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  • Understanding How Group Sports Such as Baseball Affect Players


    PEOPLE used to argue that sports were of value because they built character. They claimed that games promoted appreciation for hard work, sportsmanship, and the joy of playing. But to many today, such arguments sound hollow, even hypocritical. However the situation at present are actually different from the past.  A related problem with sports today is the extreme competitiveness. It is not an exaggeration to say that competitors may be transformed, in effect, into monsters.  How is this particularly true?


    Among the most popular sports in the industry of active gaming is baseball . Likely, these sporting events are all subjected to certain levels of stresses and competitiveness that brings all the players the fame, the fortune and satisfaction that they think would actually bring them the right self-fulfillment that they need. However, does everything come in a whole package?


    The pressure to win, and to enjoy sports only if you do win, often starts at home—with parents. They sometimes seek fulfillment through their children’s accomplishments. Unconsciously, some parents give the impression that their reputation is on the line if their children don’t win. Pressure is also applied at school level. There is the clue to the win-at-all-costs syndrome—PRIDE. No one likes being shown up in front of others or being made to feel inferior because they lost. The truth of the matter is that if you brag about winning or despair about losing, you ARE a lesser person. Why so; because as a winner you fail to respect the dignity and self-esteem of the loser.


    The Effects of Sports Like Baseball On the Players and the Spectators


    No question about it, sports can be a magnetic force that creates excitement and strong loyalties. People are fascinated not only by players’ teamwork and feats of skill but also by the uncertainty of a game’s outcome. They want to know who will win. Moreover, sports offer a diversion for millions from what may be to them a humdrum life.


    Baseball sporting events are indeed demanding in terms of effort and time from the players of the sport. It should be expected then that the gamers and the spectators of the game be indeed absorbed by the sport event in most cases. For this reason, it is noted that being able to make a considerable understanding as to how both parties should let themselves be involved within the said events.


    Everything that happens within the baseball diamonds even within the grounds are supposed to stay within the said areas and not affect the different people involved in the situation. This though is easier said than done. It is essentially beneficial to know that people are people and the situations affect them as they get involved in several activities everyday. Hence, recognizing this shall bring up the fact that people especially those who are directly connected with group games such as baseball, whether they are the players or the spectators of the game should be able to balance their views with regards the fact that they still have other lives other than the fact that they are involved within the sports that they are most interested in.