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  • Your Wedding Ceremony: Options for Every Couple


    The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your special day because it is in the ceremony that you confirm you commitment to each other and become each other’s family. The importance of the ceremony also has to do with the fact that your upbringing and faith play such a big role in it. For those reasons this could be one of the most difficult parts of your wedding to plan if you don’t put in a good amount of time, thought and research beforehand. There are a lot of things to consider when planning the details of your ceremony, especially if you or your fiancé are very religious or faithful to your heritage. The extra thought can go a long way in not only making sure that you’re big day is all you want it to be,  but also in keeping the peace amongst your family since faith and custom can be a very sensitive subject.


    Choosing your ceremony means working closely with your spouse-to-be no mater how much you’d prefer to either take control and plan it all yourself or wash your hands of any planning or responsibility. The ceremony is about the two of you more so than the reception or the honeymoon…well…maybe not the honeymoon! You both need to figure out the things that matter to each of you enough to want to have them included in the ceremony, this is even more important when you both have different religious backgrounds or cultures because then you need to decide if you have a ceremony traditional to only one or both cultures or if you’re going to have two ceremonies—one for each—or try to combine traditions from each into one. Once you’ve figured that out, then you need to work on finding someone to perform the ceremony who will be willing to stray from the traditional and include any ‘adjustments’ that you’d like made in order to accommodate both cultures. Deep breath. That is an awful lot to consider! And you thought choosing the wedding dress was hard!


    Still on the subject of officiates, for those of you that do not attend church regularly and wish to get married in a church, you may be required to build a relationship with the church of your choosing before your wedding day. Some even insist on mandatory marriage classes before they will marry you so you will need to start looking into this quite far in advance. If you’re looking for other alternatives, you may want to consider finding a venue and then consulting the internet or the yellow pages for a list on inter-denominational officiates who charge a small fee and come to the place of your choosing to perform the ceremony. Depending where in the world you are, some hotels and inns located in the more touristy areas offer wedding packages that include your service and reception in the hotel or sometimes even an on-site chapel…like in Vegas or Niagara Falls.


    Happy Planning!