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  • Hockey: More than Just the NHL


    I know when you think of hockey, you think NHL, but the sport is made up of two main categories; Field Hockey and Ice Hockey.  Both games are extremely popular in various areas of the world with Field Hockey a global game whilst Ice Hockey is mainly played by northern hemisphere sides.  There are other forms of the game including roller hockey but these are less widespread.


    The sport of Field Hockey is a team game.  It is considered to be the second largest organised sport behind Association Football with clubs worldwide.  Controlled by the International Hockey Federation the global game is represented at the Olympics, has its own regional, national and international championships.    The current Olympic champions being Germany in the men’s game and Australia in the women’s game. 


    Field Hockey is played on a pitch of a similar size to football.  Rules are complicated but involve the pushing of a hard ball from one end of a pitch to the other using a hooked stick with the aim of scoring a goal.  Fouls are given for such offenses as the ball hitting a foot and dangerous play – the swinging of the stick in a dangerous manner and hitting the ball in the air in a dangerous manner.  Rules are enforced by two umpires who work in tandem to ensure all areas of the field are covered throughout the game.  This is necessary as the game can be extremely fast moving with end to end movement of the ball in seconds requiring each end of the pitch to be adequately covered by officials.


    Ice Hockey is and extremely popular game across the northern hemisphere.  It is played on an area of ice using a small rubber puck and is extremely fast moving.  An extremely violent game, injuries are common.  As with field hockey the object of the game is to score more goals than the opposition.


    Major League Ice Hockey is an extremely popular spectator sport in the US and Canada with many people watching the weekly games either in person or on television.  The game itself was founded in its modern form by English explorers and soldiers playing the game on the frozen sea in Kingston harbour.  It is therefore highly appropriate that the game now sees so much popularity in this area of the world.


    In this form of hockey grudges between teams are common and normally manifest themselves in violent and bloody fights on the ice.  Who can forget the cold war fights between the USA and USSR on the ice at the Winter Olympics then shocked the world with their ferocity.  Sport certainly mirrored the world order for its tensions in those days.  Elsewhere other grudges include the hatred between Nottingham and Sheffield in the UK Ice Hockey League.  Matched between these two teams separated by less than 40 miles geographically invariably end up with players being sent off and major injuries to jey players.


    Hockey, in all its forms, is highly popular around the world and be it the more finesse of field hockey or the violence and extreme speed of ice hockey you are  guaranteed an entertaining game should you choose to watch it.