Science, Men and Women

Science helps us to discover many things—everything really. One of the most interesting things I have come across is the science of people, the difference between men and women to be more precise. In general there are many differences between men and women. According to different studies women use 20 000 words daily, while men around 7 000. The women are better in remembering faces, while men are better with the geographical orientation.  The women can do much more things in the same time, but their brain is much more sensitive to the food. There are diseases typical only for the females and others for men.  Men have problems with speaking in the early years, the women are easier exposed to depressions and they are more focused on problems, compared to the male part.

The explanation is that we have different brains.

The scientists review the mail and the female type of brains, no matter that these are ideal terms. Indeed there is no male or female brain. The rats’ tests are showing that the connection between the two female brain parts is stronger. It is proved that if one of the parts is under a deformation, the female will transfer the brain activities to the other part. Actually the general difference in the two genders’ brains is the so called kernels. The kernels are small piles from sells, in the brain, which are responsible for a type of behaviour. The kernels of the male are different from the women’s ones.

It is considered that the brain type is formed according to the hormones. The release of testosterone is forming the male type of kernels. Not only could the testosterone influence the forming of a embryo, but also the high temperature or pills.  According to some academic opinions the kernels could be genetically created. If the testosterone is not released I n the appropriate moments, the kernels in the brain will be formed in a wrong way. The kernels of homosexual individuals’ brain are like the female ones.

The scientists that support the theory for genetic produced kernels believe that the homosexuality is genetically provoked problem.  Our human actions are based on our brain activities. The thermoregulation, the heart work, sexual behaviour and others are coordinated by our brain work. The brain is managing the hormones release as well as  our behaviour in the society.