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    The game of golf has grown to be one of the world’s most popular sports today. Its history goes back to the 1300s when a game resembling golf was played with a stick and ball. During the 15th century, Golf originated from a game played on the coast of Scotland where Golfers would hit a pebble around the sand dunes using a stick. In the late 18th century, golf, as we recognize it today came into existence. In the last quarter of the 18th century, the Edinburgh golfers wrote the first standardized rules for the game.

    Golf Clubs evolved from wooden shaft clubs to today's sophisticated sets of woods and irons with high durability, adequate weight distribution and graduation. The evolution of clubs went hand in hand with the evolution of golf balls which became more capable of withstanding harder whacks.

    Golf Balls came into being as the golfers started tiring of hitting pebbles. Earliest man-made golf balls included thin leather bags stuffed with feathers however with the disadvantage that they did not fly very far.

    In 1848 the gutta-percha ball was invented by Reverend Adam Paterson. It was made of sap of the Gutta tree; and this ball was very similar to its modern counterpart and could cover a maximum distance of 225 yards. I the last decade of the 19th century, Coburn Haskell introduced the first ever one-piece rubber cored ball. When professionally hit these balls covered distances as far as 430 yards.

    Players noticed that as balls became old and scarred, they traveled farther. Since during the early days of golf, the balls were smooth, and so after a while players would take new balls and pit them intentionally. In early 20th century, the first dimpled golf balls were manufactured by William Taylor. Golf balls had now taken on their modern form.

    Carrying & Caddies. During the 1880s, golf bags first came into use and the caddie used to carry the golfers' equipment for them. This was dispensed with when the first powered golf car appeared around 1962 which and was invented by Merlin L. Halvorson.

    Golf Tees. The word "tee" originated as the name for the area where a golfer played. In 1889, the first documented portable golf tee was patented, which was made from rubber and had three vertical rubber prongs that held the ball in place. However it was only in 1892, tat the first tee that did piece (pegged) the ground was invented.

    Golfers today play with the standard 14 club set consisting of 3 woods, 9 irons, a sand wedge, and a putter. The balls are now made in a universally uniform size of 1.68 inches round and 1.62 ounces in weight.

    It was legendary players of yesteryear namely Old and Young Tom Morris, Walter Travis, and Francis Ouimet set the standards. However golfers such as Henry Picard, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, dominated the greens during the first half of the 20th century.

    In the 1960s and '70s, players like Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, and Jack became prominent on the golf scene. Tiger Woods today has become synonymous with golf the world over and has managed to gain the interest of younger fans, bringing the entire sport into a whole new light.