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  • The Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Community
    This community is for any site that has science fiction, fantasy, horror, or gothic content. Weather it be for books, movies, tv series or something you made up, all are welcomed.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
    A community of Web sites of SFWA members. SFWA bcommunitys together the most successful and dacommunity writers of speculative fiction throughout the world. It is widely recognized as one of the most effective non-profit writers' organizations in existence. Over 1200 sf and fantasy writers, artists, editors, and allied professionals are members. Each year we present the prestigious Nebula Awards(R) for the best sf or fantasy short story, novelette, novella, and novel. These are private webpages, and SFWA is not responsible for their content.SFWA(R) and Nebula Awards(R) are registered trademark

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Alliance Community
    An intercommunity for quality Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror sites. Both commercial and personal homepages, with good content and theme for the genres above may apply.

  • Pern Community
    Pern Community.

  • Stargate Net Community
    The Stargate Community for Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis websites. Bcommunitying the Stargate fandom together.

  • Expanding Universe
    A community for all Fantasy and Science Fiction sites

  • Star Trek Slash Community
    Dedicated to the slash relationships of the Star Trek universe. Due to several inapropriate sites being submited I set up a few guide lines. A:Your site must have something to do with StarTrek. Don't submit if all you have is, I like StarTrek. B:Slash means same sex relationships depicted in pictures, fanfic, etc. Don't submit pages that have nothing to do with Slash. I will accept link pages, episode guides and such if I think community users might find them of interest or use.

  • Star Trek: Enterprise Exploration
    Explore fan sites dedicated to Star Trek: Enterprise - the newest Star Trek TV series.

  • I Love SciFi
    Do you love scifi? Take the "Scifi Fanatic" test. Visit us for scifi movie reviews, scifi art (3D stuff too). Farscape Fanatics Welcome! Visit our Lexx page too! - Grab a cup o' java and join us for some fun. Plenty of scifi to go around, including Star Trek and Babylon 5 {;}

  • Area52 Vortex Community
    This community is for outstanding sites all over the web whose theme is within the realm of SF, Fantasy, or the Paranormal. Themes can include SF and Fantasy TV shows and movies, aliens, UFOs, vampires, ghosts, RPGs, SF and fantasy artwork, poetry and books, Wicca, Anime, and anything else that might possibly fall within the realm of SF and/or Fantasy. Pagebuilder sites need not apply. Sites must have outstanding content.

  • Captain Janeway's Community
    Star Trek: Voyager and it's Captain, Kathryn Janeway and crew. Star Trek, DS9, Enterprise and TNG sites also welcome to join.

  • The Sci Fi TV Community
    This community is for those who has a web, fan fiction or character site dedicated to ANY Sci Fi televison show. Web sites such as Farscape, Lexx, First Wave, Sliders, Red Dwarf, V, Buck Rogers, Old and New Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, The Outer Limits etc., can join. ANY and ALL Sci Fi TV shows that have been or is currently on TV can join.{;}

  • Vampyres of the Myst
    A community for those creatures of the night who find no pleasure in the exploits of the sun and sleep their days away to arise in the moonlight. We are Vampyres for a new millenium prowling through the myst looking for others of our breed.

  • Paris/Kim Slash Community
    A community dedicated to those of us who believe StarTrek Voyager's Tom Paris and Harry Kim and destined to be together.

  • Deep Space 9 Community
    This Deep Space 9 Community is for everything pertaining to the show, cast, & crew. It is designed to keep alive the memory of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • Vevetta: S.T.R.
    Become part of the world of Vevetta. This community is primarily for Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy,and Gothic sites, but if your site fits into the realm of imagination you are welcome to join....No pornographic sites, please...

  • Chakotay/Paris Slash Community
    A community dedicated to those who feel StarTrek Voyager's Tom Paris and Chakotay belong together.

