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  • The Things You Didn’t Know About Cheerleading


    Cheerleading is a dynamic athletic activity that is now considered and practiced by several schools and universities. It is a sport involving breath-taking routines such as jumps, tosses, human pyramids, yells, etc. And those who participate in this type of performance are called…you guessed it…cheerleaders.


    The history of cheerleading originates from the United States in the late 1880's with your average crowd yelling and chanting to encourage their team. The credit for the first cheer ever is given to Princeton University in 1884 for coming up with a Princeton cheer thus securing their place in cheerleading history. Today there are millions of cheerleaders in America alone and thousands more in Europe and other parts of the world.


    As soon as the word cheerleader is mentioned what comes to mind is the stereotyped popular blondes with short skirts, dating a football player. However, did you know that at one time, when cheerleading first started, it was an all-male activity? 


    Cheerleading takes strength, flexibility, teamwork, and courage. Strength is required for jumping high, or tumbling, or for lifting/throwing a person who is almost the same size as you into the air. For perfecting jumps and for the flyers to do stunts, flexibility is needed. Courage and confidence is needed to be flying in the air up to twenty feet and still trust others underneath to be able to catch you, or being the one underneath, who has to catch a person flying towards him/her.


    Most people think of it as an activity for prissy girls. Quite contrary to that belief, throwing/lifting people in the air, jumping, tumbling, and cheering all with a smile is hard. 

    Cheerleaders, as the name suggests, add joy to and peppiness to an event where the cheerleading group leads the crowd, where they are present, in making the ambiance cheerful and jolly. They fill the event with fervor and passion and have such zeal and zest that they have potential enough to increase the presence of the crowd, and the sales and business of a certain event.

    The cheerleaders’ performance has a pre-planned program which is based on organized dances, thus executing the dancing with the required, special skills, enthusiasm and style. Hence these cheerleaders draw the attention of the audience so much so that the each cheerleader has numerous fans who gather in the crowd especially to catch one glimpse of their style-icons. For this, it is really very important that each cheerleader wears a unique cheerleading ribbon. These ribbons, help fans recognize their favorite cheerleader in the crowd and at the same time encourages the cheerleaders for a better and enhanced performance. These ribbons and accessories also add a dash of color and gaiety to the event. The cheerleaders garner compliments from their admirers as well as from their parents and the judges.

    Once comprised of a few unorganized individuals, cheerleading today is a competitive industry of thousands. Cheerleading, which was largely confined earlier on the American and European countries, has seen an increase in interest in the much more conservative Asia so much so that recent events in south east Asia has seen an outsourcing of cheerleading work for events to Australia and America.