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    ‘Sports’ basically includes anything that can be regarded as a past time that requires physical activity.  This huge topic covers such a wide range of subjects that it is difficult to summarise it into a condensed form.  However every four years the world gathers its top sports men and women together to compete in the Olympic games.  This celebration of all things sporty is the perfect way of describing the breadth of sports available.


    The Olympics originate from the ancient Greek games celebrates at the foot of mount Olympus the home of the gods.  Designed as a test of strength for the finest warriors this ancient competition represented the labours of Hercules along with the military might of the Greek states.


    The modern Olympics started in 1859 in Athens and led to the formation of an International Olympics Committee in the 1870’s.  This committee formalised the modern Olympics and decides which sports or activities should be part of the celebrations.


    The opening ceremony of the Olympics has developed into a spectacular demonstration of a countries culture and history.   Followed by a month of sports with entries from all over the globe the sports are split into a variety of areas including track and field, swimming, cycling, shooting, field sports, equestrian events, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, martial arts amongst others.


    Track and Field events are probably the most popular of the events at the games including as it does athletics with the blue ribbon event of the men’s 100 metre finals.  Over in less than ten seconds this event crowns the fastest man in the world.  At this years event who could ever forget the sight of the American athlete Bolt storming down the track, destroying his foes and even having time to slow slightly at the end of the race and celebrate before he had reached the line.


    This years summer Olympics in Beijing saw the domination of the cycling event by Team GB.  Led by the like of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy this team won over 80% of the gold medals available in this section, a truly remarkable event.


    The swimming events at this year’s tournament were dominated by one individual, Michael Phelps.  This phenomenal individual created a new games record when he took 8 gold’s in one games and in doing so took the new record for the most gold’s won by an individual in the history of the Olympic competition.


    The closing ceremony of the games highlights the achievements of all the individuals who have represented their countries through out the games along with the handing over of the Olympic flame.  This important symbol of the sporting prowess of the world is passed for safekeeping to the next city to be host.  That city highlights its wares in the closing ceremony giving everyone a taste of what is to come.


    Overall the Olympics are a celebration of everything that is good in sport and shows to the world that sport in all its forms is healthy and well.