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  • Official eWrestling Community
    This is a community for all of the eWrestling fed owners. With this community, we can get more hits and a bigger fan base.

  • Billiards Community
    Billiards Community

  • Goth Sims community
    A community devoted to websites featucommunity Gothic-themed The Sims game add-ons

  • Official NetMonster Community
    The Official NetMonster Community

  • Football community
    Football community / Soccer community a directory of soccer / football web sites in the world

  • Pool & Billiard Surfers Community
    The Pool & Billiard Surfers Community is established for those serious pool sharks, who have a billiards related website, that love to surf the web! Surfing the net is informative & alot of fun. Especially when it comes to finding out information about this great sport of billiards. The Pool & Billiards Community...For those serious pool sharks that surf the web!{;}

  • ICQ Puzzle Community
    A list of sites with puzzles, games and trivia by icq members that you can pass on to people on your contact list.

  • Rival Schools Community
    Rivals Schools Capcom Fighting game!

  • Hattrick Teampage
    Webpages of Hattrick Teams

  • Duckpin Bowling
    Duckpin Bowling --Let the good times roll! This great sport has been around since the turn of the century. C'mon, you need another addiction, try it!

  • Zone Team Tournament Hosts
    Zone Team Tournament Hosts is for all hosts that currently hosts games within the MSN Gaming Zone. All hosts are invited and welcome to join.

  • ESPN Profile Community
    All Sports, ESPN Profiles, Fantasy Sports Info, Personal Website & More!

  • I have PGS
    Big sports fan? Are you emotionally involved wheh you watch sports? Do you have mood swings based on the outcome of the games? Extremely happy and hyper when your favourite team wins and pissed off and depressed when they lose? If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may have Post-Game Syndrome, also known as PGS.

  • Girls Play Too
    A community for gamer girls to join together and show that girls play just as good as guys, if not better

  • Community Gaming
    Games and RPGs are great fun played in person, but it is hard to find local gamers to play them with! This community's intended to highlight those who step online to find IN-Person gamers!! Gamers looking for new groups can look here first, and groups trying to get online can join to increase their new sites visibility! Also, it's a great way to find other web-sites like yours to see how other people are handleing the same challenges! This community's interests include any and all RPG's, and card and Boardgames... for games played IN PERSON.{;}So welcome!! Join into the beginning of a great th

  • Sports and Games: What’s The Difference?


    When the talk becomes focused on physical activity, the discussion on sports and games become a regular topic. Likely, some view these particular elements of human physical exercise as primary matters that are the same in nature. This though is not at all totally true. The reason why sports and games are mentioned within this article separately is because of the fact that they are two different elements that make up two different ideas with regards the need for human bodily and mental exercise. How are sports and games different? The following discussion shall give light to this particular issue.


    Sports: The Grounds of Competition


    “Sports”, as the word denotes itself, involves the existence of competition within every activity that falls under the said classification. Most of the events that are included within this particular definition both involve dual, team-based as well as individual sports. One thing common among the said events is the existence of competition. There is always the need for one to win and the other to loose.


    Sports are known for encouraging self-esteem and self-trust among its players. Also, it accommodates the possibility of building up team operation between the players so as to ensure winning the events that they are joined with. And because competition is at stake, most of the players joined within these events are trained for the skill that they need to have to be able to get the victory that they want from the hardships that they are posing for the sake of winning the game. Players then are expected to spend long hours training and building their team (if the event is team-based) as means of preparation for the big day of competition. Everyone is expected to put his or her best foot forward for the sake of winning; the spectators of the game eye for everybody’s performance. Usually, sporting events are considered as huge occasions, hence, large audiences are expected to come and view the contenders at their best.


    Games: The Art of Building Camaraderie


    Games too may involve competition, however, rather than stressing on that particular aspect of the event, games focus on the possibility of everyone enjoying the entire game. Yes, games are lighter than that of sports events and the suggest more on relaxation and comfort on the part of the players. Although games may also be very specific when it comes to rules, it is hardly undeniable that immediate change of the process situation may be ordered all for the sake of giving the gamers a chance to enjoy the game.


    At The Verge of Having the Same Ideas Yet Different Approach


    The main reason for the creation of sports and games events depend on the fact that every human individual need bodily training to be able to develop better health as well as improve with regards his personal attitudes towards others especially in the face of competition. It is through the existence of sports and games events that an individual’s character along with his or her physical strength is honed in a balanced way that would be most beneficial for the said individual. Yes, sports and games may have different approaches to implicating these matters into an individual but they do have the same aims of application within human individuals around the world.