Religion- Making the World an Interesting Place

A very interesting, diverse and hotly debated subject is religion. There are many forms of religion all around the world from Roman Catholic to Protestant, from Buddhism to Scientology. Religion is something that has been around in many guises for thousands of years, if not longer. And it is destined to continue this way for perhaps thousands of years to come. No matter what religion you are attracted to, it is best to find out all about it before you decide if you want to join the masses. Nearly everyone has an opinion of religion, whatever their morals and values or whether they believe in a higher power or not. To some people religion is not important, whereas to the majority it is a fundamental part of their lives; the lifestyle they lead and morals they have are based upon the teachings and the preaching s of their chosen faith.

Religion comes in many forms and intensities. For some it may just be a case of following certain rules and beliefs, whereas some may need you to confess to your sins everyday. You may need to pray several times a day or take part in periods of fasting or abstinence from sex (my husband would call this latter example the religion of marriage!). No matter what the actions are that you need to take to follow your religion it is essential that you are 100% committed to that cause if it is an important part of your life.

Being religious is one of the most powerful things known to mankind. For example, you see reports frequently of one-time criminals who are proclaimed as re-born Christians. They have been absolved of their crimes and sins by swearing allegiance to the good and their chosen faith. Many festivals and holidays in the different calendars are linked to important events throughout the different faiths. Perhaps one of the most famous around the world is Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. There is an argument that it is now just a commercial holiday with the focus being more on the giving of presents an spending loads of cash instead of celebrating the birth of "The Son of God". This example re-iterates the point that religion is mixed-bag and a highly debatable topic—one that isn’t always worth getting into a debate about!

If you are looking to find out more about the different religions then there are several methods that you can employ. One of the simplest is to visit a local place of worship such as a church, mosque or temple. You can speak to other members of that particular religion in your community, or approach the Priests, Reverends, Imams or other such Clergymen for advice. You will find many, many books on the topic of religion. These are a great source for finding out how the religion was started, what the beliefs are and what practises the members undertake to show their faith to others and to their chosen deity. Of course, in this modern age the internet is also a wondrous source for finding out more too.

Whether you decide to be a Christian in Colorado or a Muslim in Manhattan, religion will be as much a part of your life as you make it.

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