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  • Volleyball: At The Beach and Off


    Volleyball has its origin in Massachusetts, USA, in the year 1895, when a YMCA Physical Education Director, Bill Morgan devices a pass time indoor game called “Mintonette” which had the characteristics of both tennis and handball. This was nearly four years after the basketball was first played and was gaining popularity as an outdoor game. Thus volleyball, then known as Mintonette, was devised as more sober version, less rough with less physical contact than that of basketball and was designed to be an indoor game, but still requiring a bit of athletic abilities.

     Volleyball is played indoor with six players on each side, in a rectangular court measuring 18 meters long and 9 meters wide, with two halves divided into 9 meters each which is divided with a one-meter wide net placed in such a way that the top is about 2.43 meters above the center of the court for the men, and 2.24 meters for the women. Sometimes these heights are varied depending on the junior or veterans competition.

    An area called the free zone, which is minimum of 3 meters wide, which the players may enter after the services of the balls and play, surrounds the team arena. All lines denoting the boundaries of the game court or the attack zone areas are within the dimension of the area and are part of the court or zone. Hence a ball coming in contact with the line is called ‘in’ and the ball crossing over the line would be called ’out’. Perpendicular to the sideline an antenna is placed on each side of the court, and the ball passing over the net must pass completely between the antennae but without touching them.

    Volleyball as a game do require a desired level of physical abilities like height, high jump strength and agility. Good heights and capability to jump high are essential qualities of a good volleyball player since minimum net height of 2.24 to 2.43 meters are required to clear the ball over the net, and thus players over 1.8 meters or above always gain advantages in this sport. Thus Teams successful in this sport have always built on their teams around tall players with athletic physique.

     In recent times, traditional volleyball has given rise to a truncated outdoor version of the game, which has turned out to be more popular because of its charisma and flamboyance. The truncated version is called “Beach Volleyball” and is played with two players on each side. It is played on the sea beach in an enclosed arena with dry sand replacing a grass or artificial court. Compared to the original version of the game, beach volleyball is more strenuous and require more stamina and physical abilities to sustain the heat and humidity of the beach outdoors, compared to cool indoors for the full version game. Volleyball first appeared in the Olympics in the summer of 1924 in Paris as a demonstration game but was fully inducted in the 1964 summer Olympics Games.