    A community uniting sites that focus on female characters and personalities: fanlistings, shrines, galleries, whatever! About a chick, real or fictitious? Then join!

  • Magic of Disney Community
    Magic of Disney Community was created for our Fantasy Fights Disney Team fighters to be able to keep in regular contact with their teammates.. But this community is open to anyone with Disney orientated websites or anyone else who loves Disney.{;}

  • The Guild of Renaissance Performers
    The Guild of Renaissance Performers{;}is THE community for anyone (or any group) who performs at{;}Renaissance or Medieval Faires, SCA events, or other living history{;}re-enactments.

  • Cartoon Doll Addict!
    Are you a Cartoon Doll Addict? Can't get enough of

  • Serenity Garden Sisters
    We are just a fun community to being together women and unite them in sisterhood and friendship from around the world and from all walks of life , to have fun, chat send hugs and lend support..

  • The Society of Childlike Grownups
    Child at heart? Then the childlike society if for you :){;}

  • Bloggin' Blondes
    Are you blonde? Do you blog? Then this community is for you!

  • BLOOMin' Talented
    A community for Orlando Bloom fansites.

  • New College Diarycommunity
    Diarys of the students of the 11th university in Florida

  • Memories Of You
    A collection of sites of dedication or memorials to those loved ones that passed on

  • Gerard Butler Community
    A circle of sites devoted to the career and accomplishments of Scottish actor Gerard Butler.

  • The Babes Community
    A community of babe sites!{;}Babes, Babes, And More Babes and a lot of hot women

  • Marx Brothers Nuts Unite
    community for all marx brothers fans (or nuts if you will)

  • True Hearts Of Gold
    Here at True Hearts Of Gold We focus on helping ladies from around the world who need extra help in there daily lives, be that with Domestic Violence, sexual abuse etc, as well as everyone we meet on the internet and in our everyday lives. We will never hesitate in giving our support or encouragment willingly and freely. We are here to share with you your good times and your sad times. Never hesitate to call on your sisters. {;}We are The Heart Of Gold

  • NetWolf Community
    Sites dedicated to family safe sites, not necessarily about wolves, also with links to wolves and saving these beautiful animals from extinction.

  • The Original Drew Carey Community
    This Original Drew Carey Community has been going since 1997 and was the first community to Introduce Drew and His Cast on the Net. To this day... It is still Dedicated to The Show, Drew and his Cast and other Drew related sites.

    This community honours the spirit of HRH, The Princess Diana of Wales as well as celebrates her life and the person she was. We are fortunate to have known her at all. This community also celebrates her True Royal Stewart (Stuart) heritage. Diana is a direct descendent of King Robert Bruce I (Robert the Bruce), Walter, the 6th High Steward of Scotland and his wife, Marjorie, the daughter of King Robert Bruce I, their son, King Robert Bruce II who was the first Royal Stewart monarch. The line continued through the King James's of Scotland, Mary, Queen of Scots, her son, King James VI of Sco

  • Sisters Of The Heart
    We are a group of women,who are working together to Build {;}Friendships, from all around the world.We Give support to each other in the good times and the bad.{;}{;}We laugh together, cry together, work and play together.To lift each other up, and we will always be there to {;}help each other stay on the path of Life and Love.We are open to each others words, thoughts and deepest secrets, without ever placing judgment.{;}We are

  • The Ultimate Orlando Bloom Community
    The Ultimate Orlando Bloom Community's purpose is to unite all the sites dedicated to this fantastic actor. Join now and be part of the greatest community dedicated to Orlando Bloom!

  • Crazy Girls
    A community for girls only ^_^

  • Outdoor Amusement / Funfair Business Community
    Carnivals, Fairs, Festivals and Outdoor Amusement Events are the mainstay of entertainment through out the world. This community links together all members of the OAB industry and those sites that showcase the fun that is had all over the world every Saturday night as the families head out for their local events. Of special interest are web sites featucommunity information on Carnival Ride Companies, Theme Parks, Thrill Rides, Circuses, Rennaisance Festivals, State and County Fairs, Church, Firemen, or Street Festivals, Industry providers and home pages that are just plain FUN!

  • Vi Udda Typer
    En community för alla kufar som inte känner sig hemma någon annanstans!

  • Designing Divas Main Community
    The official community of the womens online group Designing Divas. Only members need apply.

  • Valley Of Wonders
    This is a new and exciting website competition that will open in late September 2005.

  • Marx Brothers Central
    Gathecommunity of the nets finest Marx Brothers sites. Your best resource for sounds, video, pictures, biographies, filmographies, articles and more, all related to the Marx Brothers.

  • The Cult of Molko
    A fan community for Brian Molko, lead singer and guitarist of Placebo.

  • Model Community: Portfolios
    A Community of Models with their portfolios online. Only models are allowed to join this community.

  • Mommie Power
    This community is for mommies who have web sites!! We need to unite and show support for one another!! This is not Girl Power...It's Mommie Power!!! (Big difference, we have the stretch marks to prove it!!)

  • Charlie Chaplin Community
    This community is for ssites dealing with Charlie Chaplin.

  • Virtual Insanity
    A community for Saturday Night Live Fans of Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan.

