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  • Vintage and Antique Snowmobiles
    We're a community dedicated to Vintage and Antique Snowmobiles. That means that this is a fun place for those who love swooshing around on snowmobiles as much as for those who simply collect antiques and more specifically antique snowmobiles.
    Find all kinds of interesting and exciting stuff here like Yamaha, Polaris, Clymer shop manuals and information. You can also find Vintage Snowmobile racing information and stuff from then Vintage Snowmobile Club of America.

  • Discovering the Wondrous Art of Winter Sports


    Winter…when this word comes into light, what usually comes into the mind? Snow, cool breeze, fun activities under frozen trees and steep heels of icy grounds…these are only a few among the many interesting things that makes winter a rather inviting season for many individuals living within areas that are visited by winter time.


    During the ancient times, men did not know how to pass through icy areas, now everything is a breeze and everybody does enjoy the fact that winter has already come into the scene. In fact, from the fascination that people have towards snow, a development of several winter sports on ice and otherwise had been given birth and is now even considered as official sporting entries within internationally acclaimed gaming events around the world.


    A Long Line of Winter Sports To Be Interested In


    As earlier mentioned there are several kinds of winter sports that are presently attracting the human society. As for a fact, some of these sports are even suggested for practice on the part of the players of the game. Listed herein are some of the most famous winter games on ice that are known to many people around the world today:


    (a)        Hockey: this is a team-based game that is focused on pushing the puck through the use of a hockey stick. The players of the game are expected to aim for the goal area where the scores of teams are to be counted against each other. Each player wears ice-enabled footwear that helps them easily balance their body as they glide on ice in competition with the others.

    (b)        Figure Skating: This particular game is known worldwide that is joined within the different international gaming events including that of the Olympics. It appears as a figurative dance that is presented on ice. The game includes team-based presentation, individual skates and partner presentations. Each type of figure ice skating presentation tries to show how balance on ice could be attained with or without someone beside the skaters.


    It is undeniable that people have had the chance to enjoy winter sports for the longest time that they actually want to. Today, people need not wait for winter to actually be able to experience the excitement of winter sports. Through the existence of modern technology, the birth of establishments that host to artificially made ice ground opens around the world every year.


    From formal establishments to plainly recreational areas, ice-skating and even hockey could now be enjoyed by anyone who wants to feel the essence of winter in the middle of a hot weather. The fascination of humans with regards winter sports may have probably rooted from the fact that balancing on ice is not as easy as it looks. Hence, as a result, most of those who grow fond of the said winter sports are now even given the chance to increase their skill with regards the sport through ample training programs offered today within the industry of ice sports.