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  • Underwater Photo Community

    This community links web sites dedicated to underwater photography. Sites include professional and amateur photo galleries, stock underwater photography, personal pages, mailing lists, equipment providers and manufacturers, marine life behavior and identification, underwater photo contests, and sites for underwater photographers to interact. Have a site, join today...if not, surf away!

  • The Scuba Community
    This is the SCUBA RING's official site if you have a page about scuba diving you are eligible to be part of the Scuba Community. The SCUBA RING provides a means of over 500 web site about scuba diving to be linked via special coding allowing visitors seeking information on scuba diving to search the community.

  • Community voor en door Nederlandstalige Duiksites
    Community voor en door sites over duiken (als het maar met duiken te maken heeft) in de Nederlandse taal. Naast Nederlands mogen er ook andere talen op de site worden gebruikt, maar het grootste en belangrijkste deel is in het Nederlands.

  • Scuba Diving Community

    SCUBA sites.

  • Dive Club Community
    A linked community of Scuba Dive Club web sites.

  • MacGregor/Venture Sailboats Community
    A community for MacGregor/Venture sailboat owners and others with interest in MacGregor/Venture sailboats.

  • frenchsurfcommunity, l'anneau du surf frenchie
    L'anneau du surf frenchie federe des sites sur le tous les aspects du surf et de la glisse en general en france et notamment en aquitaine{;}

  • Waterfalls Community
    Fun, adventure, hiking, explocommunity, photography, history, geology, geography, or just the quiet contemplation of NATURAL WATERFALLS.

  • Feeling the Real Excitement with Water Sports


    Gone are the days when water plainly served as a source of drink and a source of cleansing. Through the years of human development, the progress on the matter by which humans use water has also taken a great toll of drastic changes. As for a fact, contemporary sporting events view water as one of the most challenging areas of competition among contenders within a certain competitive event. What particular sporting events naturally attract human individuals at present?


    The Human Fascination Over Water Sports


    Water, as a matter that is characterized with current and depth, has its own control of anybody aiming to pass within its midst. For this reason, many sport enthusiasts understand that anybody might be able to run or pass a baton and so on and so forth, but only a few could actually be able to handle water sports competition as well as the pros. Certainly, the existence of water current combined with the density of water makes it hard for many individuals to deal with competitive events that involve water sports.


    Likely, those who are able to find the best process by which to deal with these competitions are those who are really skilled and honed through years of experiences. Some develop from realizing swimming activities as a form of recreation to realizing that the said skill of bodily control could actually be used in sporting edges. Through developmental procedures and improvement practices, the skills of a swimmer becomes better honed thus better equipping him with the right bodily training and endurance that he primarily needs to be able to compete with others.


    The Different Forms of Water Sports


    As the realization on the possibility of going through the current of water and being able to jive along with the depth of the said form of matter, the development of water sports events also increase through time. Individual developers of the said form of game naturally realize the possibility of putting art within the process to increase the challenge among the players of the event.


    Today, there are to main water sporting events that are known worldwide. One is that of the swimming event and the other being the figure swimming. The swimming event happens as its is. The players are expected to swim within a specified distance. To be able to reach the end of the competition, the players of the said event usually use a swimming style that fit their body weight, their skills in swimming, their physical strength and the like, which they primarily think could give them the best edge in the competition to be able to attain victory in the end.


    Meanwhile, figure swimming or at times called as interpretative swimming involves a team of swimmers who have choreographed their moves in connection with a certain musical piece used to accompany their movements. These shows are best seen through aerial position whereas the fit and the hands as well as the other formations that the swimmers make are best accented.


    Certainly, with these examples discussed, it could be realized that water sports naturally give the best bodily exercise and physical development that any individual needs to develop balance, agility, control and even creativity to come up with the most beneficial water sporting event that best fits an individual’s capability to deal with water.