  • the sean biggerstaff fan community
    a community for fan sites dedicated to the scottish actor sean biggerstaff

  • Australian Actors Online
    Australian Actors Online is a community for websites dedicated to Australian actors.

  • mama journals
    exiled hip talk members

  • Introspect
    Introspect is a a community for people who have personal sites - sites that tell something about yourself: what you are, your likes, hobbies, your background, etc... It is a site that when people visit it, they can see the person you are. Take it as a little shrine to yourself. It may sound narcissistic but its a way to convey yourself to everyone =).

  • Scots, Welsh & Irish Actors Community
    Site dedicated to actors and actresses of Scots, Welsh or Irish background, or who claim descent from these backgrounds.

  • BlogsbyWomen
    A community for women who maintain online web logs (BLOGS).

  • Amelia Earhart
    The famous woman pilot, Amelia Earhart. Her life and her accomplishments.

  • VP Essentials
    Everything you need to know in VP!! Plus Avatar Artist of the month.

  • Cajun Proud
    A community linking sites by the cajuns, for the cajuns, or about the cajun culture and heritage.

  • Brendan Fraser Community
    The Brendan Fraser Community consists of homepages and websites dedicated to Brendan Fraser and his acting career. Members of the community are typically supporters of his career and are sincerely devoted to seeing developments and improvements in his work. {;}{;}If you fit in this kind of fandom for Brendan Fraser, then submit your homepage to go on the Brendan Fraser Community queue. {;}{;}As a member, you display the community banner on your homepage to link to other community members and show your membership to this community. {;}

  • Pink Leopard
    A community for fans of pink leopard print!

  • As You Are
    Community taken from the lyrics of What Makes You Different

  • The Affleckted Ones
    Online clique for The Affleckted Ones, fans of Ben Affleck.

  • The Bale Connection
    A community for fans of the actor Christian Bale.

  • Harrison Ford Community
    You have a Harrison Ford website or a website related to his movies? Then this is the right community for you! Join us now!

  • Community Around Rose
    For pages dedicated to actress Rose McGowan, star of The Doom Generation and Charmed.

  • Mundane & Trivial
    For blogs fitting the description Mundane & Trivial in all sense of the words..

  • Friend's Circle
    A free and fun community where people can come and submit their homepage or web site, to interlink with others. Also use for more traffic and more visitors.

  • The Usual Suspect: Kevin Spacey Community
    A community devoted to Kevin Spacey star of

  • gerl community
    a community for extraordinary female web designers.

  • To Be People


    The English noun People has 2 separate fields of application:


    • As the countable noun, a set of humans, either with not mentioned traits or particular characteristics (example the people of Spain or people of Plains).
    • As a mass noun, people are suppletive plural of person. Though, the phrase person is at times used in the place of people, particularly when it will be uncertain with its combined sense (for example missing persons in spite of missing people). It could jointly refer to all the humans or it could be utilized to recognize a definite ethnic or spiritual group. For instance, "people of color" is the phrase utilized in North America to illustrate non-whites.


    In philosophy and belief


    The conception of personhood (who is the person in a society) is basic constituent of any choosy notion of People. Dissimilarity is sustained in thinking and regulation among the views "human being", or "person", and "man". The former signifies to the species, whereas the latter denotes to the rational agent. Central issues of curiosity to the people are understanding of human condition as well as the denotation of life, and endurance. Belief, science and philosophy show or symbolize aspects and modes of query which effort to examine and recognize the nature, performance, and intention of people. Politics, sociology and economics symbolize modes by which people examine how to make the most of a communal endurance strategy.


    Islam distinguishes the People of Book as members of the monotheistic faiths established upon exposure connected to its own trust. By distinction, in Judaism, the Jews are regularly supposed to be the selected people, a notion customized by Christian doctrine of Elect.


    In politics


    Liberty Leading People by Eugène Delacroix Various republics rule, or assert to rule, in name of people. Both Roman Republic with the Roman Empire utilized the Latin phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus, (Senate as well as People of Rome). This word was fixed to the Roman legionary standards, plus even after Roman Emperors attained state of total individual autarchy, they sustained to exert their authority in name of Senate and the People of Rome. People's Republic is characteristically a Marxist or collective one-party state which claims to rule on behalf of people. Populism is one more umbrella phrase for a variety of political tendencies which assert to symbolize the people, generally with a suggestion that they provide the ordinary people in spite of the elite.

    In law

    In criminal ruling, in definite jurisdictions, illegal prosecutions are brought in name of People. A number of U.S. states, comprising New York, California and Illinois make use of this style. Certifications outside the authorities in question generally replace the name of state for words "the People" in case captions. Four states, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania denote to themselves as Commonwealth in case slogans as well as legal process. Other states, like Indiana, normally denote to themselves as the State in case captions and legal process. The political theory underlying this format is illegal prosecutions are taken in name of sovereign; therefore, in these US states, the "people" are evaluated to be sovereign, even as in United Kingdom as well as other dependencies of British Crown, illegal prosecutions are characteristically brought in name of Crown. "The People" recognizes the whole body of citizens of jurisdiction invested along with political power or congregated for the political purposes.


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