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  • Knitting Bloggers
    A community for knitting blogs!

  • Fiber Arts Bloggers
    Announcements are posted at http://fiberartsbloggers.blogspot.com

  • KnittingKitty
    Knitters with cats. We all seem to have one. It's a stereo-type that's generally true ^_^.

  • Knittyheads
    Coffee community, er community of Knitty coffeeshop users.

  • Midwest Knitters
    Community for Knitters in Midwest & the Plains states.

  • Free Knitting Patterns Community
    All knitters love free knitting patterns so if you have some to share on your page, or are looking for some, this is the place! To join you may have a private or commercial site and must have at least one free knitting pattern for download on your page. (You must also abide by the rules as set out on the community's home page). Visit ~ http://www.chavie.net/knitcommunity.html
    Knitting for a new baby?  Check out www.thepregnancyshow.com.

  • Stitching Bloggers
    For those of us who blog and also cross stitch

  • QueerKnit
    Queer Knitting and Crochet websites and blogs.

  • Strickblogger
    Community für deutschsprachige, nicht-kommerzielle Strick- und Spinntagebücher (Knitting Blogs) - immer mehr Wollsüchtige bloggen :o)

  • Men Who Knit
    A community to gather together all Male Knitters (ladies welcome)

  • Lace Knitting Community
    Share in spreading the joy of lace knitting! You are invited to join our community of lace if you have a site with pictures of knitted lace, with lace knitting instructions or patterns, or in any way that inspires people to lace knitting.

  • SheepThrills Blogs
    Blogs belonging to SheepThrillers.

  • Las 5 del Viernes
    Cada viernes responde en tu blog a las 5 preguntas que te proponemos.

  • Astonishing Beaded Crafts
    A Community for Homemade Beaded Crafts. Anything Beaded, Jewelry and Crafts.{;}Items are Homemade and for Sale.{;}Kid Safe, No Adult Site or Material. Sea Crest Crafts reserves the right to accept of reject any client for any reason stated or not.

  • Magic 28
    Stamp out cold feet. Knit socks for cold children.

  • Crafty Pals
    Crafty Pals is a crafting community of individuals who enjoy crafting. Our crafters are all ages, with a diversity of backgrounds and crafting interests, at all levels of expertise. {;}{;}Crafty Pals share, learn, chat, craft and celebrate our accomplishments together. {;}{;}We welcome crafters with all levels of expertise.

  • Skeldale House Designs Community of Stitches
    For any one offecommunity embroidery designs on thier site

  • Cosplay Chain© - totally cosplay community -
    Hello and welcome to

  • Charming Country Crafts
    This is a community for country crafters and anybody that loves the country way of life! Your site must have a country or craft theme to be accepted.

  • Scattered Tongues
    the conlang community

  • Friendship Quilt Community
    A community for Friendship Quilters, those who make Friendship Quilts, Quilts for a cause, Holiday Quilts or trade friendship Quilt blocks. You must have at least one quilt on your site.

  • Precious Moments Community
    To link together sites and people whom enjoy Precious Moments.

  • Lacemakers Community
    The community for all those who love handmade lace. Wheather they make it or collect it.

  • The R.A.C.E.S. Community
    This R.A.C.E.S. community is for sites that have a RACES aspect, especially for websites affiliated with RACES.

  • Internet Stamp Collectors
    A community for individuals and companies who buy, sell, swap, or auction stamps and stamp supplies over the internet

  • Country Lane Community
    Take a stroll down Country Lane, a community filled with country homes and country shops. If it's related to a country theme, you'll find it at Country Lane.

  • Christian Crocheters
    This community is a gathecommunity place for the web sites of Christian women who love to crochet. Your site should contain both Christian content (some reference to what being a Christian means in your life) and crochet content (why you enjoy crocheting, and examples of your work if possible).

  • ModelCarList
    Car modlers who enjoy building scale replicas of cars. Hot Rods, stock, NASCAR, Race Cars.... Sites have picture and descriptions of current models and modeling news. Most sites belong to members of the ModelCarList Internet Modeling Club.{;}

  • The Scrapbooking Moms Community
    The Scrapbooking Moms Community is for mothers of all ages who enjoy creating scrapbooks for their children and have at least some information on their website about their scrapbooking hobby!
    The Scrapbooking Moms Community
    Join this community to surf around the sites of other mommies who love scrapbooking, and maybe you will get some tips and ideas for your own page layouts! :)

  • One Stroke World
    A World of One Stroke painting sites! A great listing of sites of those who share in the passion of One Stroke painting. A variety of sites you will enjoy of wonderful paintings and to get some great ideas for decorating your home or gift giving. Please share in our world of One Stroke painting.

  • Free Crochet Patterns
    This community is for the crochet lover who can never get enough! Afghans, baby items, christmas items and more. Come and join in on the fun! If you've got a web site that you'd like to add, please join us and help make this community grow!

  • skinned!
    a community for sites that are skinned. you'll know if this is a community your site will fit in with. :)

  • The Glitteratti Community
    Where the glitter gals (and guys) from the getcrafty and supernaturale glitter boards can list and browse each others personal/crafty sites.

