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    Cricket is a sport that appeals to every individual irrespective of whether one enjoys explosive games or slower ones. The origins of cricket are obscured and largely unrecorded; however it is thought to be invented by the English. Cricket can be traced back to as early as the 16th century but it may have originated much earlier than that. As with most games, cricket has evolved and expanded over the centuries and the source of much speculation. In the 19th century, cricket was played in many countries and public schools.


    Cricket is played between two teams, of 11 members each. In essence an individual batsman battles against a bowler, who has helpers known as fielders. The bowler throws the ball with a straight arm from one end of the pitch which is 22 yards, and attempts to dismiss the batsman by hitting a target known as the wicket at the other end, or so that the batsman hits the ball into the air into a fielder’s grasp, or by inducing any of the other several mistakes on the part of the batsman. The batsman tries to defend the wicket with the bat and the same time to score runs by striking the ball to the field boundary, or far enough from the fielders to allow the batsman to run to the other end of the pitch to the wickets, before the ball can be returned. There are always two batsmen on the field, each take a turn as required. When all but one batsmen of the batting teams have been dismissed – or after an agreed period – the teams’ roles are reversed. After all the players required to bat on both sides have done so either once or twice (which can take from a few hours -as in an One day – popularly know as ODI ,to five days – as in a Test match) the total number of runs accumulated will determine the winner. But sometimes – which is usually the case in a test match, there isn’t one.


    The game is more of a religion in south Asia especially the Indian subcontinent, and Australia. Some of the biggest teams in the recent times have been India, Australia and South Africa, while England, West Indies and Pakistan have a glorious history of the game. In the Indian subcontinent the revenue that cricket generates as a whole is of the order of multimillion dollars.


    Recent times have seen slurs on the great game; some of the most shameful have been the match fixing fiascos and the racial slur charges that have been doing the rounds.


    Fresher versions of the game like the 20-20 championships and the Cricket Leagues have created a new dimension to the game. However it has drawn much flak from the cricket puritans who insist that these forms will dilute the spirit of the game making it more of a business. The youth do not seem to be rather perturbed by their objections and lap up all the drama and excitement that the new meaner versions of the games have to offer.