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  • The Doll Collector Society
    The Doll Collector's Society is a place for everyone who creates, collects, or simply LOVES Cartoon Doll Art. We are a fun loving group. This is not just another community, we are quickly becoming a family. Here you can learn, {;}have fun and make new friends. Come by and check us out today! you never know where your next best friend will appear and we will do our best to make sure you have a great place to visit and a fun way to meet new people! So click that link baby!!! Become a DCS Member today!

  • The Disney Community
    The Disney Community if for sites that contain information and graphics that are Disney themed. Your site MUST be child safe/family friendly to join!

  • Magnificent Seven Role Playing Game
    Community for the Magnificent 7 RPG groups.

  • Shadows & Dust
    This is a community for all BtVS /AtS related sites including Fanfiction sites of an adult nature.

  • The Robin of Sherwood Community Is Migrating See Note Below:
    NOTE: The Robin of Sherwood Community has been abandoned by the original owner on the CommunitySurf system and will be migrated to the ZZ OpenCommunity on Feb 1st 2009. All members have received migration information and notification via eMail. You can migrate now by registecommunity your site at http://www.communitysurf.com/community/zzopencommunity/

  • Furuba Logs
    - for fruits basket lovers -

  • la femme nikita community
    Community for fan sites devoted to the television series "La Femme Nikita".

  • Mahaila's Belly Dancing
    A wonderful way for web-surfers to find bellydancing and related pages.

  • The Seven Wonders of the World Web Competition
    The Seven Wonders of the World Web Competition for all those who like to have fun and win prizes!

  • Firefly Fan Sites
    A Community for all sites relating to Joss Whedon's Firefly. Fansites, message boards, live chatrooms...all welcome!

  • The Sentinel Community
    A community created to bcommunity together all the sites dedicated to The Sentinel. Includes fanfiction, downloads, and tons of other stuff.

  • Buffy Blogs
    A community for all of the bloggers out there who love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Follow Me Pixel!
    A cute new Follow Me chain for pixel and cute sites!{;}Your "fragment" is a tiny image with a cute pixel animal bum, with a question mark over its head. When you click the question mark you can join when you poke them in the bum, you get taken to a random member in the community.

  • Community of BrigaDears
    Community linking websites of members of the BrigaDears mailing list. Only requirement on the website is that the owner MUST be a member of that mailing list.

  • Charmed Circle
    The Charmed Circle will bcommunity together all great Charmed sites alike! Charmed, which airs on the WB stars: shannen doherty, alyssa milano, holly marie combs and Brian Krause.

  • A Pirate's Life For Me!
    A community for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean movie(s), the ride that inspired it, or want to be a pirate! I accept all sites except the usual. community is currently under construction.

  • Hercules and Iolaus Fanfiction
    A community for sites with fanfiction for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys or Young Hercules, small or large, in any language.

  • The X-Files Fanfic Community
    A community dedicated to X-Files fanfiction. Both authors and archive sites are welcome--enjoy surfing!

  • The Beauty and the Beast TunnelCommunity
    The Beauty and the Beast Community is for fans of the TV series which ran from 1987-1989. Any sites which contain B&B material or material related to Linda Hamilton, Ron Perlman or any of the other characters or cast members are welcomed and encouraged to join immediately! Keep the dream ALIVE!

  • Swashbucklers Community
    Dedicated to Swashbuckling - This Webpage & Community has been set up for those people interested in the old 'Swashbuckling' Heroes of TV , Film & Movies. How to swashbuckle with a sword and become one of your favourite heros, Robin Hood, Arthur of the Britons, Robin of Sherwood, William Tell and The Flashing Blade, bcommunitying back those childhood memories and generating interest in Swashbuckling 'cult' tv with the intention that the interest created will see many come back to TV, video or DVD which may have otherwise being lost.

  • Garden of Friendship Poetry
    This community is open to all members of the Garden of Friendship who have poetry on their website.{;}

  • Dark Shadows Community
    Community for websites with a Dark Shadows theme to them, the classic gothic, scifi, horror soap opera. Featucommunity any of the Dark Shadows characters or storylines. IE: Barnabas, Angelique, Julia Hoffman, 1840 storyline, 1795, 1970PT, etc. If your page is about Dark Shadows, then this is the community for you.

  • The Professionals
    Community about the British TV program The Professionals. The crack team of Bodie and Doyle foil criminals from all walks of life under the leadership of George Cowley.

  • .. forever loved ..
    Music 4 the heart, mind & soul, flp music/chat rooms that are beyond words. Amazingly beautiful graphics, music to match, with full lyrics and also a variety of downloads and links.community/s..vist the flp web design site and allow us to create a web site that will delight you and your visitors!

  • Card Captor Sakura International
    A community of international CCS sites.

  • Buffy/Giles Shippers
    This community is devoted to sites that focus on the Buffy/Giles relationship (including its obvious romantic potential). B/G-shipper and B/G friendly sites are encouraged to apply.

