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  • Triathletes & Edurance Training
    This community welcomes athletes of all levels who are training for endurance sports such as biking, cycling and swimming, including marathons, triathlons and like. Let's link-up and share information about training and best practices for enjoyment of the sport.

  • The Enjoyment of Multi-sports


    Multi-sports represent a set of instructional services intended at Multi-sport athletes for all the ages, backgrounds, as well as levels of talent. MSSC was founded and started by 8-time Iron man Hawaii winner Paula Newby-Fraser, Cycling celebrity John Howard, with John Duke in the year 1989. In the year 2000, Multi Sport School of winner’s co-founders, John Duke and Paula Newby-Fraser attached forces with on-line as well as personal coaching industry of Roch Frey and Paul Huddle for giving birth to Multi-sports.


    Concentrating in triathlon connected services, Multi-sports proffers the top and broad coaching, camps, as well as practice in the sport. It is objective of Multi-sports to draw, initiate, and teach participants to a healthy and satisfying way of life that incorporates multi-sport training. For doing this, Multi-sports utilizes a wide network of expert athletes and specialists in all the fields pertinent to multi-sports, as both a leisure and competitive effort.


    At present the Multi-sports create 5-day, 6-day as well as weekend camps whose prospectus differs in spotlight from skill/practice to training/health orientations. Although every camp's objective is to assist athletes generate and found a teaching lifestyle / schedule relative to their personal particular objectives, a defining feature of camps is the excitement you would have plus the stars you would get to know down the way.


    Multi-sport is the family of athletic contests where the athlete’s races in a constant sequence of stages or “legs”, and quickly change from one sporty authority to another with the intention of achieving the best overall time. Many multi-sport events are survival races, including aerobic activities like running, cycling, kayaking as well as cross-country skiing.


    Familiar events from Olympic Games like the decathlon, pentathlon, as well as contemporary pentathlon are not generally measured to fall in this group since their individual components are not held end-to-end. The world of Multi-sport competitions has developed from older and more conventional duathlon and triathlon competitions, and at present comprises a huge number of distinctions. There is a bit of difference in naming these events; the more general and most consistent names are as follows:


    Triathlon: Cycling, swimming and running

    Off-road triathlon: Mountain biking, swimming and trail running

    Duathlon:  Running and cycling

    Off-road duathlon: Mountain biking and trail running

    Aquathlon: Running and Swimming

    Aquabike: Cycling and Swimming

    Quadrathlon: Running, swimming, kayaking and cycling

    Rowathlon: Running, indoor rowing and cycling.

    Winter triathlon: Running, Cross-country skiing and cycling

    Winter quadrathlon: Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing, cycling and running.


    Adventure racing comprises races which include many different stages of diverse types. In a lot of adventure races, competitors do not recognize some or all the stages prior to the race, as well as should handle unforeseen challenges.


    A Multi-Sport occurrence is a planned sporting event, usually held over numerous days, and featuring rivalry in a lot of diverse sports among organized groups of athletes from generally nation-states. The initial main, contemporary, multi-sport event of global meaning was the contemporary Olympic Games.