  • A Beaded EarCommunity
    This community is a collection of sites that make handcrafted beaded earcommunitys. Made from seed beads, czech glass beads, just beads. Or any Handcrafted earcommunitys made by the artist of the site. Not ones for resale.

  • Gemcutters Community
    The Gemcutters Community supports the online faceting community. Please join us if you offer information, services or products specifically to the faceting community. We look forward adding you to our family of gemcutting enthuisiasts.

  • The Art Of Reborn
    For fans, collectors and crafters of reborn dolls.

  • Digitizers Haven
    Digitized Images for Machine Embroidery,{;}Original Images created in PSP for Embroidery

  • Ham Radio Chat!
    Ham Radio Chat! is primarily an ICQ group that is dedicated to the betterment of Amateur Radio. With Ham Radio Chat! you can learn how to become a ham, meet other hams, or elmer those who wish to learn.

  • Native American Handcrafts
    A community for Native American Handcrafted Items.

  • Hilos, Madejas y Agujas
    El lugar perfecto para todos los amantes de las manualidades pero en especial del arte de punto en cruz.{;}The perfect place for all the lovers of the wonderful world of handcrafts, but most specially the crosstitch art.{;}

  • Hamsnet.net Community
    Amateur Radio service provider inluding free e-mail and free web pages for ham operators world wide

  • Free Patterns for Decorative Artists
    A community of decorative painting, tole painting and crafting sites that offer free patterns to their visitors.

  • Scrollsaw Fretwork and Fun!
    Any site that deals with scrollsaws, fretwork, intarsia and/or the products produced with these tools is welcome to join. This includes manufacturers and dealers of fine woodworking equipment, tools, products, plans and instructions. If you are looking to get started with scrolling, improve your skills, find new designs, or shop for new tools, check us out. ALSO, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE RING'S HOME-PAGE. THERE ARE SEVERAL ALTERNATIVE HTML STYLE AVAILABLE FOR USE ON YOUR WEBSITE.

  • Candle Lovers
    A community for lovers of candles, from making them to selling them, all are welcomed to apply. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

    My community is setup for all cross stitchers to share their site with cross stitching as the main theme.

  • Scrappin' Hearts
    This is a community that shares the love of scrapping and/or stamping.

  • Mathematics on Stamps
    This community tries to connect all the available ressources related to "Mathematics on Stamps". The community should provide a platform to find trading partners all over the world and share the latest news.

  • Scrap Shack
    Do you have a passion for scrapbooking? Do you have a web page that shows your layouts or simply consists of things about your scrapbooking hobby? We would love for you to join our group :)

  • Raggedy Friends
    ~Welcome~ If you are a collector or just a lover of these dolls - and you have pictures, poetry, stories that are related to any of the Raggedy family, we want to invite you to join us and form a huge circle of Raggedy-related websites throughout the world-wide web. ONLY family friendly sites, no exceptions. We have individual sites as well as business-related sites.Business sites are included because they also offer so much wonderful information for collectors in addition to offecommunity the service of providing Raggedy Ann and Andy products. We hope to see you soon! *Please upload a

  • Hobbies and Crafts - Not Just for Children


    Hobbies are most common pastimes not only amongst children but also amongst grown ups, wherein at times hobbies outgrow other interests and professional activities.


    Hobbies are essentially those areas of interests, which an individual can easily relate with it effortlessly, like a smooth flowing river without any hindrance or barriers and transcends into the vast expanse of the sea. It is like a natural habit with a natural course of flow with a natural culmination, where there is no force or compulsion. So it’s quite a natural process, it takes amongst children who slowly develops a likeness towards a specific activity, which it does without any compulsion, but with its imagination and creativity, may be without any logical thoughts built in, but with a natural course of flow of a growing mind; thus slowly generating a keenness towards moving with the flow of thoughts or creativity and thus with maturity of the growing mind it takes the shape of our own ingenuity, which we relate with our knack for developing into a ‘habit’ or what we often refer to as ‘hobbies’. When habit becomes a natural course of logically thought process and gives a result we call it a hobby. For example, one’s activity of studying with natural objects is a ‘habit’, but when the same individual starts delving with the nature with a logical process of studying the flora and fauna with an objective to find a specific result, we call it a ‘hobby’.


    Often hobbies take the shape of something deeper than it looks apparently and then it becomes more of a ‘passion’ than just a hobby, cause one relates a hobby from his/her areas of interests but passion is something which comes from one’s inner-self and at times it overtakes other activities which is a culmination of all natural process and instincts.


    From childhood till a grown up individual, one may take up any hobbies be it nature study, photography, traveling, philately, music, art, painting, sculpting and many more; often hobbies later on becoming a passion or at a later stage becoming a profession. Someone having a liking towards making clay modeling as a chilled may take it to sculpting as a profession later in life, cause the hobby of modeling became a passion, which overtook all other interests and thus became a profession for the individual.





    Craft is often taken as a natural hobby by many people, wherein the habit of the creative mind at a nascent stage to express with imagination of our natural surroundings with various shades of color, may often lead to a more matured mind with creativity to give a shape in form of an art of Crafts which can be any kind of modeling, or a collage, of a paper-art or even simple creation of a theme from inanimate objects. Thus an expression of one’s imagination from being a hobby, can often lead to a creation of a Craftwork that we often fail to notice in our life.

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