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    community site dedicated to linking youth soccer sites from around the globe

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    The aim of CommunityRefs is to connect football(soccer) Refereeing type web sites encompassing all levels of soccer. Linking Referee type web sites will allow information to be shared throughout the football(soccer) Referees' worldwide community - and hopefully increase the enjoyment we all experience within this wonderful game. The CommunityRefs was started in 2000, and the owner is Julian Carosi. His web site can be found here www.corshamref.org.net

    Soccer Community for Scottish Youth Football Teams. Sign-up and meet new friends.

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    This Community is for any website aimed at Arsenal Football Club.

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    ladies football league directory an index of clubs in the UK. ladies and girls who play football.

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    Anillo de sitios web en idioma castellano acerca del fútbol infantil

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    World cup 2002 of Soccer fans pages, Knowledge base and history of the best sport in the world.

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    A Community For Loyal Hearts Sites

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    Ein Community für alle Blogs über Vereine der 2. Bundesliga

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    We are more than a voting bloc or stereotypical minivan drivers. We support youth sports for the positive experiences they provide our kids AND us.

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    The Winning Poll allows you to share your views, reviews and comments about all different kind of sportgames by using a pollsystem.

  • It’s All About The Soccer!


    Soccer is an Americanism for the game that is actually called association football.  Named soccer to prevent any confusion with the American game, American Football which is more a derivative of rugby than football lit is run worldwide by FIFA and local associations (hence the true name Association Football). Its strongest areas are to be found in Europe and South America with the regions of Africa and Asia fast becoming hot beds of the sport.


    Soccer itself is played on a pitch of either grass or artificial turf.  This pitch is usually between 90 and 120 metres in length and between 45 and 91 metres wide.  The pitch must always be rectangular and cannot be square.  With a goal at either end this is the basis of all football worldwide.


    Teams are made up of 11 individuals, one of whom must be a goalkeeper.  The object of the game is to score (get the ball into the opponent’s goal) more than the opposing team.  Groups of teams make up leagues which can be found all over the world.


    Probably the most famous football league in the world is the founding league, now known as the Premiership, in England.  Made up of 20 teams it has massive followings worldwide and its teams and their stars are household names.  Teams such as Liverpool, the most successful club side in the history of the game, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea boast millions of fans worldwide with a preseason tour by one of these clubs provoking mass hysteria and almost music star like adoration from the fans.


    Major stars exist within the game many earning in excess of £150,000 per week and are the subject of almost obscene transfer fees as clubs vie for the best players.  Speculation in the UK as this is written is that the Brazilian superstar, Kaka, is the subject of a transfer bid of £175 million with wages on offer of half a million pounds sterling a week to secure his services for Manchester City.  In the current financial crisis this is seen as ridiculous by the average supporter who is struggling to watch his favourite sport due to high entrance prices.  With the cost of an average ticket to a premiership game being in excess of £40 gates are dwindling with the average supporter having to watch lower level football or wait for football to be shown on television.


    Top football clubs have become the modern play thing s of the richest people in the world which has allowed this spiralling of costs to happen. To many of these people it is just enough to be associated with the club and its success.  As a result of this they are ploughing billions of pounds of money into clubs to make sure they have the best but this is what is driving out the average supporter.  As wage costs within the clubs spiral entry costs for games increase and the average supporter is driven away.  Even in the second tier of English football, The Coca Cola Championship entrance prices have risen steeply over recent years.


    Football or Soccer is a game of the people, but a game that has been taken over by the rich.  It is fast becoming inaccessible to the average person and if something is not done soon the game with suffer and we will lose the spectacle of a stadium full of fervent fans shouting on their favourite team.