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  • Airboaters Community!
    Airboating! Airboaters from every where can be found here. Join the Unique new community exclusively for airboats!

  • Grandmasters Community
    This community is designed for and in service to those martial artists who dare to go their own way. Help all system founders around the world be easily found among the internet community and thereby help us all build not only our own systems, but enlighten the world with your unique knowledge. This community is absolutely free to all members.

  • The Billiards Room 2000 Sharkscove Community
    Many of these sites are personal pages dedicated to the sport of billiards. You will find many commercial sites offecommunity cues, tables and accessories for sale. Some sites will offer rules and regulations for the different incarnations of this fantastic sport. Billiards, Pool, eight-ball, nine-ball, snooker, rotation, one-pocket, three-ball, sharks, cues, balls, gloves, tournaments, racks, newsgroups, mailing lists, magazines and more!!!{;}

  • Kevin Harvick Fan Community
    Nascar fan community for those who love nascar and want to get to know others with same interests.

  • Blogs with Sports
    For those who regularly include entries about their sports *thing* in their blog, online journal.

  • Cheers And More - A Spirit Thing Community
    An information resource center and community for all spirit sports. (Cheer, Color Guard, Dance, Drill, Gymnastics, Pom, Skating and more)

  • Martial Art Information
    Linking Martial Art Information from around the world.

  • American Kart Racing Network
    A community to bcommunity websites together who participate and enjoy kart racing of all kinds. All types of kart racing, have one thing in common, and that is a drive to be the best you can doing something you love to do. Welcome to the American Kart Racing Network!!!

  • American Skaters Community
    A community for official and fan pages of U.S. figure skaters.

    Only for Websites on Alexei Yagudin!!!

  • Crib22 Skateboarding
    Crib 22 skateboarding has sooo much content and is linked with other sites from all over the web that you could never, ever explore it all!

  • The Philippe Candeloro Community
    A community that consists of website/pages that have Philippe Candeloro content.

  • 10 Pin Bowling
    Community for Ten Pin Bowling teams, leagues and sites of general bowling interest.

  • Martial Artist
    A community gathecommunity all of the martial artists out there

  • The Community of Katie's Friends
    A blog with my friends with blogs...or just have pages hehe

  • Shaun White Fan Community
    This is the first ever Shaun White Fan community. If you're a fan, join up n represent. :D

  • Jeff Gordon's Goddess
    A community for women who are fans of Jeff Gordon

  • Pistolskydning
    En community for hjemmesider som omhandler skydning med håndvåben.

  • Extreme Sports for Those Who Crave A Rush


    Cliff diving is one of the most extreme of the extreme sports so to say. Not every person would willingly want to launch themselves off a 40-foot cliff into thin air. But for some, the adrenaline rush of the free fall is too much to resist.


    It started as a loyalty test for a Hawaiian king in the 1700s and eventually morphed into a sanctioned world class activity (associated with the World High Diving Federation). Cliff diving attracts the most acrobatic, thrill-seeking athletes in the world. While is clearly a unique sport that is not for the fainthearted, but if the proper precautions and diving techniques are practiced, the experience can be a life-changing.


    Many cliffs in Jamaica, Australia and Switzerland are host to numerous daredevils who take cliff diving as their chosen sport. While for some extreme athletes, cliff diving is the ultimate water sport, they will be the first ones to warn you of the risks involved and to take this sport seriously.


    Unpredictable water levels and rocky shores are among some of the many hazards of this very dangerous extracurricular activity. The most common injuries are severe bruises, especially on the arms and legs, from impacting the water at an odd angle. People breaking their backs, by simply, hitting the water wrong is not unusual. Cliff diving tests both a person’s physical and mental skills, so it is never a good idea to jump on a whim. For most people adventurous enough to consider the idea in the first place, this is not much of a deterrent and many continue to cliff dive. Checking the water to ensure that it is at a safe level is one of the most important things to do before cliff jumping. Also wearing a wetsuit and helmet as well as employing the proper jumping technique after proper training can be life saver for the diver.


    Since the most important aspect of cliff jumping is coming back at the end of the day with all limbs intact and functioning properly, concentration and perfect calculation of the dive is a priority or the diver could receive a fatal if not life threatening injury. To understand truly how extreme this sport is there are no more 150 professional cliff divers in the world!


    Precautions – It is advisable to take the following precautions, regardless of where you are and how many times you've been to the spot.

    Before the jump:

    ·        Wade into the water:  Swim around, search for submerged rocks and objects. 

    ·        Test the jump-off point: Test the jumping rock. Ensure it is not loose.

    ·        Be prepared: have a GPS-enabled cell phone or directions to the nearest hospital or help

    ·        Once in the air, be confident, lean slightly forward, and land with legs together, arms tucked against your sides.

    ·        In the Water, stay tucked, as untucking before your body has reached its maximum descent in the water can cause your body to be tossed around like a rag doll.

    Finally …Feel the rush: Enjoy the greatest adrenaline rush you've ever felt!