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  • Shooters Community
    A collection of the FINEST firearms and shooting home pages available on the web! Including topics on Reloading, RKBA, Second Amendment issues, Gun Chat, Firearms links, Firearm specific pages, Firearms safety, Shooting related pictures and videos, IPSC pages, and shooting sports across the web. Make this your FIRST STOP for firearms information on the web!

  • Big Game Fishing Community
    The Big Game Fishing Community is a group of websites celebrating the sport of saltwater fishing, with particular emphasis on offshore species such as marlin, swordfish, tuna, sailfish and shark. Whether you're a fisherman or just a fan, you'll find a lot to like at the BGFR member sites. If you have a site you think would make a great addition to our community, be sure to submit it!

  • The National Park Community
    The National Park Community is composed of homepages that are dedicated to the national parks of the United States and Canada. All sites in this community have at least one page dedicated to a National Park, Monument, Memorial or Historic site of the National Park system. Come visit the beauty of our National Parks through this community. No commercial pages please. This community is for personal pages about National Parks and Monuments.

  • Gunsites Community
    Gun Sites is a community for commercial gun dealers, gun smiths, gun shops, gun links, and hosts for other gun related websites.

  • Firearm Community
    A group of personal web sites related to firearms, shooting, hunting, and reloading. Anyone with a personal web site based on firearms or such related items is welcome to join. By linking these pages through a community we make it easier and more convenient for people to find the information they are looking for without having to search the entire world wide web.

  • North American Camping
    A Linked Community of Sites on the Topic of North American Camping.

  • Conference USA
    A community for the teams of Conference USA. This site includes official school sites as well as fan sites. Other sports sites maybe included depending on their contents.

  • Topshot Community
    Personal home pages of folks who like to shoot, Firearms links pages, Shooting Clubs, Firearms related vendors.

  • Costa Rica Sportfishing Community
    This community is dedicated to the world-class saltwater and freshwater sportfishing that can be found in friendly Costa Rica. Many world record fish are available in these waters, for both flyfishing and conventional tackle anglers. This community is provided to allow visitors to explore the many companies that offer true world-class sportfishing in Costa Rica, provide quality tackle and equipment, and promote the conservation and wise use of this spectacular resource. Web sites directly related to Costa Rica fishing are encouraged to join this community.

  • Australian Outdoors
    One of Australia's Premier Outdoors Websites.If you are looking for information, adventure or just a look at what's happening in the Australian{;}Outdoor scene, then you have come to the right place.{;}News, Weather, Outdoor pursuits, Adventure,First Aid, Damper, Bush Foods, Fishing, camping, Photos, Expeditions, Crocs, Information for travellers, Holiday makers and much, much more.{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • Canadian Hunters Community
    This Site Is Dedicated To Canadian Hunters. Whether You Hunt Big Game Or Small Upland Game Birds, You Are Welcome To Join Us...

  • Panama Fishing and Outdoors
    This Community consists of sites dedicated to Resorts, Clubs, Businesses and Organizations that support the various angling, sport fishing and Fly fishing pursuits in the Repubublic of Panama.

  • CommunitySurf: telemark skiing
    For blogs of telemark skiers. Blog focus doesn't need to be tele, but snow/skiing pics are appreciated! For instance home blog (teleknitter) is part skiing, part knitting, part life.

  • Go Paddling Community
    Join the Go Paddling Community! Open to quality web sites dedicated to paddling and kayaking!

  • Hunting Big Game Community
    A community for all BIG GAME Hunters!

  • Cyclists of the World
    The community site of all things cycles. If you have a cycle related site, why not join the CotW Community and increase traffic to your site.

  • The Cricket Corner
    This cricket community will contain web sites pertaining to cricket.

  • Yosemite Grizzly Award
    This community is for winners of and the selection committee for the Yosemite Grizzly Award, awarded to outstanding outdoors sites outside of GeoCities.

  • Wonderland Trail Hikers Net Community
    A community of sites dedicated to hiking info and photojournals of the wonderland trail in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

  • Sunday Football in the UK
    sunday football community an index of clubs in the UK. For everyone who plays football on a Sunday

    A community devoted to the fishing enthusiasts,for trout,salmon,walleye,muskie.