  • The Larry Niven Community
    The Larry Niven Community was created in 1997 to form a community of websites with an interest in this hard science fiction author. {;}{;}In September 2000, following Yahoo's buyout and crap management of the old Community system, the community created in honour of the author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning "Communityworld" moved from the communityworld and here to Communitysurf instead. (I think there is a small joke in there somewhere).{;}{;}The premier Larry Niven website "Known Space" (www.larryniven.org) was one of the founding members of this community and one of it's current Mana

  • Star Trek: Enterprise
    Community for sites related to the 5th Star Trek series, 'Enterprise'. Sites which are dedicated to other Trek series but which also have a dedicated section for 'Enterprise' are also welcome to join. This community is a collaboration of the first two 'Enterprise' sites on the web at http://www.trekenterprise.com and http://www.angelfire.com/trek/startrekenterprise

  • Supernatural Happenings
    A Community for all sites containing the unexplianed,paranormal,ghost pictures,stories ect.Hall-o-Ween sites are welcome to join too. No Sex sites please!!

  • The StarTrek Slash Community: Voyager
    The Voyager branch of the StarTrek Slash Community.

  • Sci-Fi
    A Community for sites containg info about sci-fi and the sci-fi network. Sightings First Wave Lexx Farscape Sliders Battlestar Glactica, any show that is scifi

  • Guardians Of The Mystic
    This community is for anyone who has a fantasy related site or sci-fi. It maybe be vampiric, gothic, celtic,unicorn, fearies....: Fantasy in general. We Welcome Wiccans, Pagans, poets and sci-fi writters (novelist and fanfic)! If you have a page on an animal (Fantasy or real) and you have detailed content, we welcome you too ^_^ We welcome pretty much everybody except porn sites!

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Fanfiction Community
    Fanfiction stories on Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sword-Sorcery and Action Adventure

  • The New Time Community
    For Doctor Who related sites needing a New Time Community without java script. Also for Dr Who sites about William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and any other actor who has been in Doctor Who.

  • Ten Forward-A Star Trek Chat's Community
    This Community is ment for the Officers and Crewmen of Outpost 10F, the Star Trek Chat.

  • Star Wars NetRing
    The "Star Wars NetRing" is for any websites about the blockbuster science fiction movies "Star Wars". If you have a webpage about "Star Wars", join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Princesses of Sci Fi
    Are you a webmistress with a science fiction website? Then please join the Princesses of Sci Fi community! Personal homepages are welcome, as long as they have a section or two related to science fiction. No reasonable site will be refused. {;}

  • Star Trek Omega Community
    A community for every fan of all the incarnations of Star Trek and its characters.

  • Red Alert Star Trek Community
    For all Star Trek sites to join, homepage also offers a banner exchange, top site list, awards, and lots of other webservices.

  • Dark Angel's Eyes Only
    New Community for Fox's hit series Dark Angel. Join the last free voice! Stand together and be counted!

  • Sci-FicTV
    Community for all Sci-Fi Television shows. {;}Rated PG13. No porn or nudity.

  • SciFi-Crossover
    The Scifi-Crossover-Community consists of sites which host crossover fanfiction. {;}Each site must contain at least one crossover story, and at least one of the works the story is based upon must fall in the SciFi/Horror/Fantasy/Mystery category.{;}I created this community to help crossover fans like myself finding the kind of story they love.

  • Star Trek NetRing
    The "Star Trek NetRing" is for websites about any branch or series of the popular television and movie science fiction thriller "Star Trek". If you have a webpage about Star Trek, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • The StarTrek Slash Community: TOS
    The Original Series Branch of the StarTrek Slash Community.

  • Star Wars
    This community is for all who love Star Wars and the characters in Star Wars. Anyone who loves Star Wars is welcomed to join as long as their site is family oriented.

  • The Official JetCJr Community
    The Official JetCJr Community - linking all JetCJr members pages together to make it even easier to find great stories and great sites.

  • Twilight 2000/GDW RPG
    Devoted to the promotion of new and evolving resources for Twilight 2000 and other GDW RPG's

  • The StarTrek Slash Community: DS9
    The Deep Space 9 branch of the StarTrek Slash Community.

