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  • Battle Babes
    A wrestling community with sites run BY females FOR females!

  • wrestlingM4M
    Alternative community featucommunity MAN to MAN combat such as wrestling, boxing and NHB.

  • Pugs In The Community
    A community where we connect the web pages made for/about our confirmation show PUGS.

  • Extreme Guys n Girls
    Anything having to do with the WWE. Wrestlers, fanlisting, ect. Come join!

  • WCW/WWF Sites
    This site accepts ALL WCW/WWF/nWo pages without reguard to many aspects. The only limitation that I place upon the sites in my community is as I can state as the Golden Rule.

  • Droothworthy Sites
    For all Droolworthy sites dedicated to the Hardy Boyz, or other HOT wrestling stars.

  • Vince McMahon Fans - The Community
    A community of websites owned by members of the Vince McMahon Fans mailing list at egroups. All sites must be wrestling related in some way, that is the only restriction.

  • Jeff Hardy Fan Club
    A community for Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy websites

  • Backyard Wrestling 88
    Greetings:{;}{;}We produce Backyard Wrestling videos, if you have any insane/crazy footage, please send it in. Anything you submit, will be considered for our next tape. Submitted footage gets you a free tape you appear on. If you wish to challenge our current champion, Reaper, contact us and we will set something up. We operate in the South Jersey area.{;}{;}thank you{;}{;}AXIS VIDEO{;}PO BOX 551{;}Gloucester City, NJ 08030 USA{;}{;}{;}To join our Backyard Wrestling Group, go here:{;}Group home page : {;}http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Backyardwrestling88 {;}{;}Group email : {;}Backyardwrestlin

    For any WWF/Mcmahon/MSP related site.

  • Submission Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts
    Open community for all sites concerning the sports of submission wrestling and mixed martial arts. Please no adult entertainment sites!!!

  • Sexy Hardyz
    The Hardy Boyz site with the most info and the largest photo gallery on the net, plus tons more!

  • InterAction Wrestling Federation
    A community for fantasy wrestling eFeds or gFeds.

  • Wicked Wrestling Sites
    All WWF wrestling sites, If you have a WWF site, you're welcome to join! JOIN JOIN JOIN!

  • The McMahon Fanfiction Community
    A community for anyone who has a webpage that hosts fanfiction about the McMahons.

  • Gay Pro Wrestling Fans
    For gay pro wrestling fans..

  • shygirl's shack's community
    If you're a fan of the WWF superstars (especially the Hardy Boyz, Too Cool, Y2J, and Test!), join my community!

  • x Paul & Steph x
    a community for fans of the dominant couple Paul Levesque (hhh) & Stephanie McMahon (Helmsley)

  • extremEWFed
    extreme wrestling fed

  • Artie's Wrestling Web Sites
    This community will contain web site that pertain to all aspects of wrestling. All sites welcome.

  • The SYM Community - Brought To You By Vince Russo
    The First WWE Smackdown! 4: Shut Your Mouth Community...Brought To You By GAMEFAQS's Vince Russo

  • Wrestling Then and Now

    Wrestling is known in many forms and manners.  Varying from the classical Greco-Romano styles through to the modern razzamatazz of the TV wrestling of companies such as WWE and TNA it has many fans and stars.  Wrestling is one of the earliest forms of hand to hand combat – the word itself has an old English background and means hand to hand combat.


    Greco-Romano wrestling is the use of a variety of holds, leverage and takedowns to pin your opponent and win the wrestling match also known as a bout.  Going back to the Greek states it became known as Greco-Romano after the Roman conquest of Greece which led to its assimilation into Roman culture.  Now the prevalent wrestling style in the Olympic games along with the Freestyle Wrestling, that is a variant of this code, this is regarded as the classic style of wrestling.


    Wrestling regained popular status through the 1980’s when the American show brand of wrestling arrived on the scene.  This brand of show wrestling is almost a modern day theatre with fireworks, music, good wrestlers, bad wrestlers and running storylines.  With worldwide popularity this style has spawned a number of smaller productions in many other countries.


    American wrestling requires a high level of athleticism with high flying somersaults being the norm.  Many matches have a particular variant stipulated to heighten public expectations.  These variations include ladder matches where individuals have to climb a ladder to win the match.  This invariably leads to individuals falling from great heights or being slammed into the hard metal of the ladder.   Another popular variant is the hardcore match.  This is where anything goes with individuals being hit and slammed onto tables, barbed wire, chairs and anything else the competitors can get their hands on.  An extremely popular form of wrestling the hardcore match has its own specialists who have become world wide superstars.  People like Mick Foley, Raven and The Undertaker have become huge stars by putting their bodies on the line in the name of entertainment.


    Some wrestlers have made the transition from the sports entertainment of American style wrestling through to mainstream entertainment.  Two that are universally know are Hulk Hogan and The Rock.  Hulk Hogan, a major wrestling star in the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s has been the star of many films and TV programmes.  He was famous for encouraging kids not to take drugs only to be found at a later date to have been taking performance enhancing drugs and body enhancing drugs.  The Rock is a Hollywood ‘A’ list star of films such as The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King. A true star of the screen he has brought his all action wrestling style into acting with great effect.


    Many sportsmen have turned to American wrestling including the former worlds strongest man Mark Henry and the multi Olympic gold medal winner Kurt Angle who is now a major wrestling star having appeared on the WWE and TNA brands.


    Whichever style you practise or just like to watch; wrestling is a true test of strength and skill between individuals even when it’s rehearsed and scripted.