  • AussieNaturists
    Aussie naturist sites promoting naturism for all as a healthy lifestyle in a wonderful setting and climate.

  • Ocean Currents
    Ocean Currents is both a network community and a discussion forum about coastlines. The Ocean Currents flow past beach communities, and remote shorelines; by people sun worshiping and others enjoying their favorite marine sports; into sanctuaries and remote islands; along seaside homes, motels, and restaurants; leaving tidepools that reveal wonders of the sea.{;}

  • Cricket World Today Community
    This community caters for all cricketing sites around the web from all countries from all over the world.

  • Water and Woods Community
    If you enjoy the Outdoors show your support! By joining this community or some of our many free promotional programs you'll not only recieve more traffic but make a contribution to what we all enjoy...

  • Nature Photos
    This community is dedicated to photos of the natural world taken by amatuers or professionals and displayed freely on the web. Photos include wildlife, landscapes, underwater, plants and flowers.

  • Waterfalls Community
    The Waterfalls Community bcommunitys together fans of natural waterfalls from around the world. Visit our websites for waterfall fun, hiking, climbing, photography, geography, geology, history, and appreciation of these natural wonders.

  • The Internet Rifle and Pistol Club
    The Communitysurf sites are linked to other Sites about Short, Long Range shooting, and Hunting. We will cover Internal, External, and Terminal Ballistics, Understanding MOA, and Zero, and Good Shooting Techniques. We encourage all Rifle, and Pistol owners to join this Community of Experience Shooters, and Hunters.

  • Scouting the Web
    We connect scouting sites worldwide. Come and join the adventure as we grow and expand our community.

  • 2ndAmendment
    Marathon USA provides quality telecommunications services to the pro-gun community, and raises cash for organizations fighting to preserve 2nd Amendment rights. Marathon USA's mission is to help provide financial resources to front line pro-gun organizations at all levels, from the grassroots to the national level, who are directly engaged in fighting the gun-grabbers and protectings our 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Bergsteiger-Community
    Community für Internetseiten mit den Themen Berge, Bergsteigen, Klettern, Alpinismus und Bergwandern.

  • The Great Outdoors


    The outdoors is one thing in this world that everyone, everywhere looks to for their recreation or work.  Varying across the globe by such staggering degrees from the icy tundra through to the steamy rain forest it incorporates the heart and sole of the planet.


    The icy Tundra is one of the most spectacular of the outdoors across the planet.  The icy wilderness is found at the northern and southern extremities of the planet.  An area of extreme cold temperatures very little other than the simple plant structures of lichens grow there as a layer of permafrost within the soil of the area preventing anything with a larger root system being able to grow.


    Coming further toward the equator we enter the more temperate climates and areas of outdoors.  This is the area of the globe where most of the population lives.  Population centres and their growth have led to the great outdoors being threatened.  Green spaces are often at a premium as towns and cities grow taking up more space eating into the outdoor areas.  For this reason a number of countries have set aside areas of national parks and declared areas of outstanding natural beauty preventing development within these areas.  This has created areas that are available for recreational activities such as climbing, walking along with water sports and camping.  Environmentally this is maintaining the lungs of the planet with these green spaces allowing the planet to rid itself of the toxic wastes and gasses that our human activities are producing and killing the planet.


    The lungs of the planet are one way of describing the next major area of the outdoors.  The rainforest area of the planet is probably the most important yet most abused area of the planet.  Without this classification of outdoors the planet would die.  The plants and trees in this area clean the planet of the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases that we put into our planets atmosphere.  Combine this with the belief that there is a natural cure for all illnesses and that they are undiscovered in the rainforest then we must protect this area of the world.  The rainforest is being destroyed at such a rate that if we do not stop it the world will lose its ability to cure itself.  If it loses this ability then global warming will increase at an alarming rate with the world eventually becoming uninhabitable to most species including our own.


    In the above paragraphs we have barely touched on the importance of the outdoors to us.  We use it for recreation, for resources and it provides the world with an ability to live and maintain its heat and atmospherically balance. If we continue to destroy this important part of out planet we will suffer extremes of temperature, natural disasters will abound be they floods, droughts or any other global disasters.  It is very simple with the outdoors and it is as follows:


    Look after the outdoors and it will look after us.