  • Intrepid Community
    Intrepid as defined by Webster: Not trembling or shaking with fear; fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit.{;}{;}We are the Intrepid Spirit. We are Voyager.{;}{;}Do you want to be part of the Spirit?{;}

  • Something To Blow Up
    A community for fans of Malcolm Reed.

  • Four Square - Roswell Fan Fiction
    A community for sites with Roswell fan fiction. One story is enough. Your site doesn't have to be exclusively dedicated to Roswell.

  • Alpha Females
    This community is for women who love Sci-Fi, Cult TV, Fan Fiction and Fantasy.

  • Southeastern Sci-Fi & Fantasy Con Community
    Cons in the southern and easterly part of the United States, from Texas to North Carolina to Florida, and every place in-between.

  • Starfighters Community
    Sites competing or dealing with The Site Fights team The Starfighters

  • Farscape Australia
    Farscape Australia - a community for fans of Farscape, especially Australian fans.

  • Star Trek
    the Star Trek community is a community for Voyager, Original series, Deep Space Nine, and Next Generation websites.

  • The Quantum Leap Accelerator Community
    The original Quantum Leap Accelerator Community, now relocated. Step into the Accelerator and Leap from site to site, visiting websites that are not your own, and wondecommunity each time if the next Leap, will be the Leap HOME(page).

  • The Invisible Man Community
    Community for the Sci-Fi's the Invisible Man.

  • Star Trek: Role Play
    Star Trek: Role Play is a community with RPG sims, orgs and the players in mind. However, we don't just limit ourselves to Star Trek. Any RPG site is welcome... :)

  • Science Fiction: Product of Human Imagination

    It is in the nature of human beings to wonder about the things that they cannot see or even grasp within their reach. Humans are basically curious beings and that they also pursue the interest of knowledge and reason. For this matter, they constantly exert effort and engage in a quest to understand things that are present and occurring in their immediate environment. However, there are always things that are deemed incomprehensible for the current situation of the human population such as the knowledge regarding the vast region of the universe and the origin of life, also known as science fiction. Yet still, human beings do not give up the fight to conquer these knowledge thus, resorting to a different way for exploring such ideas.

    Still, there are things that remain unknown to human knowledge and understanding such ideas are still impossible for their current situation, however, this does not mean that human beings cannot explore the possibilities lying behind such concepts. Indeed, possibility is an idea that is always present and is not limited to anything provided that they maintain allegiance to the standing facts and truth present in the world. Due to the curiosity of the human beings, creating explanatory possibilities about unknown issues becomes their primary way for understanding something and one famous manifestation of this idea is the concept of science fiction in the culture of the society.

    Science fiction is mainly deemed as the product of imagination of its creator established through the connection between the thirst for the knowledge to understand something and the exploration of possibilities about the said issue. Mainly science fiction is only theories concocted by human logic which abides along actual facts to fill the void created by the absence of knowledge. This concept manifest in the culture of the people in various form such as films, books, stories, and others collectively falling under the category of entertainment. Yes, science fiction is mostly appear as plots and storylines for entertainment made to satisfy the interest and curiosity of many.

    There are various themes involve in the concept of science fiction such as space exploration, events in parallel or even distant universe, existence of other life forms, time travel, and others . Most of the science fiction stories in the stories remain as logical possibilities for science as they are outside the grasp of current knowledge. However, there are also those that are detested due to their improbability yet they still provide entertainment satisfaction for the society.

    One curious thing though about the nature of science fiction is that they often become more of a challenge for the society or even a prediction about the future. For example, the science fiction stories of Jules Verne about the man on the moon and space exploration have become reality years after the creation of the story. Yes, science fiction is not only an entertaining story but also a testament to what human beings can achieve. Born from their imagination and thirst for knowledge, science fiction can also become a motivational factor for the exploration of the human beings stating the unknown is not a barrier but only a surmountable block. Who knows, tomorrow, another science fiction story can also become another reality in the world.

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