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    Skating takes on a variety of forms varying form the traditional roller skates through inline skates to the major sport of ice skating.  Carries out all year round and globally this is a popular past time that can be done by all ages and abilities.


    Ice skating takes many forms from casual skating in severe winter conditions through to the choreographed ice dance routines that we see at major tournaments such as the Winter Olympics.  Archaeological evidence suggests that ice skating has been taking place for over 4000 years in certain areas of the world.  These skates were crafted from bines from kills and enable the individual to hunt and travel over the winter months.


    Ice Dance and figure skating is wonderful to watch when carried out well.  The intricacies of the tight movement combined with a variety of music can be both graceful and moving.   Competing couple aim to score as many point as possible for both artistic arrangement and technical ability.  The competition is split into three dances the compulsory, original and free dance.  In the compulsory section the all the contestants carry out the same steps allowing the judges to directly compare them.  The original dance involves dancing to a piece of music with a set rhythm.  The music can be chosen by the competing couple but a set series of movements and steps must be made within predetermined areas of the ice rink.  The third and final part of the competition is usually the most spectacular as it is the free dance. This is a free routine to a piece of music chosen by themselves.  This dance is expected to tell the story of the music and involves costume and the ability to act out he story on ice.  Who can ever forget two of the greatest ever ice dances Torville and Dean?  This couple redefined the level of ice dance required to win competitions and took the standards to the next level.  Music from musicals such as Barnum was interpreted in such a manner that had the whole audience on their feet clapping and singing along.  This was just the prequel to the perfection that was their development of the Bolero.  This dance received perfect marks and established the couple as the best in the world and possibly the best ever.


    The popularity of ice dance has been re-established recently with the Celebrity Dancing on Ice series of programmes which has seen TV, film and other celebrities learning to ice dance aided by some of the best current ice dancers in the world with one couple being eliminated each week.  All this has been carried out under the eyes of a panel of judges and under the tuition of Torville and Dean.  Yes the greatest ice dancers of history have been tempted to skate again and show to a new audience the brilliance of their work.  Ice dance has gained a new audience and the prime time Saturday evening slot normally saved for the highest audiences of the week.