  • Picard and Crusher Writers Guild
    This community is dedicated to those hard working Picard and Crusher fanfic writers. Allowing for the readers to find their favorite writer.

  • Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
    Roam the galaxy on board the Andromeda Ascendant! This community welcomes all sites concerning Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, its stars, characters, settings and other interesting subjects.

  • i care less and less what people think
    about me, my thoughts, my life

  • I Built My Site In Texas
    Websites That Are Built In Texas

  • Unconventional Relationshippers' Members Community
    The community for members of Unconventional Relationshippers, the immense

  • Vampires and Villains
    A community for sites devoted to fictional vampires and villains from TV, cinema, and literature. Charismatic bloodsuckers and evil characters galore!

  • Middle Earth Blogs
    A community for fans of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Communitys book and now film by Peter Jackson, for fans who also blog.

  • I Built My Site In Ohio
    Web Sites That Are Built In Ohio

  • I Build My Site In Alabama
    Website Owners Of Alabama

  • A TV Producers Directors & Filmmakers Community
    Ask our members how YOU too can become a Producer, Director, Filmmaker, or get your name in credits. Ask anyone for help with your projects. Communitymaster will send your requests to each community member. Join us today!

  • I Built My Site In Virginia
    Web Sites That Are Built In Virginia

  • I Built My Site In Michigan
    Web Sites That Are Built In Michigan

  • Poltergeist; The Legacy
    Sites dedicated or involves Poltergeist; The Legacy the series - fansites, fanfic, games and more

  • SteeleWatchers
    A community of sites dedicated to the 1980's NBC-TV series which starred Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist

  • The Touched by an Angel/Promised Land Community
    This site is specifically for sites that deal with Touched by an Angel and Promised Land.

  • The Complete AngelSlayer Collection
    One of the Web's largest collections of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel related Sites

  • The Nick Knight/Forever Knight Community
    A community for the show Forever Knight, containing information about the character Nick Knight or Geraint Wyn Davies, the actor who portrayed him.

  • I Built My Site In Indiana
    Web Sites That Are Built In Indiana

  • The Munster Community
    This community is dedicated to Munster fans from all over the globe. Here you will find all kinds of web sites web pages in different formats that deal mainly with the 1960s TV show The Munsters, and related Munsterous things!

  • Angel Blogs
    Community for blogging fans of Angel.

  • Shippecommunity
    A community for all sorts of BtVS Shippers

  • Zorro
    Formerly the Zorro community at Community.org. Welcoming all sites about our favorite masked rider of Old California, ZORRO!

  • Nickelodeon Community
    The community for all things Nickelodeon! Sites about Nick shows or actors are welcome.

  • Slay-UK SiteCommunity
    A community from Slay-UK.com for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' related sites.

  • Television: Not The Best Recreation Choice for Your Child

    There is a lot of controversy when it comes to television and your child. How much is too much when it comes to the amount of time your child watches. It is said that on average that over a third of toddlers watch the TV for over two hours per day, children under six also watch the same amount and the age range of eight to eighteen watch over four hours of TV and two hours of computer games per day. These results found in surveys go against the AAP (The American Academy of Pediatrics) advice which says that children under two shouldn’t watch TV at all and for over two year olds a maximum of two hours is recommended. The reason for this is down to the development of the brain within the first two years of a child’s life. They believe that the TV diminishes the natural development of the child’s brain as they are being stopped from playing and interacting with other people i.e. their parents, which encourages them to socially develop and learn physical health.

    As a child develops and gets older the TV interferes with them being outdoors and being active physically. Also homework and social development suffers. Not all TV is bad though the AAP does say that in moderation TV can be a good thing. Before starting school if children are exposed to educational learning TV they often start school at an advantage to other children who did not. It’s not an easy call and often parents feel confused as they are being told different advice constantly making them feel that they don’t know which way to turn.

    TV in excess is blamed for a nation of obese children as they are not experiencing enough physical activity. The violence they see when watching some films or programs de-sensitizes them so that they believe that level of violence is acceptable, for others it makes them have a unhealthy fear of the outside world and can cause agoraphobia. The level of violence that children can see on TV can cause your children to become a bully in life as violence is often shown as being fun and hip and shows you the way to get your own way. It can cause nightmares in younger children as they are unable to know the difference between real life and the fantasy of TV.

    Another concern is that within the TV programming many adult undertones are on show to a child who may not understand but will think that it is acceptable. Programs that show sexual behaviour, smoking, drinking and drugs are often shown to underage children and it influences them later on in life. Most children who are subjected to these things often try them at an age that is unacceptable and sometimes illegal before they have the adult mind to be able to understand the consequences of their choices.

    The health concern that is gripping all nations is that of obesity in not just adults but children as well. When a person is bored or inactive they tend to nibble and eat, also commercials that are between the programs often show children eating high fat and high sugar goodies that the children will then crave. Eating whilst watching TV causes anyone child or adult to eat more.

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